St.Botanica Patchouli Pure Aroma Essential Oil

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  • StBotanica Patchouli Pure Aroma Essential oil is a premium essential oil that is 100% Pure, Aromatic, Natural, and Safe.
  • It serves with multiple purposes in Aromatherapies, body massaging, vaporizers, diffusers, oil burners, home care and inhalations.
  • It extends its role as a base for perfumes, Spa, blends and other cosmetic products.
  • This StBotanica’s Patchouli oil is sealed up in eco-friendly glass bottle that is 100% recyclable and helps preserve the molecular integrity of the oil.
  • This Patchouli oil is not added with any of the additives, bases, fillers or carriers.
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StBotanica’s Patchouli oil is a rare treasure of nature, reminiscence of ancient therapies with full of rich Indonesian’s musky sweet incense. This premium oil is extracted from the carefully handpicked and meticulously perfected Patchouli leaves that have great fragrance.

Premium Patchouli Oil

StBotanica Patchouli Pure Aroma essential oil- 15ml, 100% Top grade essential oil.

This natural oil is extracted from the leaves of Aromatic herb- Patchouli, which is known for its unique, powerful and long-fasting fragrance [1].

It is 100% pure without addition of any form of additives, base agents, fillers, and/or carriers.

StBotanica Patchouli oil is a safe essential oil as it contains pure and natural ingredients and it does not contains harsh chemicals, fillers or other substances.

It has an individualized aroma and hence is a complete Aromatherapy product that is obtained by using high- tech extraction standards.

Tenacity of fragrance is the greatest virtue of this oil that enhances its versatility [2].

It is not for ‘Medicinal Usage’. NOTE: Essential oils should be diluted before its application on skin, hair or face.

It helps in Aromatherapies, custom massage & body oils. It too helps in vaporizers, diffusers, inhalers, oil burners, home care and in cosmetics as perfumeries, blends and spa.

Benefits Of StBotanica’s Pure Aroma Patchouli Oil

1. Aromatherapy Product

Patchouli oil is known as a powerful skin-care agent.

2. Custom Massage And Body Oils

It is highly valued body oil for massaging because of its strong anti-inflammatory and mild antiseptic properties. It can be added with heavy creams for massaging and to salve the damaged heel and hand’s skin in combination with myrrh oil. Additionally, a research study conducted about the anti-fungal effects of varied plant extracts suggests that only Patchouli oil is found to possess strong anti-fungal effect [3].

3. Used In Fragrance

The fragrance of patchouli oil is found to be stronger than other essential oils produced from plants. It diffuses with other form of essential oils easily that inculcate strength, allure fragrance and impart long-lasting effects to other Essential oils and perfumeries, thereby delaying evaporation of perfumeries. Because of these fixative properties, Patchouli oil is used as a base ingredient in fragrant products [4].

4. Diffusers And Oil Burners

Patchouli oil is used in diffusers or oil burners to disperse its fragrance in the atmosphere. It is usually mixed with rosemary oil in a ratio of 3: 1 (3 drops of Patchouli oil and 1 drop of rosemary oil) [5].

5. Spa And Home Care

Patchouli oil is one among the essential oils that is used in home to alleviate fatigue, minimize anxiety and enhance relaxation [6].

Frequently Asked Questions

Any precautions have to be followed?

This oil is not for ‘Medicinal Use’. It has to be diluted before applying it on skin, hair and face.

1 review for St.Botanica Patchouli Pure Aroma Essential Oil

  1. 5 out of 5


    The fragrance of patchoili revitalizes me. I usually add few drops to bathwater or body massage oil. I also add it to the diffuser and the fragrance refreshes the air in my room.

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It contains Pure Patchouli Oil


You can mix a few drops of Patchouli oil into your bathtub to give yourself an extra-ordinary relaxation experience. Add 5 drops of Patchouli oil in 10ml base oil and use it for massaging. Mix 5-8 drops into a diffuser/vaporizer and get pleasant atmospheric air with rich aroma. It also disinfects air and removes unwanted odors and air-borne pathogens.