How To Soften Pubic Hair

How To Soften Pubic Hair

Soften Pubic Hair Our pubic region is a very neglected area of our bodies, partly because we are taught how to shun our sexuality. That is why we neglect our pubic hygiene, even while we bathe and scent other parts of our body. We need to be more comfortable about our sexualities, discussing our bodies and genitals, and being able to talk about issues related to the neither regions of our bodies. This article discusses how to keep our pubic hair soft, something which could only, if at all, be discusses amongst girlfriends in hushed whispers and with an ample smattering of giggles. We keep other parts of our bodies soft and clean, so why shouldn’t we do the same with our pubic region, and if we can strive to make the locks on our head soft and shiny, we should also strive to do the same with the hair on our pubes.

Ways To Soften Pubic Hair

Get A Trim, Fast

If you are one of those women who have never clipped your hair down there, it is definitely time you did so, and without feeling any shame or revulsion. Keeping your pubic hair tidy and clipped is essential to good hygiene. All it needs is a pair of scissors.


Do use a pair of sharp scissors which you can wash and disinfect, later. Give yourself a good, short trim, or you can even choose to shave. Either way, get rid of those coarse, curly hair down there. The new growth will be softer and easier to manage, and you must keep trimming it periodically.

Shampoo Your Crotch

Most of us treat our pubic hair as anything but hair. The fact is, that the hair on our genitals should be treated as the hair on our head is. Shampoo your crotch everyday with a mild shampoo you keep, just for that purpose. Soaps are as drying and damaging to your crotch as they would be to the hair on your head. If you aspire to have soft pubic hair, a gentle shampoo everyday will work wonders.

Condition Your Pubic Hair

Well, why not? If conditioning the tresses on your head keeps them soft and silky, you should do the same with your crotch. Use a mild conditioner, maybe once a week, or more, if your pubic hair is really coarse.


This shampooing and conditioning regimen will definitely make the pubic hair soft and silky.

Moisturise After Your Bath

It is a great idea to moisturize your body after each bath with a good hydrating body lotion, which you can also slather on to your crotch to keep the pubic hair soft. Apply the lotion in downward strokes, smoothing down the hair as you go along. This will prevent them from looking frizzy and wayward.

Hair Serum May Not Be A Bad Idea

Unlike the hair on our heads, pubic hair is generally much more coarse and hard. In order to give it the texture of the hair on our heads, one can also apply a bit of hair serum to the pubic hair after you have dried yourself with a towel.

Hair Serum

Hair serum will help greatly in smoothing and softening the hair on the pubes.

These, then, are the simple ways in which you can soften pubic hair and be proud of your nether region instead of avoiding it all the time as an alien part of you.

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