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13 Habits That Are Wreaking Havoc On Your Skin

“Self-care isn’t selfish”

It goes without saying: The confidence in us significantly amplifies when we feel good about our appearance. We endeavor hard to always look that amazingly well. However, at times, despite religiously implementing a skincare regimen we experience breakouts and other blemishes. This may come as a surprise and you begin to wonder what went wrong. Perhaps, it’s time to change your daily habits which is the need of the hour. Remember, perfect skin is not always attained by simply employing extravagant products, but also changing the pattern of our lifestyle. Here are some of the skin no-no’s that you must avoid at all costs.

Habit 1: Quit Smoking if you do

If you are someone who smokes, it’s the time to quit. Known to be one of the biggest offenders – it not only breaks down the elastic fibers in the skin but also stimulates the enzyme that engenders for fragmenting the collagen. Thus, what develops are those wrinkles, fine lines, and blotchier skin tone. And, per published research from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, smoking makes you look elderly by almost 2.5 years. So, we beg of you, give up this evil activity.

Habit 2: Drinking too much

We aren’t taking away all of your fun-occasionally drinking in limited quantities is still ok. But consuming too much show on your face as alcohol dehydrates and inflames the skin. So, if you get the feeling of dull and saggy skin, it’s maybe that you’re overdoing drinking.

Habit 3: Lack of Sleep

Like to binge-watch your TV favorites till late-night? As a result, compromising your sleep? Well, it is one of those habits that you must not waste time in getting rid of. Not accomplishing a decent amount of sleep promotes stress, which in turn can lead to breakouts, psoriasis, and eczema. Also, it is pivotal to mention here that when you snooze-it’s the time when the body repairs itself from the damages of the day. Interrupting the process hampers the blood flow to the skin, which can make your complexion pale, giving a feeling that you look anemic.

Habit 4: Skipping Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

If you’ve been out in those harsh summers, you would know how sun exposure can be unpleasant for your skin’s health. This can bring about a red, wrinkled, and saggy skin that can take a toll on your impressive looks.

For the sake of the dazzling, elegant, and youthful skin, it’s a big no-no if you’re ditching sunscreen. In fact, it is one of the ways to protect the cutis from the detrimental UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, applying sunscreen SPF 30 at the minimum-daily dramatically lessens the risks of developing skin cancer.

As per dermatologists, never skip this important activity of smearing sunscreen when the sun is out. Also, if you plan to have an extended time outside-reapply this lotion post every two hours. Finding it tough to follow? Well, we know it’s a pain, but come on-its only you who will have the final laugh.

Try out St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 75 Dry-Touch Sunscreen, formulated with potent antioxidant; Vitamin C which not only brightens the texture but also abets skin retaining elasticity. The Product is also infused with Mother’s Nature-adoring ingredients like Green tea extract which is a highly powerful antioxidant that impedes cell damage and cucumber extract which posses soothing properties and this dynamic duo will leave skin hydrated, soft, and radiant. And, this lightweight, non-greasy concoction is a perfect pick for all skin type. It also contains robust retinol to uplift collagen production, resilient vitamin E to safeguard skin from baleful excessive UV rays, and strenuous Hyaluronic Acid to revamp cutis suppleness. This organic one from St.Botanica uses no-chemical SPF 70 to shield skin from sun damage while offering much-needed nourishment all-day long. Folks! Make some space for this quintessential product in your beauty armory!

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Habit 5: Ignoring Your Neck and Décolletage

While it’s imperative to slather sunscreen all over your face, neglecting the other parts may not be a good move. All the areas below the jawline that you find bared are also vulnerable to photoaging. Therefore, the next time while applying serums, face cream, or sunscreen, make sure you cover all these exposed sections. Plus, never forget, a light cotton cloth will never ensure protection for skin in the summers.

Habit 6: Not Removing Makeup

There are moments when we get so tired from our work, that after reaching home, we see only the convenience of our couch. The feeling of getting up from the comfy bed and going especially to remove off the makeup is the last thing you would prefer. Occasionally it happens, but making it an everyday habit is something that you should avoid. A layer of dirt, grime can occur if the skin is not cleaned regularly. Failing to take off the makeup may allure things like wrinkles, breakouts, parched, and droopy skin-for example.

In short, if you’re someone guilty of sleeping with your makeup, you must renounce it ASAP. One such product that gently removes the makeup and also hydrates the skin is micellar water. Here’s St.Botanica Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water With Mineral for oily, combination, dryness-prone, and acne-prone skin. The heavenly water is instilled with the goodness of vitamin C, vitamin B3, and Arbutin that swipe off heavy makeup with ease without leaving any greasy remains on the skin. And, the potion is free from alcohol and fragrance which makes it a great pick for temperamental skin type. Some too-good-skin-ingredients are also part of this ultimate H20 which are “˜Green tea’, “˜Licorice’, “˜Lemon extract’, and “˜Chamomile Flower extract’ ““for example; and they deeply clean the clogged pores, impede future breakouts, smoother tone, and rejuvenate the skin is what you can expect once applied. Moreover, for green beauty enthusiasts, the formula is organic and natural with no added chemicals and toxins. This is a perfect pick for busy-bee, Checkout now!

Habit 7: Touching your face unconsciously

You won’t disagree with this: Many of us have the knack of touching our faces at some point. Whether it is to scratch the nose, or trying to take off the annoying zit, we somehow manage to make a contact. However, as per experts, it is a serious skincare no-no. Why? Because when we do touch our face, carriers such as dirt, grime, and bacteria-for example, are transported. Ahead, you must be aware of the repercussions.

Next time, when you’re enticed to commit to this deed, just restrict yourself. As soon as there is a tempting, simply fold the hands. Or, maybe you could try preoccupying them all the time that may work as one of a foolproof way to avoid touching. With time, these new actions will overcome the previous ones.

Habit 8: Dirty Makeup Brushes

This is a “˜not-to-be-miss’ routine; Always! Always! Always! Use clean brushes for your delicate skin. In a recent study conducted some life-threatening diseases can occur from dirty brushes. As we know brushes are the other half of your makeup plus they can collect dirt, germs, and bacteria which will be easily transferred to your dermis via makeup products. Result? Redness, clogged pores, wrinkles, aggravates acne, and many more skin concerns. So, inculcate this valuable step also into your beauty regimen: Every two-three weeks give some shower to makeup brushes with shampoo and let it dry overnight. With this simple yet highly effective practice, your skin will say thank you!

Habit 9: Too Much Exfoliation

“Excess of everything is bad”, rightly said. The same is the scenario when indulging exfoliation in your beauty care ritual. With controlled exfoliation sloughing off dead cells happen and the outcome is fresh, radiant, and plump skin. However, over-exfoliation can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation on the skin. With that said, as per the leading Dermatologist, one should exfoliate one or two times per week for new cell generation without damaging the skin texture. Plus, it’s also recommended to go for gentle and natural exfoliators such as St.Botanica Vitamin C-E-Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Face Scrub, masterfully crafted with potent antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E to treat acne-prone skin with the sheer most love. If you are someone looking for enthralling clear, smooth, and healthy skin- look no further count on this St.Botanica scrub. Made with rich vitamins and Hyaluronic acid- this scrub removes the dead skin cells and reload hydration within 5 minutes! It also contains essential oils likewise sweet almond, Wheat germ, extra virgin olive, and Cypress essential oils and they make sure after every use skin natural lubricant is maintained and end-result is gleamy, lustrous, and glossy glow!

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Habit 10: Eating enough junk food

Did you know that the junk food that we usually consume sabotages the glow of your skin? Yes, we’re talking about everything from chips, hamburgers, tacos to night-cap-essential pizzas. These foods are generally termed unhealthy with oodles amount of calories. It is believed that junk foods can spike the insulin levels in your bloodstream which can further trigger oil-producing hormones causing acne. Thus, it’s needless to point out again and again that you should limit the intake of these processed foods. Instead, go with healthier choices such as diets that are rich in fibers and proteins.

Habit 11: Cell Phones Can Cause a Mess

There’s no denying that we are obsessed with our smartphone. From using Instagram to sending messages to our near and dear ones, we are always in constant contact with our mobiles. While it is paramount to be a part of a connected society, there are some negative effects these devices may have on the largest organ of the body-skin.

Fancy cell phones that we cannot part of are usually very dirty as they are a hotbed of germs. Contemplating how? Most of us are unaware that the screen of the smartphone when makes a contact with the face accumulates face oils, makeup material, moisture, or any other cream that you’ve applied. What’s more, there are also people who have this nasty habit to take their cells to the washroom, inviting the growth of bacteria. With each phone call, these germs are reintroduced on to the skin, clogging pores, and instigating breakouts.

A quick fix: Commit yourself to an earpiece. Besides, there are wipes available to cleanse your phone.

Habit 12: Employing Wrong Products

One of the most common mistakes done by all is picking up the wrong products. On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to multiple damages like UV rays, pollutants, dirt, and toxins. And, to counter the said damages we all follow religious skincare regimen. These skincare rituals are indispensable for nourished skin if done in a proper manner. However, our beauty routine predominantly depends upon the products we inculcate. So, picking up the bang on the ingredient is a must. Here’s the quick list to match up your skin type

Oily Skin: Choose a cleanser with plant-based extracts such as St.Botanica Sunrise Brightening Facial Cleanser. It is formulated with skin-loving additives that deeply nourish your complexion.

Dry Skin: Consider a humectant boosting cleanser with compounds like Honey, Indian gooseberry, and papaya. Give it a shot to St.Botanica Tropics Balancing Facial Cleanser.

Sensitive Skin: Soothe your irritated dermis with St.Botanica Berry Revitalizing Facial Cleanser. The cleanser is abundant in antioxidant as an example ““ Raspberry and Strawberry which washes away the grime as well as promotes moisture.

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