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Do Hair Masks Improve Overall Hair Health?

You already know that your hair loves and demands pampering treatments. Hair oils, conditioners, serums, or masks – Confused? You probably are.

With so many hair products gracing the market today, it is perfectly ok to scratch your head and wonder why you need them in the first place. But in order to make your hair care fuss-free let us focus on hair masks, what they are, and why we need them.

Considering the amount of torture you put your hair through on a daily basis with heat styling, teasing, and coloring, you should all be using luxurious and enriching hair masks. But the truth is a lot of you are still nervous about using masks on a regular basis; in particular, because you aren’t quite clear how best to use them.

Hair Masks: What Are They?

Think of hair treatment masks as a kind of high-powered hair conditioner. The comparison will make you realize that they have similar benefits such as deeply nourishing and strengthening hair, but hair masks are more intense and powerful. Hair masks also have the ability to target specific hair concerns. By incorporating them into your hair care routine, you may find that the results (think about softer, stronger, and shinier looking hair) are worth the extra time. Want to find out what hair conditioning masks are all about and how to use them? Continue reading below.

Hair masks are specialized treatments that are formulated with oils, butters, and other nourishing ingredients. These hydrating and wholesome hair masks spend more time sinking into and nurturing hair than any average shampoo or conditioner, giving your hair dramatic benefits in a single-use.

Since your hair goes through a lot of stress, whether it is from heat styling, new hairstyles, or exposure to the elements, it can cause some serious hair damage in the long term. Hair treatment masks can help reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy and smooth.

Are Hair Masks Different From Thick Conditioners?

In the ongoing hair care trends, conditioner is the first thing a hair mask is often compared to. But definitely, they are quite different. Apart from the thicker texture, a hair mask differs the way it nourishes your hair.

A conditioner, as the name suggests, conditions the hair. It helps protect hair from environmental influences such as dirt & pollution and makes it more manageable. But most of the benefits of a conditioner are limited to the outer layer of hair. This is where a hair mask differs and stands out in its benefits. A hair mask provides intense hydration and nourishment that reaches deep inside the hair structure. It does more than just soften your hair – it nourishes and regenerates.

Do You Really Need A Hair Mask?

Another common misconception about hair masks is that they are unnecessary, particularly if you use a conditioner. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even if your hair is not subject to constant heat or color treatments, the environmental factors such as stress, pollution, dirt & grime change the texture of hair over time. A hair mask penetrates deeper in to the hair shaft to help repair the daily damage and stress. Using a hair mask, that is suited for your hair type, is a big bonus for your hair care routine.

What Type Of Hair Mask Do You Need?

It largely depends on your need and your hair/scalp type. Drier hair requires more care and intense hydration therefore, hair masks which are oil-based work better at taming dry tresses. On the contrary, thin hair, oily hair, or hair, which lack volume, must be treated with products that include lighter ingredients such as jojoba oil, onion seed oil, clay, etc. Colored hair requires a special combination of ingredients, which repair the damage caused due to harsh chemicals and prevent the color from fading.

Hair masks made from botanical ingredients are suitable to all hair types and they offer maximum benefits to the hair.

You can try Oriental Botanics’ Red Onion Hair Mask. This hair mask is an advanced hair care product made with 26 organic natural oils and plant extracts that are legendary for their beneficial effect on hair health. Packed with bioactive constituents, it provides superior external nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles and creates a favorable environment for sustaining the normal hair growth process. The high penetrability rate of the natural oils instantly restores the moisture mantle of the hair shafts and eases the delivery of the bioactive constituents that help in repairing the damaged hair. The restorative property of the hair mask helps the hair damaged by chemical treatment, heat, pollution, or exposure to harsh environmental aggressors to regain its healthy state. The triple benefits of moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening the hair help to control excessive hair fall and reduce hair thinning.

Why Should You Use A Hair Mask?

A deeply nourishing hair mask can make a big difference in the overall shine and strength of your hair. Also, using a hair mask is particularly important if you have dry, damaged, frizzy, or very long hair.

Also, the best hair masks tend to be packed with hydrating and restorative ingredients. They have formulations that can target your specific hair type and concerns, too. For instance, the best masks for dry hair are usually formulated with butters and oils such as shea, coconut oil, argan oi,l and avocado oil which can help replenish hair and add shine. You can similarly find botanical oils, including red onion oil, in the best hair masks for textured hair.

By using hair masks with these natural ingredients, you can bring out the best in your hair.

One of the added bonuses is that many of the hair masks tend to smell good. So if you are feeling stressed or frazzled, use a hair mask and add it in your regular hair care regimen. Slather on a hydrating hair mask, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the experience.

Smooth & Lustrous Hair:

Using an enriching hair mask at least once a week will make your hair extra smooth and shiny without being greasy or running the risk of developing dandruff. You can apply a hair mask of your choice and spread it all over your hair starting from the ends. Take your time in massaging the hair mask on your hair. Leave the mask for a few minutes as per the directions before washing it off with water. Hair mask with botanical oils and ingredients will give your hair a smooth and shiny finish. Allow your hair to air-dry so you can see the best results. Additionally, you will find less entangled strands when you comb your hair which means less breakage or hair fall.

Reverses Hair Damage:

A variety of factors cause your hair to be damaged. It could be affected by continually applying heat without protection. Hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers are responsible for weakening your hair’s cuticle causing it to fall or break. Subsequently, hair starts to lose its natural moisture, which causes frizzy hair. Using a hair mask is the most appropriate way to repair and strengthen the strands of your hair. If you can find hair masks with natural and botanical ingredients, then there might be a chance to treat damaged hair.

Re-Hydrates Dry Hair:

Another common hair problem that most of you might be facing is dry and dull hair. It must be annoying when your hair feels dry and all over the place even before you step out of the door. Also, you might feel anxious during a windy day because you have a hard time keeping your hair in place. Having dry hair can ruin your day and lower your confidence. Therefore, spending a few minutes of your day to apply a hair mask that will moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your hair is not a bad idea at all. Use hair masks with ingredients that can give your hair its much-needed minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins. If you can incorporate using a hair mask into your hair care routine, you will be surprised to see your hair looking healthy after a few weeks.

Quick Way To Pamper Your Hair:

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to pamper your hair without spending four to six hours in a salon and paying more than you can afford, buying a great hair mask with nourishing ingredients is an excellent alternative. It will make your hair bouncy and strong in just a few minutes. The more consistent you are with using a hair mask, the better the results.

Hair masks fortify the hair, nourish and hydrate, as well as effectively repair and restore every strand. To have a look at our hair care products, Click Here:

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