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Bipolar Cyclothymia- Life Disrupted

By on August 5, 2010

Bipolar CyclothymiaBipolar Cyclothymia- the ostensible mild-mannered disorder is no frivolous issue. Cyclothymia is a persistent bipolar disorder earmarked by brief periods of mild depression and short periods of hypomania, segregated by epigrammatic phases where one feels stable. Bipolar Cyclothymia is a life disrupting disorder that has the potential to create havoc in ones personal life.

The individual suffering from this condition exhibits distinct symptoms. Predominantly they are, oscillating moods (extreme elation to a sense of gloom); sudden changes in personality, suicidal thoughts or behavior and sleep and appetite troubles. Cyclothymia typically starts during adolescence or early twenties. Research shows that a combination of Genetic factors, biochemical processes of the body and the environment emerge as the causatives of Cyclothymia.

Cyclothymia could prove to be a grave threat, if left untreated. It is a condition that requires constant treatment, even when one feels stable. Since the condition has an elevated probability of developing into bipolar disorder, it is vital to get apposite treatment from a mental health practitioner accomplished in treating the condition. Treatment is also essential for plummeting theoccurrence and severity of hypomanic and depressive episodes. Maintenance treatment, a sustained monitoring of the condition is also important. Cyclothymia symptoms could aggravate if one battles with a problem of substance abuse and does not seek treatment for the same.


Dealing with Cyclothymia is not easy. One may feel angry as to why and how one is suffering from such a serious condition that requires lifelong treatment. Medications that have side effects rather than relief to deliver, add furthermore to the misery of the patient.   During phases when the patient feels ‘just fine’, the temptation to discontinue the treatment seeps in. There are certain ways of coping with such difficult situations.


Educating oneself about the condition and its possible complications can aid the patient to stick to the prescribed treatment thoroughly. Joining a support group can help reach out to others facing parallel challenges. An “I am not alone” feeling creeps into the individuals mind for the better. A recreational activity such as enrolling for laughter clubs is a healthy ways to channel ones energy. Exercising or engaging in a hobby, be it playing tennis or simply cuddling your poodle could make one feel that life’s worth living. Meditation and yoga are great relaxation techniques that effectively soothe the senses.