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Complete Guide on Hydroxy Acids: How They Are Good and Which Is Best For Your Skin Type

When we come across words like “acid” for face, it’s enough to scare anyone. Most of the population is under this belief that these substances are utilized only to formulate chemical industry products like detergents, synthetic resins, dyestuffs-to name a few. Therefore, for such individuals, these being worth for the skin don’t even come into the picture.

That said, it is imperative to mention here; popular to this contrary belief, natural acids are renowned to do wonders for the skin and to treat numerous woes. These ingredients in big ways can effectively nourish the epidermis, keeping your face hydrated at all times. Plus, acids also play a significant role in speeding up the process of “turnover”. Consequently, the dead skin cells are sloughed away faster evoking a complexion that’s bright and loaded with sheen.

Which acids are good for the skin?

The two well-known forms, AHAs and BHAs, both are considered to be good guys in the acid world. While it is tough to predict which one of the two leads the race in terms of being better, they target different skin concerns. Let’s talk about these classes of acids individually.

What are AHAs?

Alpha-hydroxy acids a dime a dozen abbreviated as AHAs are usually extracted from sugary fruits and are water-soluble. For your information, glycolic acid is one of the popular ones which fall into this category and is largely used in most skin care products in this contemporary era. Since AHAs promote moisturizing factors within the epidermis, aficionados advocate it to people who normally complain of parched skin.

The benefits of AHAs

As already stated above, AHAs can be compared to an elixir for the skin that has suffered damages due to the sun’s UV rays, free radical damage, or some other reason. Just to enlighten you about a fact; because of the mentioned factors, the epidermis can turn pale and shriveled, which need to be vanquished, the sooner the better. One of the ingredients belonging to the AHA family that can be heavily backed on in such circumstances is none other than glycolic acid. It has an exfoliating effect when applied topically on the epidermis and can efficaciously reduce acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. The potent ingredient also stimulates collagen preventing the conspicuous appearance of aging symptoms like fine lines, wrinkles, and others. Much of these profits lie in the amazing capability of glycolic to delve way down into the skin; because of the presence of the smallest of molecules in it. The outcome is a dazzling complexion that most of us would only covet in our dreams.

What are BHAs?

Beta-hydroxy acids also entitled as BHAs are organic carboxylic acids that work both on the skin’s surface along deep inside the pores. Unlike AHAs that are water-soluble, this group of acids is oil soluble. As a result, you would see connoisseurs recommending them for treating blemishes on oily skin.

Benefits of BHAs

BHAs are opined to be pretty light and thus are gentle enough on even the most sensitive of skins. These are even endorsed for people having hardships such as rosacea or acne-for instance.

Blackheads, white bumps, and several other spots can be readily treated by employing BHAs in the regime since these can perforate deeper down to unclog pores.

Salicylic acid falls under the division of BHAs. It is renowned to combat bacteria notorious for causing acne. This is why; most over-the-counter acne curing products are subsumed with salicylic acid these days.

How to choose AHA vs. BHA

Choosing between AHA vs. BHA largely depends on the skin type and the concerns you intend to overpower. If clouds on the horizon are in the shape of acne, either BHA or the combination of BHA/AHA would be your safest bet.

However, for problems like arid skin, AHA shall be preferred as your goal is to get the top layer of the skin exfoliated.

Note: AHAs and BHAs both appear as strong humectants and thus essentially should be maneuvered keeping moderation as a priority. Overusing them might engender the skin to dry a lot. Hence, a thumb rule; wield these acids only a few times a week when you intend your complexion to dazzle. Its everyday use should necessarily be ditched.

Another pivotal benefit of AHAs and BHAs-prevents TEWL

Transepidermal water loss alias TEWL which means hydration is evaporated from the body via skin making it dehydrated and dull. However, AHA’s and BHA’s help in reducing the TEWL process thus making the dermis stay moisturized for long.

How to gain the copious perks of AHAs/BHAs

If you wish to grasp the many rewards AHAs/BHAs furnish, these can be attained by utilizing topicals that are incorporated with these acids. When you walk down to the local beauty store, these much sought after products are readily up for grabs at reasonable prices.

Having said that, just don’t snap them up like this without thoroughly checking the ingredients. This is primarily because; a lot of murky advertisements claiming so many things are going on in this present-day market. However, the reality is totally on the opposite side. Sometimes, these so-called famous manufacturers who vow so much don’t even imbue ingredients that the product is known for. So, the gist is: always to be proactive when purchasing beauty topicals.

To make your search easy for buying high-quality AHAs and BHAs, below we present some of the high-selling serums from St. Botanica. Keep reading to comprehend the reasons; why it makes sense for you to add them to your schedule.

  • Glycolic Acid

We Recommend: AHA Glycolic acid Pro-Vitamin Texture Correcting Skin Peel

If you are pondering to take your skincare regimen to the next level by effectively tackling wrinkles, pores, and dullness then a miraculous ingredient you can trust is glycolic acid. It is a one-stop-solution for every epidermal problem. Here we have St.Botanica Aha Glycolic acid Pro-Vitamin Texture Correcting Skin Peel; the plush serum is formulated with a wonder carbon-rich molecule glycolic acid ““ it abets in warding off the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the epidermis and speeding up the process of cell turnover proffering visibly fresher, younger, and flawless complexion. Additionally, it also averts the transepidermal moisture loss providing supple skin.

Furthermore, the serum is packed with Provitamin B5 possesses exceptional humectant properties which extensively hydrate the parched tone along with strengthening the skin’s natural barrier leading to a firmer and youthful dermis. Besides this, sugarcane extract in the serum safeguards the epidermis from UV rays and avert free radical damage key reason for premature aging while powerful fighting acne-causing bacteria leaving the complexion flawless and hydrated.

Moreover, the plant-based product is packed with active botanicals such as Korean beauty favorite Aloe Vera- instantly cool and soothe the inflamed complexion and Olive leaf extract is a powerhouse of antioxidant, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties which not only purify but also pacify the burning skin. On the top, the serum is free of harmful solvents like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone ““ a safe pick for every skin type. That said, for beginners in the acid game it is advisable to embark on the journey with mild and gentle “glycolic acid”. Incorporate the serum in the beauty armory to get a radiant and youthful complexion.

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How Use the Serum for Maximum Benefit?

Step 1: Wash face with a gentle cleanser to remove the impurities and gunk from the surface of the skin.

Step 2: Starts slow when using the acid serum for the first time. Take pea-sized 2-3 drops from the bottle and tap onto the skin. Don’t rub the formula simply dab on the face and décolleté. Wait for a few minutes till the serum is absorbed into the epidermis.

Step 3: Now use your daily cream or moisturizer with SPF to lock the moisturization. Moreover, in some cases, AHA/BHA can cause redness and peeling. If signs are persistent it is advisable to discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.

One Caveat- Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should ask a doctor before adding acids into the skincare routine.

  • Salicylic Acid

We recommend: BHA salicylic acid Hyaluronic acid skin clarifying serum

Is your skin prone to bad acne? If yes, then you must know that for acne there is no-fits-one-solution. However, extensive research on salicylic acid has shown that it is an effective ingredient to treat stubborn acne and spots. Look no further check out St.Botanica BHA salicylic acid Hyaluronic acid skin clarifying serum; the formula is packed with salicylic acid element derived from willow tree bark and it is a type of chemical exfoliant also known as BHA (Beta-hydroxy acid); it slough off the dead skin from the topmost layer of the skin amplifying the dullness, dryness, and dehydration.

And, it also unclogs the pores by pulling out the gunk and deeply penetrating into the layers preventing future breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Additionally, the serum will not make the skin look parched all thanks to natural humectant Hyaluronic acid- it seals the moisture into the epidermis making it look visibly supple and dewy. Besides this, the ultimate product is infused with plant-based extracts such as Strawberry fruit “˜even out the blotchy tone’, Watermelon “˜brightening up the appearance’, and Willow bark “˜controls the excess oil production’- get clear and flawless skin.

With that said, the serum doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone. Also, made with natural elements only- it is vegan and cruelty-free, a perfect choice for beauty junkies. Level up your beauty routine with the innovative product and infuse skin with the goodness of naturally occurring salicylic acid- expect a visibly clear, flawless, and hydrated tone.

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Who Can Use The Serum?

Salicylic acid has oil-soluble properties which indicate it deeply penetrates into the congested pores and pulls out the grime and impurities making pores clear. So, it is highly effective for acne-prone skin types. Plus, with regular use, it also averts future breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Is It Safe For Every Skin Type?

The notable acid is proven to treat acne but there are some precautions needed to get the best out of the ingredient. As per dermatologists, it’s always best to “listen to your skin”. So, use the derma-tested product with the golden rule “slow and low”. Once the skin acclimates then only increases the formula. Plus, initially, it may lead to peeling and dryness, after applying the serum always use a good heavy-duty moisturizer.

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