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Why Men Behave Bizarrely for their Sexual Needs?

By on March 26, 2009

Mend tend to be a bizarre creature for their liking and disliking, extremely beyond prediction when it comes to sex. They live their life with some pre-conceived notions and set patterns, and show defiance when it comes to move opposite with it. Sex always gets their utmost priority, and the term compromise almost not exists for the most liked act of sex. They can’t be repressed and dominated ever for sex and its subsequent needs.

Despite having the virile power, men also lives their life in constant fear: the fear of failure during the sex. They consistently nurse the fear of letting their women down during the sex, and that’s the biggest fear they live their relationships with. This also suggests a mindset men live their life with, as the letting-down act might prove them worthless in the bed. And no man ever likes to be called or treated as a worthless creature for sex.

Being the biggest desire and source of joy for men, the sex related issues in a relationship always put men in a position to dominate for their constant fear of letting their women down. And that’s what they can’t tolerate at any cost, no matter at what extent they have to travel or suffer. It’s fairly natural from their part to behave this way, as men are merely following a legacy that has been thrust onto them for generations.

The fear of being declared a meek sexual partner would pinch any man enormously, as this will strike right at their ego. And no one ever likes to be hit hard for sexual inefficiencies. Their behavior tends to be fairly intense during the sex as they don’t wish to lose out on any single opportunity to prove their mettle during the sex.

For sex, men can stretch their limits manifold, and would only relent once the success seems almost at the hands distance. And this goes true for men globally irrespective of the caste, creed or nations. Men feel and behave the same way as they have been sent to dominate in the sex. And they can’t be put down any time for the most cherished desire: sex.