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All The Ways In Which Argan Oil Benefits Your Skin

Have you ever heard of Argan Oil? We are sure you must have!

But, do you know what it can do to your skin?

Moroccan women have been using argan oil for the skin benefits and hair benefits it delivers for centuries. But let us find out what is argan oil, and what makes it so effective.

It is one of the rarest oils in the world.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is produced by the nuts found on argan trees that are native to Morocco – these nuts contain between 1 and 3 oil-rich argan kernels extracted by cracking and roasting the nuts to produce what we know as argan oil.

Argan oil contains lots of beneficial nutrients for health, hair care, and skin care, including:

  • Vitamin E – It helps maintain healthy skin and eyes and strengthens the body’s immune system
  • Phenols – Popularly found in plant-based compounds like argan oil, this acts as a highly effective antioxidant helping to prevent damage to the skin from free radicals
  • Carotenes – This element is converted by the body into Vitamin A, which supports healthy skin, eyes, and boosts your immune system
  • Fatty acids – They help to produce the skin’s natural oil barrier so therefore helps to keep skin looking hydrated, plumper, and younger-looking
What Can Argan Oil Do For The Skin?

This notoriously hard-to-access oil is well worth the work, providing numerous benefits for the body and face. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin E, argan oil is replete with anti-aging, moisturizing, and soothing agents. Powerful but gentle, it nourishes without clogging pores and can be used by all skin types, whether acne-prone or super-dry. A truly versatile oil, it is ideal for head-to-toe use.

Potential Argan Oil Benefits For Skin
Intensely Moisturizes The Skin:

Argan oil contains vitamin E and other fatty acids. It is light and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It hydrates, nourishes, and keeps your skin moisturized for a long time. If you live in arid and cold conditions, you will definitely need skin care products with argan oil in your closet. You can probably even replace your regular moisturizer with this one. It suits all skin types, so you have nothing to worry about. Argan oil is perhaps most commonly used as a moisturizer. This is why it is often found in lotions, soaps, and face creams. It can be applied topically as a part of your daily skin care regimen for a moisturizing effect. This is largely thanks to its abundance of vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help improve water retention in the skin.

Try the moisturizing Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream from St.Botanica. It is enriched with precious skin conditioning and nourishing ingredients that provide complete daytime skincare. It is packed with the goodness of the finest skin hydrating agents such as argan oil, shea butter, honey, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. With built-in SPF 30 and PA+++, it shields the skin from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Broad-spectrum sun protection helps to diminish the risk of skin tanning, sunburn, and photo-damage. The mineral-based sun protection agents give the skin a non-greasy feel, making the cream comfortable for daytime use. Antioxidant-rich extracts of pomegranate, calendula, and watermelon are blended in the cream to neutralize the free radical damage due to overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays and environmental pollution.

Helps Fight Acne:

Using oil and oil-based products on acne-prone skin and oily skin might sound crazy, but argan oil as an ingredient actually acts as a healing agent. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and soothe acne. It also has anti-sebum properties that can help in reducing greasiness and improve the appearance of oily skin.

Hormonal acne is often the result of excess sebum that is caused by hormones. Argan oil has anti-sebum effects, which can effectively regulate amounts of sebum on the skin. This can help to treat several different types of acne and promote a smoother, even-toned complexion.

Apply argan oil or face creams containing argan oil directly to your skin at least twice a day. You should start to see results after four weeks.

St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Face Wash is your perfect solution to help deal with acne-prone skin. It is a luxurious facial cleanser loaded with the goodness of precious Moroccan Argan Oil. Since ancient times, the natural oil extracted from the nuts of the argan tree had been the well-kept secret of Moroccan women’s glowing younger-looking skin. By blending this exotic oil with extra virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera, honey, and sweet almond oil, and various botanical extracts, St.Botanica has created a fabulous product to maximize the benefits of cleansing. Its rich, creamy lather serves as the appropriate solubilizing agent for dust, grease, toxins, and microbes. It restores the facial skin to its purified state and rebalances the skin’s moisture, oil, and pH levels.

Prevents Pre-Mature Aging:

The skin starts to sag and tends to look duller than it is because it lacks moisture and hydration, which speeds up the aging process. Argan oil increases the skin’s regeneration rate and improves its elasticity. Since argan oil is intensely hydrating, it locks in moisture and makes your face look plumper, brighter, and softer.

The omega fatty acids in argan oil help strengthen tissues in the skin and, therefore, can help prevent wrinkles. Argan oil based products can improve the skin’s ability to retain water (a key to reducing signs of aging).

To up the anti-aging powers, look for products that combine argan oil with other nourishing ingredients. Argan oil’s fatty acids work even better on the skin when they are combined with ceramides, which also helps protect the lipid barrier of the skin, says skin care experts.

For nighttime rejuvenation, use St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Anti Wrinkle Night Cream. It is created to restore the skin’s suppleness and diminish imperfections. The skin hydrating components of the cream work synergistically with the vitamins and bioactive constituents of the plant extracts to sustain the nighttime skin renewal process. It helps to repair the microscopic damages in the skin that occur due to daylong exposure to sunlight, harsh weather elements, and environmental pollutants. This helps to address multiple signs of skin aging such as dryness, dullness, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Intense moisturization and superior external skin nourishment improve the natural elasticity of the skin and help to increase the firmness and radiance of the skin.

Protects From Sun Damage:

Argan oil contains antioxidants that protect and repair your skin from sunburn, damage, or hyperpigmentation caused due to prolonged sun exposure. Hyperpigmentation is usually caused due to an increase in the production and accumulation of melanin in your skin. The different components in argan oil work collectively to inhibit the production of melanin. Argan oil contains a physical filter against UV light, which therefore helps to prevent sun damage, and it’s skin repair qualities, including Vitamin E, help to fade sun spots resulting in happy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin.

Reduces Skin’s Oiliness:

Some of you have oilier skin than others naturally. For those who do often go out of their way to get rid of the oily sheen that can occur. Thanks to argan oil’s sebum-reducing capabilities, it can help decrease total sebum and reduce oiliness of the skin.

According to dermatologists, the twice-daily application of the cream that contained argan oil reduced significant sebum activity and oiliness within just four weeks. Argan oil regulates sebum production so your skin is hydrated and would not begin to overproduce. This is especially useful if you already have oily skin.

Prevents & Reduces Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are particularly common during pregnancy, but anyone can experience them. One popular study has found that a water-in-oil cream containing argan oil improved skin elasticity. This helped prevent and treat stretch marks early on.

You can apply argan oil directly or in the form of a lotion to the affected area at least twice per day. Do this as soon as you suspect you may see or start to see stretch marks for best results.

St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion is a super-rich formula that intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin so that your skin feels soft and smooth the whole day. It replenishes the hydration your skin loses by exposure to sunlight and environmental stressors. It is the ideal product for quickly restoring the protective lipid mantle and suppleness to the skin that feels dry and stretchy after washing. Some of the fabulous skin-conditioning ingredients in this lotion are Morrocan argan oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera gel, beeswax, shea butter, kokum butter, vitamin E, wheat germ oil, grapeseed oil, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, and honey. They moisturize the skin and improve the skin’s barrier function that helps to minimize moisture loss. The deeply moisturized skin can maintain its youthful elasticity for a longer time and can avert premature wrinkling.

Argan Oil has powerful skin benefits thanks to several healing properties and vitamins that it contains. Our Moroccan Argan Oil range contains products enriched with botanical extracts that deliver exceptional properties. For more details on our products, visit https://stbotanica.in/

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