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Signs Of Male Attraction

By on June 7, 2010

Male AttractionBody language or body gestures speak more than words; hence you can judge anyone’s behavior and attitude through his body language or body signs. If you can understand the signs of male attraction you can be successful in dating, martial life or getting a job. Given below are some signs of male attraction.

Eyes are most important signs of male attraction. People show their love and affection or even hatred through their eyes. Eyes are one of the biggest weapons or say instrument through which you can win anyone’s love or battle. If any man keeps his eyes locked onto yours, he is attracted towards you.

Furthermore, his pupils could be a little dilated to show that subconsciously he desires for closeness. It could be a sign of his attraction towards you. If you like that person, you too should throw him some love so that he gets encouragement to come closer to you. If he looks at your hair, hands or cheeks with praise in his eyes or he looks at your feet, these could be sure signs of his attraction towards you.


Smile is a very good sign to know whether any guy is attracted towards you or not. If any guy is attracted towards you he will give you genuine and broad smile. A boy or a man will surely give different kind of smile to the girl whom he loves than any formal smile which anyone does while meeting each other.

Dressing and clothing are another signs to know whether any guy is attracted towards you or not. If he puts extra effort in dressing up when he is going to meet you, it is a sign that he is attracted towards you. Observe his look. Has he done something extra to look smart, handsome etc? If yes, he is surely attracted towards you.

Call You

Any guy, who will be interested in you, will remember even minute details about you. He may remember your date of birth, your favorite movie, your favorite food or place. Even if you forget anything and he remembers them, you can be sure that something is up.

Another sign of male attraction is his phone call early in the morning. If he calls you up in the morning, he would try to make plans for night with you. He doesn’t want you to make any other plans for the night.