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Take Your Haircare Game A Notch Higher With These 17 Cruelty-Free Shampoos & Conditioners

List of Cruelty Free Shampoos and Conditioners

Cruelty-free is creating quite the buzz in the beauty industry. But what exactly is cruelty-free? It is nothing but products that are not tested on animals. Made from natural components and free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free hair products are safe for your hair. Invest in cruelty-free products to attain gorgeous tresses. 

Apart from the benefits of cruelty-free products, here are 15 cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners that you can add to your hair care regimen for a guilt-free TLC.

Best Cruelty-Free Shampoos and Conditioners Recommended by St.Botanica

Looking for cruelty-free hair care products? We have got you covered. St.Botanica brings to you 15 cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners that will cleanse your hair efficiently and leave them hydrated.


List Of Cruelty-Free Shampoos And Conditioners



Anti-Dandruff Pre-Biotic Shampoo

INR 398


Anti-Dandruff Pre-Biotic Conditioner

INR 279


Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

INR 599


Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo

INR 449


Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Shampoo

INR 599


Red Onion Hair Shampoo

INR 649


Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil Hair Repair Shampoo

INR 599


Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Argan Hair Shampoo

INR 599


Coconut Oil & Bamboo Hair Strengthening Shampoo

INR 599


Bhringraj & Amla Hair Shampoo

INR 359


Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner

INR 399


Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner

INR 549


Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner

INR 449


Red Onion Hair Conditioner

INR 449


Pomegranate Vinegar Hair Conditioner

INR 549


Coconut & Bamboo Hair Conditioner

INR 399


Bhringraj & Amla Hair Conditioner

INR 359


1# Anti-Dandruff Pre-Biotic Shampoo

St.Botanica Anti-Dandruff Pre-Biotic Shampoo is fortified with natural oils and botanical extracts like rosemary, hyaluronic acid and Canadian rosebay. These ingredients are paraben free, sulphate free and mineral oil with a gentle cleansing action. This natural shampoo helps keep your scalp clean, clear and dandruff-free. 


2# Anti-Dandruff Pre-Biotic Conditioner

St.Botanica Anti-Dandruff Pre-Biotic Conditioner is infused with naturally hydrating compounds like hyaluronic acid, rosemary oil and canadian rosebay. Using it consistently in your hair care routine helps fight dandruff, smoothens hair texture and tames frizz.  It is one of the best anti dandruff conditioners to get rid of scalp dryness, flakiness and itchiness.

3# Recommended Cruelty-Free Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

St.Botanica Argan Hair Shampoo effectively cleanses and refreshes your scalp. Packed with the goodness of Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Oat Protein, Clary Sage Oil, Rosemary Oil and Jojoba Oil using this Moroccan argan Oil shampoo prevents hair loss and damage caused by environmental stressors. It helps make hair strong, shiny, and smooth. And obviously, this wonderful hair shampoo is cruelty-free and devoid of harmful chemicals.

4# Recommended Cruelty-Free Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo

St.Botanica Biotin & Collagen Volumising Hair Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Collagen, Vitamin B5, Oat Extract, and Biotin. It makes your hair look thicker, fuller, and lustrous. Routine usage of this cruelty-free shampoo will aid in hair growth, repair damage, and prevent hair thinning. The Collagen contained in it helps repair hair damage and promotes hair growth. This hair volumizing shampoo also hydrates, softens and revitalises your hair making it one of the best anti-hair fall shampoo.  

5# Recommended Cruelty-Free Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Shampoo

St.Botanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp without leaving any residue. Enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Keratin it helps hydrate hair and promotes smooth hair. This hydrating shampoo helps transform your hair into strong and beautiful tresses. Free from harsh cleansing ingredients, this cruelty-free shampoo is mild on the scalp and hair. Unlike most shampoos, it does not dehydrate the hair and scalp. It’s one of the best shampoos to combat dandruff. 

6# Red Onion Hair Shampoo

St.Botanica Red Onion Shampoo is made with the perfect blend of Red Onion Oil, Curry Leaf, Fenugreek Seeds, Bhringraj, Jojoba Oil, and Black Seed Oil. Made with gentle cleansing agents, this cruelty-free shampoo can effectively remove stubborn dirt, excess oil, and impurities leaving your scalp and hair clean and healthy. It is a great hair thickening & volumising shampoo that provides your scalp with all the nutrients it needs to promote hair growth.

7# Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil Hair Repair Shampoo

St.Botanica Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil Hair Shampoo is a cruelty-free shampoo that works towards minimising dryness and itching. Enriched with the goodness of Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Macadamia Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Avocado Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Grapeseed Oil this anti dandruff shampoo protects and detoxifies your scalp. The shampoo reduces the overgrowth of microbes that causes dandruff and reduces hairfall too.

8# Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Argan Hair Shampoo

St.Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Argan Hair Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo enriched with the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5. This cruelty-free shampoo is effective in clearing product buildup, excess oils and toxins. The acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar helps balance the scalp’s pH level and infuse shine. It hydrates and nurtures hair to protect them from external damage, making it one of the best cruelty-free shampoos.

9# Coconut Oil & Bamboo Hair Strengthening Shampoo

St.Botanica Coconut Oil & Bamboo Hair Strengthening Shampoo gently cleanses your hair, leaving it hydrated and fuller-looking. This Coconut Oil shampoo strengthens your tresses while clearing away all the build-up from your scalp. It makes your hair lustrous and prevents hair breakage. Enriched with the goodness of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Honey, Aloe Vera, Soy Protein, and Bamboo Extract this cruelty-free shampoo is devoid of any harmful chemicals. 

10# Bhringraj & Amla Hair Shampoo

St.Botanica Bhringraj & Amla Hair Shampoo restores natural health and shine of your hair. Formulated with time-tested ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Bamboo, Shikakai, and Moroccan Argan Oil. It will also make way for healthier hair growth and support a gorgeous mane. The effective ingredients will gently clear your scalp without disturbing the natural moisture barrier of your scalp. This dry & frizzy hair shampoo will also reduce premature breakage and split ends.

11# Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner

St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner is an ultra-nourishing remedy for all your hair-related problems. All thanks to the goodness of natural ingredients like Moroccan Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Wheat Protein, Avocado Oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5 this cruelty-free conditioner will leave your hair silky and frizz-free. This Argan Oil conditioner doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and has potent natural ingredients that will provide immense nourishment to your hair strands.

12# Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner

St.Botanica Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner helps get thicker, healthier, and fuller hair. This Biotin & Collagen conditioner volumises hair by improving hair texture and making them soft. Furthermore, it gives your hair a natural shine. Packed with the goodness of Biotin, Collagen, Vitamin B5, Oats Extract, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Avocado Oil using hair conditioner regularly can provide a volume boost to the hair. 

13# Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner

St.Botanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner profoundly conditions and strengthens your hair. Enriched with premium hair conditioning agents like Pro-Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil, this Keratin conditioner leaves your hair smooth, glossy and easy to manage. This conditioner helps detangle hair, tame flyaway hair and smoothen frizzy hair. This creamy conditioner forms a protective coating on your hair and guards it against harsh environmental stressors. 

14# Red Onion Hair Conditioner

St.Botanica Red Onion Conditioner has several natural hair bioactive constituents to seal the moisture into the hair shafts. Enriched with the goodness of Red Onion Oil, Brahmi, Fenugreek Seeds, and Blackseed Oil this cruelty-free conditioner proffers all the essential nutrients to your hair locks. This onion conditioner helps improve texture and strengthen the roots, minimising hair breakage and split ends in the long run.

15# Pomegranate Vinegar Hair Conditioner

St.Botanica Pomegranate Vinegar Hair Conditioner is enriched with the goodness of Pomegranate Vinegar, Sweet Almond Oil, Amla, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Jojoba Oil. It profoundly moisturises the hair without weighing it down. It retains the normal oil balance of the hair, seals the moisture in the hair shafts and adds lustre to the dull hair. This cruelty-free conditioner has a volumising effect on the locks. The bioactive elements of this smoothing hair conditioner are known for their antioxidant properties that help protect the hair too.

16# Coconut & Bamboo Hair Conditioner

St.Botanica Coconut & Bamboo Conditioner intensely moisturises your hair, leaving it soft and lustrous. Enriched with Coconut Oil, Bamboo Extract, Shea Butter, Soy Protein, Honey, Vitamin E, and Glycerin this Coconut Oil conditioner protects hair against environmental stressors and helps restore the texture of damaged hair. It also nourishes fragile hair, increases hair strength, and promotes hair growth. This cruelty-free conditioner reduces frizz and split ends. 

17# Bhringraj & Amla Hair Conditioner

St.Botanica Bhringraj & Amla Hair Conditioner contains ingredients like Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, Bamboo Extract, Amla, and Jojoba Oil. Treat your hair to the goodness of natural extracts and pure oils with this cruelty-free hair conditioner. The benefits of hair conditioners are known to one and all, using this nourishing conditioner will transform your strands completely. This intensely replenishing concoction offers exquisite shine and weightless nourishment to your hair.

Benefits of Cruelty-Free Shampoo, Conditioner and other Hair Care Products

Wondering why you should switch to cruelty-free products? We bring to you three main benefits of cruelty-free products. These benefits will surely convince you to purchase cruelty-free products the next time you shop. 

1) Cruelty-Free Hair Care Products Provide Better Nourishment

Cruelty-free products are made with natural oils and plant-based ingredients. These products are good for your scalp and are much more efficient in nourishing your strands.

2) Cruelty-Free Hair Care Products Take Care Of Animals

With cruelty-free products, you can protect animals from being hurt or killed. Many products are tested on innocent animals kept in inhumane conditions. When you choose cruelty-free products, you save the lives of such animals.

3) Cruelty-Free Hair Care Products Protect Environment

Cruelty-free products are usually chemical-free too. That means they do not harm the environment or cause soil or water pollution by being washed off through the drains into other water bodies.

Key Takeaways

Cruelty-free products are developed without any tests on animals. Using cruelty-free hair products is not only beneficial for the environment but also better for your overall health. These shampoos and conditioners will leave your hair thoroughly cleansed and nourished. 

FAQs About Why To Choose Cruelty-Free Hair Products

Q: Are cruelty-free products safe to use?

A: Yes, cruelty-free products are safe to use.

Q: How can a product be considered as cruelty-free?

A: To be a cruelty-free product the product should be developed without any tests on animals.

Q: Do people prefer cruelty-free products?

A: Yes, a lot of people are shifting towards cruelty-free products.

Q: Does St.Botanica have cruelty-free products?

A: Yes, St.Botanica has cruelty-free products.

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