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Divulging the Secrets of Bamboo and Coconut- That Can Do Wonders for Your Hair

“Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off”

Pondering why coconut is considered to be an extremely versatile health and beauty product? And, with so many other oils available- why this is given always a priority amongst them? This is perhaps because of coconut’s multifaceted abilities- that offer a myriad number of benefits for your skin and hair- along with cooking purposes for delicious taste-making.

Today, coconut- being a pivotal ingredient has gained a wonderful glowing prominence along with its reputation for delivering a top-notch conditioning treatment. The quirky behavior of this oil- when compared with its counterparts- avocado, mustard, palm oils- for example, is owing to the fact- that it can penetrate the hair with ease. This beauty world “˜Holy Grail’ is blessed with unlimited benefits such as it can burn fat, remove makeup, moisturize skin, and can grow your hair longer. While we can go on and on about this magical oil but we will focus on how advantageous is coconut oil for hair and why this all-in-one miracle oil deserves a spot in your beauty arsenal!

Do you know what coconut oil is?

Simply it is an oil extracted from the fruit coconut. But what makes this oil so special is its components which are high in saturated fats; the lauric acid has antimicrobial properties that reduce inflammation and polish off bacteria from the skin. Additionally, it’s rich in linoleic acid that can aid in skin-soothing.

It’s time for some hair repair by not-so-expensive coconut oil.

Coconut Oil for Long and Thick Hair

If you are also mulling with the same question: Can coconut oil make your hair grow longer? Then the answer is yes, this super oil will surely help you in growing your hair healthy, long and thick. As said earlier, this oil penetrates deep into the scalp and rich nutrients perforate into the hair cuticle. All you need to do is apply a coconut oil hair mask once or twice a week for about 10-15 minutes and the magic is done. All this will speed up your hair growth.

Coconut Oil for Dry and Damaged Hair

Are you the one experiencing dry or damaged hair? Is your shampoo stripping off all-natural oils from your scalp? Then coconut oil is your savior. It can be your pre-shampoo treatment to impede shampoo from cleaning out all the oils from your hair follicles. A good 10-15 minutes massage of it from root-to-tip before a shampoo can save your tresses from havoc.

Coconut Oil as a Leave-In Treatment

The best use of coconut oil is as a leave-in treatment, especially in summers. A leave-in treatment is a must for your hair care regime. It locks the moisture into your strands which results in hair become healthier and stronger. So, when you step out in the sun your hair is exposed to harmful UV rays that can be detrimental to the cuticle of your beautiful curls. It is packed with a natural protectant that rescues your locks from sun damage. So, the crux of this coconut story is that you need it in summer for sure as well as do add in your beach bag also!

How to incorporate coconut oil in the hair care regime?

As of now, we know that coconut oil nurtures dry locks into shiny and thick hair that you dream of! It’s worthy for all hair types as it’s too mild. Just remember “˜less is more’ for coconut oil. It’s very easy to inculcate this hair-loving ingredient into the hair care regime: Heat some oil in a bowl and apply it to your hair from roots to ends. Then put your shower cap and go to bed ““ wake up with incredible soft hair. Don’t forget to use a deeply nourishing shampoo to wash out the remains. However, if you are a not-so-oil lover then give it a shot to coconut-infused products such as St.Botanica Coconut & Bamboo Hair Conditioner that has a perfect blend of virgin coconut oil with bamboo extracts that gently conditions the hair with restoring softness for lustrous, healthy hair.

What is a coconut shampoo all about?

As the name suggests it’s a shampoo that is plunged with coconut oil. That said, it’s a gentle cleaning product that does double duty of hydrating and cleansing the hair. This natural superfood is not only chemical-free but also includes powerful fatty acid that helps in repairing dull and damaged hair. This potent creamy oil is your one-stop solution for any hair concern. Try St.Botanica Coconut Bamboo Hydrating Shampoo it is made up of sheer love and harmful ingredients. From virgin coconut oil, bamboo extract to honey this shampoo is super useful in nurturing the locks that help you to get a gem-like finish.

Also, take a dekko at the rich dividends this additive may provide

So, we unlocked everything about coconut- how this crucial additive can be a boon to your hair. In short, for strong, healthy, and volumized locks, it is imperative that you make use of quality products with the right ingredients inculcated- coconut being one of them.

One other natural supplement that has gained a lot of respect from experts over the years- is from the fastest growing plant world-bamboo. The tree which can heighten up to 10 centimeters a day is believed to have exorbitant amounts of Silica- ranging to 70%. But, how is this high percentage helpful for you?

Silica- if you’re aware- is a key ingredient that creates collagen in our body which is a building block of your skin, hair, and nails. So, as we age this trace mineral slowly depletes, which otherwise means the deficiency of silica can adversely affect the important organs of our body which may lead to brittleness of hair, dullness in the skin- as an example. Thus, the use of bamboo products can support people who have insufficiency of silica- its deficiency being common amongst people.

That said, not only bamboo assists to ameliorate the moisture and natural sheen of the hair, but also has some impeccable antioxidant properties that improve hair texture, prevent split ends, and expedite the growth of tresses. Let’s go ahead and discuss further why more and more people are considering bamboo supplemented products and what makes it a gold-mine for our curls. The below magical pros will certainly answer why it is a must-have supplement in hair products!

Bamboo Acts as an Excellent Cleanser

One of the foremost profits of using bamboo- is its powerful ability to act as a cleanser for your scalp. Our hairs are no stranger to toxins and other harmful pollutants that can take a toll and lead to lackluster hair. When using shampoo or conditioners which are bamboo complemented- can help you get rid of these detrimental foreign substances. In a way, this promotes the nutrients getting absorbed quickly, and your scalp will be healthier and more conducive for hair growth.

Bamboo Boosts Hair Growth

This next best supplement for hair is loaded with silica (70%), which helps you in flaunting super long hair. Plus, your locks will not only grow longer but stronger and shinier also. Hence, the overall benefit of silica is that it promotes collagen production, increases volume & density, and adding shine to the hair. The best way to add it to your beauty regime is by using all-natural bamboo extract shampoo such as St.Botanica Coconut Bamboo Hydrating Shampoo followed by St.Botanica Coconut Bamboo Hair Conditioner. To know more about these products keep reading the space.

Bamboo for Shiner Hair

Do you have long and thick hair? But do they lack shine? Then it’s time to add bamboo extracts into your hair care routine. It is rich in nutrients and acts as a natural cleanser which helps in adding shine to the hair. Additionally, bamboo extract cleans out all the foreign and toxic substances from the scalp that can dull your tresses.

Bamboo for thicker Hair

There are several reasons for hair thinning; harsh treatments, bad hair care habits or maybe it’s in your gene. But, calm yourself down and trust bamboo extract. It is known for its scalp calming properties; ameliorate blood circulation and eventually promoting the tresses to grow thick and long.

Pro Tip: Don’t rub your hair too harsh with a towel when drying. The friction will lead to breakage and damage.

The above were some of the few- but essential attributes that the ingredients- coconut and bamboo deliver. Further, it is important to know here- that certain hair care products collectively represent these ingredients which are mentioned below. Read along to find them out!

Coconut Bamboo Hydrating Shampoo

This St.Botanica Coconut Bamboo Hydrating Shampoo will be your new haircare treasure. The star ingredient in the product is coconut oil and bamboo extract, this dynamic duo is best for all hair types. This sulfate-parabens free shampoo has a perfect blend of hydrating ingredient such as Shea butter; honey; soy proteins and Aloe Vera extract that moistures, smooth and improve elasticity.

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Coconut & Bamboo Hair Conditioner

Scouting for a conditioner that sustains frangible hair, improves flexibility, and fosters the growth of your locks? Well, then you must try our coconut and bamboo hair conditioner to have an everlasting experience- that you may not have had any time before with other companies’ products. The regular use of this stimulant ensures glossy, lively, chunky hair- over some time.

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