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Dental Bone Loss Causes

By on July 23, 2010

Dental Bone LossDental bone loss is a severe dental problem that can be caused due to several factors. Once this condition develops, it progresses and weakens our jaw bones. It can also lead to teeth loss. Some major causes of dental bone loss are given below.

The leading cause of dental bone loss is gum disease. Gum diseases do not occur in a single day. They are chronic and might have been present for some years. Periodontitis is a serious form of gum disease that leads to severe dental bone loss. Gum diseases usually result in bone loss in the region of teeth.

Tooth infections are another major cause of dental bone loss. When dental plaque gets deposited along the gum line, it provides a good thriving place for the harmful bacteria. These bacteria thrive and gobble their way into our tooth resulting in tooth decay. When they enter our teeth they reach the nerves of the teeth and damage them.

Through these nerves tooth infections spread from the infected tooth to the bones of the jaw. Then the infection forms pus and starts to destruct the bones near the tip of our tooth. Tooth fracture and other types of tooth injury also cause tooth infection. It is always better and wise to take prompt action to control tooth infections in the early stage.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may be one more cause of dental bone loss. If a tooth is extracted and if full healing does not occur, it may lead to dental bone loss. In most of the cases of tooth extraction, it may appear externally that the healing process is complete. But in reality the interior part of the tooth might not have healed. A dead bone spot called cavitation develops below the region of extraction which eventually leads to dental bone loss.

Tooth Decay

Another important cause for dental bone loss is the root canal treatment. People who suffer from tooth decay can save their decaying tooth by getting root canal treatment. In this treatment the dentists remove the infected nerve tissue and replace it with a filling. This helps to check the infection from spreading further. But if the healing process does not occur successfully and completely, this entire treatment may go wrong and result in dental bone loss.Some other causes of dental bone loss are osteoporosis, uncontrolled diabetes, old age, smoking, bad oral hygiene, etc.