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Dealing with a short-tempered partner

By on March 2, 2010

It sure takes a lot of patience to be in a relationship. But it takes more of patience to be in a relationship with a short-tempered partner. There are a lot many people who are in such relationships. They are happy at times and extremely disgusted at the sudden outbursts of their partner. If you are in one such relationship, we tell you how to deal with he situation. Read on for some tips on this subject.

Give things a little time: Yes, that is how it works! Giving time will eventually help in the cooling down your partner’s temper and in turn, making things fine. People who are short-tempered usually lose their cool quickly but their temper cools down faster just as well. So, when your partner is angry or shouting at you, all you need to do is to leave the matter for a while and stop communicating which often leads to irrelevant arguments. As they say, time is the best healer!

Do not react to petty issues: A short-tempered person is likely to lose his/her cool at the slightest of issues. So dealing with such a partner calls in for a lot of patience. When your partner loses his/her temper, be quiet and composed yourself. If you start frowning as well, you partner will lose it even more.

Be patient: the best way to deal with a short-tempered partner is patience. Patience does all the work. If you lose your cool, it will probably be even difficult to deal with an angry partner. Take things patiently and they will invariably run smoothly.

Do not argue unnecessarily: Sometimes, short-tempered people are difficult to explain. This doesn’t call for unnecessary or irrelevant arguments. Remember, the more you argue, the more you stretch the matter. Stop arguing and your partner will cool down in no time.

Advice your partner about deep breathing exercises: Deep breathing exercises help in combating temper. Regular practice results in decreased anger and calms the mind.
So, next time you find yourself in a relationship with a short-tempered partner, you will know how to take care of the situation. Hope our tips will help you do that!