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How To Take Care Of Toe Nails?

By on October 23, 2008

The beauty of the body would be incomplete without a beautiful pair of toes. The beauty of the toes not only depends on smooth heels but also on the toe nails too. By seeing once toe nails one can easily tell about the person’s health. In other words they are the indicator of health. If proper care is not taken then the nails can also suffer from various diseases.

Discolored, infected or ingrown nails can become a matter of embarrassment and can restrict one from wearing shoes that are open from the front, flip-flops or other sandals. If the problem persists then it may lead to discomfort and extreme pain. One has to check the problems at correct time and it is better to seek a podiatrist for any ailment. By spending a regular time in nail cure one can eliminate the chances of such nail problems. Hence it is important to take care of the nails.

Remember the toe nails should be kept soft and clean. The shoe material should be of good quality and the feet must be able to breathe. Always wear clean pair of sock and never repeat to wear the same pair again. The tools and instruments that are used for pedicure has to be disinfected before using.

One can relax the feet by soaking it in warm water and washing them with a mild soap. This will soften the toe nails. Pat the feet dry and gently with a cotton ball apply olive oil or tea tree oil. This will act as an antiseptic. The cuticles could be pushed back with a stick and trim the overhanging ones.

The toe nails should not be trimmed in curved pattern. It should be trimmed straight. Do not trim them too short, or else it can lead to ingrown nails. The nail edges can now be refined with an emery board. And finally after trimming apply moisturizer or cream generously on the entire feet. Ensure that the products that you are using are branded and specially made for foot care.