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Water and Wrinkles

By on January 23, 2009

Wrinkles do appear in every body’s life. They are inevitable. But one can surely push them away for a while and can prevent them to occur to a certain extent. Because once they occur it might be difficult to erase them.

We know that approximately 3/4th of the face consists of water. We eject this natural water in continues way in form of perspiration or urination. The body has to be readily compensated with this water loss, hence drinking sufficient water to keep the body hydrated becomes mandatory.

In fact most of the studies say that the main element for cure for various illnesses is basically water. In fact the effectiveness of any drug is increased when taken with water. It acts as a catalyst. One can easily evade the irritation caused in stomach with regular intake of water. The medicines get absorbed easily and the drug acts in a more effective manner when swallowed with water.

Experts even say that water helps in reduction the formation of wrinkles. They keep the skin hydrated and supple. Hence one should make it a point to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily. Athletes and other sports person should consume more amounts of water approximately 13 glasses as they indulge in more physical activity.

Stomach cramps and pains in the stomach can be evaded with water consumption. For healthy and glowing skin water intake is mandatory. It flushes out all the impurities of the body. One can simply say that with reduction in water the formation of wrinkles and crumples takes place. Moisture is an important element in any skin care regime. This natural moisture in the form of water keeps the skin nourished inside out.

Wrinkles get formed when the epidermis begins to thicken and the subcutaneous layer starts shrinking. The skin thus has a compressing effect gradually with the dermis loosing all the capacity to provide nutrient to the next epidermis. This results in breaking down of collagen and other elastin fibers.

Avoid compensating water with fluids like alcohol, tea, coffee, and other carbonated beverages. They will do more harm then providing any good to the skin. For acne and wrinkle free skin water consumption is a must. It is the natural medicine without any side effects. In order to evade the early signs of aging, stick to drink plenty of water.