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Signs of a controlling husband

By on May 1, 2010

There are many women who are into abusive relationships. They are muted by their abusive partners or controllers so to say, and lead a hellish life. Sometimes when they realize, it is already too late. One must understand the warning signs. We have compiled those characteristics in the following paragraphs. Read on to know more about controlling husbands.Caring vs. over possessiveness: Yes, there’s a broad line between caring nature and over possessiveness. Your husband may be very caring but if he doesn’t like you talking, spending time or being around with anyone else, he’s surely over possessive and is trying to control you. A caring husband will indeed take care of your needs and desires rather forcing his rules upon you.

Jealousy: Doesn’t your husband go green with envy when you talk to any other man? Does he behave oddly at your friendliness with other men? Well, he sure is jealous. This is one of the sure signs of a controlling husband.

Insecure: Husbands who are insecure of their wives are often controlling in nature. If your husband fears losing you every moment, he will eventually become controlling. Also, husbands with low confidence tend to become controlling by nature.

Bossy and argumentative: If your husband tends to argue with you at the slightest point, he’s surely bossing over you. Petty arguments are fine. If your husband refuses to listen to your point every time and only takes into account his own, you have got to think your relationship over. Fights and clash of thoughts every day is something to worry about.

Sole participation in decisions: If your husband doesn’t let you participate in the household decisions and solely handles them, he is surely controlling you. You have all the rights to take part in them. Depriving you of that priority is indeed controlling you.

If you notice these signs in your husband, then it’s time to think twice over the relationship. A relationship with a controlling husband heads to nowhere. It is better to be off such hellish relationship that does nothing better than to ruin your life. Once you see the warning signs, back out.