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Complete Guide on How to Tackle Very Dry Skin with the Best Products

Ask those who have been persistently enduring the problem of dry skin and they would enlighten you on how convoluted the situation is. For some getting over this condition might seem rather easy; however, the actuality is that it all depends on the severity. Consequently, a strict skincare regime that entails fair and square products has to be assiduously implemented. We’ll talk about such a schedule through the medium of this post that will surely abet you to attain a healthy and plump epidermis.

What engenders dry skin?

Our skin naturally produces oil in the shape of sebum. When there is a dearth of this lubricant, the epidermis tends to become withered. Therefore, some amount of sebum production is mandatory to keep the skin in its normality and further shields the cells from several infections.

That said; this condition of dryness has become quite a dime a dozen scenario amongst individuals irrespective of their ages. Conspicuous signs entail relentless itching, flaky skin, and a sense of tightness that is sometimes even painful-tough to bear.

Some other causes that may play a deterrent in achieving flawless skin:

  • Cold weather
  • Aggravating components subsumed in the skincare products you employ.
  • Over washing your epidermis.
  • Excessive smoking
  • Exposing skin for too long in the sunlight

Individuals are privileged to treat their dry skin by employing various methods and techniques. Per maestros, when you know the cause of the shriveled nature of the epidermis and the severity, you are in a better position to endure the situation. Additionally, these tips from our panel of experts would surely succor to kill two birds with one stone. 1) Manage dry skin 2) factors that are accountable for obstructing the path of attaining a consummate epidermis.

1. Moisturize every day

Congregate moisturizers, ointments, and creams-for instance are readily up for grabs when you indeed decide to gallivant the beauty aisle. The beauty of applying them bespoke that the skin’s natural barrier function would enhance over a course of time, eventually fostering water retention.

It is trusted that making use of a moisturizer before hitting the sack can furnish extra rewards. One can give a try to this topical prior to snoozing to see the positive outcomes the next day. You may expect sufficient hydration on your epidermis in a short span.

2. Gentle cleanser

Soaps that incorporate rasping ingredients can create havoc on your face. For some it may sound counterintuitive; however, it’s a reality that with their maneuver you are opening the doors for their haven, which can further annoy the skin. Hence, ditching them is the need of the hour; otherwise, you may soon find yourself “back against the wall”.

In simpler words, you should head over heels with topicals that integrate natural/organic supplements.

Additionally, you should also stress procuring a hydrating cleanser. Such a product bestows the much-needed moisture content, which your skin is in desperate need of.

3. Exfoliation is pivotal

If you commit yourself to be a beauty enthusiast, you are likely aware of this fact: the epidermis naturally sheds old cells paving the way for the new ones. However, there are times when the skin loses its touch and the process of natural discharging is obstructed. As a result, these dead cells cling to the skin’s surface engendering witheredness and blocking pores.

So, it seems a no-brainer that you should diligently follow the approach of regular exfoliating. When you take sufficient steps for eliminating dry patches, the overall skin texture is bound to uplift.

4. Insist on better bathing habits

More often than not, we like bathing in hot water, especially during wintertime. While it may sound tempting, in actuality there’s a downside of these scalding showers. The blistering water that we are so fond of can strip the skin of its natural oils. So, the preferred technique of bathing should necessarily involve aqua that’s warm and not too hot. Plus, after taking a shower, employ a moisturizer to lock in some dampness.

5. Wear sunscreen

When you plan to step outside, always wear sunscreen. This activity should be imperatively followed irrespective of the outside conditions. Be it sunny or cloudy, you just cannot afford to ignore the use of sunblock.

To enlighten you with a flabbergasting reality; the sun’s UV rays are considered to be one of the major offenders for shriveling the epidermis. So, when thinking of investing in a fair and square sunscreen, don’t ever take a rain check from this vital decision.

6. Say yes to a humidifier

Did you know? Gadgets in the shape of AC’s and central heating units that have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives are infamous for their moisture-sucking abilities both from the air and the skin. Therefore, if you own a dry epidermis, either you may limit the use of these appliances or start wielding a humidifier. The lost moisture content can be restored with the assistance of it.

Which ingredients should not be part of your skincare products?

1. Most alcohols

A lot of beauty products embrace alcohol in them. They are primarily used in facilitating topicals to readily perforate deep inside the skin. While alcohols may assist in soaring the effectiveness of any skincare product, this efficaciousness comes at a serious cost drying your epidermis in the longer run.

2. Added fragrance

This contemporary era sees many manufacturers adding fragrances to their products to conceal the natural aroma of ingredients, which is often considered to be unpleasant. The drawback of these so-termed sweet smells is that they can drastically sensitize your epidermis, often causing redness and further exacerbating the symptoms of dryness. To cut short: always hunt for topicals by reading the fine lines written on them that say fragrance-free, specifically when you’re bothered by a withered epidermis.

3. Astringent

According to zealots, astringents are designed for getting rid of excess sebum from the skin. Overdoing them in your routine can sometimes strip more than required sebum from the surface, eventually withering the epidermis to significant levels. So, their use is preferable and ideal for someone with oily skin.


If you’re scouting for a well-known label that strictly turns a blind eye towards the above-mentioned ingredients, your search gets over when you connect with ST. Botanica. The brand is in the market for over years now and their beauty products are surely gonna amaze you. Let’s quickly walk you through some of their intriguing topicals for treating dry skin!

We Recommend: Anti-oxidant Boost Serum Moisturizer

Are you annoyed with flaky, rough, and extra-dry skin? Even after slathering hefty lotion the epidermis still feels tight and dreary? This indicates that your skin’s natural replenishing ability is lost; the reason can be over-washing, lack of hydration in the body, and harmful sun exposure. That said, address the problem with the right product to have a soft and nourished complexion.

Look no further! Check out St.Botanica Anti-oxidant Boost Serum Moisturizer; the product contains the perfect blend of proven hydrating ingredients which fortify the lipid barrier and abets in keeping the dermis ultra-soft and supple. With that said the core substance in the formula is age-defying “Retinol” that effectively treats dry skin and aging concerns. It boosts collagen production along with improving the appearance of fine lines, proffering a visibly soft and youthful tone.

Additionally, the plush product is laden with antioxidant-possessed “vitamins” to defend against free radicals and environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution, dirt, and grime. Vitamin B3 significantly improves the texture by retaining moisture content, vitamin C amplifies collagen production along with brightening the dark spots, and vitamin E offers copious moisture into the deeper layers of the epidermis giving instant relief from the itchy and parched tone.

Besides this the product is enriched with natural powerful humectant “Hyaluronic acid”- the molecule is known for its ability to hold 10x times of water weight into the skin which means pulls moisture to the surface of the skin giving an instant plump and glowing skin. Furthermore, the active botanicals are infused in the formula to double-duty the nourishment i.e. “sugarcane extract” owns lactic acid which succor in keeping the skin moist offering extensive conditioning making the epidermis silky, smooth, and hydrated.

Plus “green tea” is laden with skin benefitting compounds like antioxidants, tannins, flavonoids, and polyphenols aids in keeping the dermis protected, healthy, and balanced. Bonus: the product is free of harmful solvents like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone; even the most sensitive type can apply the formula with comfort.

Added perk: the serum plus moisturizer is made with organic compounds only with no animal derivative- it is vegan and cruelty-free a pick for green beauty aficionado. Incorporate the ultimate dryness solution in your beauty armory for a radiant, supple, and soft tone.

Restore the Moisture Level Naturally- Add To Bag

How It Is Different?

The serum cum moisturizer deeply nourishes the dry skin with its scientifically verified hydrating ingredients. Restore the dehydrated and dreary complexion from the first application only.

How to Use?

The serum plus moisturizer is ideal to use twice a day for exceptional results. Plus slather the formula on the face, eye area, and neck.

We Recommend: Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Day Cream

Do you know- dry skin is a condition that makes the epidermis feels tight, itchy, flaky, and painful. Plus these symptoms can be due to seasonal change and trans-epidermal water loss. No matter! Whatever is the reason for parched complexion employing effective dryness solutions can easily treat the issue. Grab your hands on St.Botanica Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Day Cream; the plush formula is blended with rich moisturizing ingredients to instantly hydrate and address the dry and flaky skin. The heart of the product is the anti-aging miracle ingredient retinol- it not only ameliorates the cellular turnover but also unclogs the pores proffering clear skin.

Moreover, the formula is infused with super-nourishing queens of oils aka Moroccan Argan oil; laden with moisturizing properties it extensively hydrates the parched tone without clogging the pores plus will not trigger breakouts- providing a soft and supple complexion. Plus dreary dermis is prone to inflammation so to soothe the skin the formula is packed with cool cucumber.

Additionally, the optimal cream is laden with Hyaluronic acid which is known for its water-retaining ability as the potent natural humectant amplifies moisture level of the surface keeping the epidermis dewy and moist for long periods of time. Besides this dry skin which is sensitive and needs a pacifying solution, the cream has supremely moisturizing emollient honey in it which softens, smooth, and clears the skin.

Furthermore, the rich potion has potent pomegranate which replenishes dry & dull skin and safeguards the skin from harmful aggressors like pollution, dirt, and grime. Plus the product has licorice extract which possesses glycyrrhizin that provides lightening, brightening, and anti-aging effects along with reducing redness and inflammation on the skin.

What’s more? The replenishing elements in the cream are free of harmful additives namely parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone- a safe pick for dry sensitive skin, and eczema-prone skin. That said the formula is crafted with hand-picked natural ingredients with no animal derivatives- it is a vegan and cruelty-free product for sustainable beauty enthusiasts! Take your beauty game to the next level with this ultimate dryness treatment for a healthy, youthful, and nourished tone.

Get The Mega Glow With Hefty Moisturization- Order Now!

How It Is Different?

The exclusive blend of active botanicals and plant-based oils trigger the obdurate dryness with comfort. The lightweight formula easily glides into the dermis and starts the repair and restoration process without feeling greasy or oily.

How to Use It?

First, wash the face with a mild cleanser to ward off the collected grime and impurities on the skin. Take the generous amount from the jar; apply on to face and décolleté in a circular motion for best results.

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