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Does Wearing A Face Mask Causing Acne- Is “˜Maskne’ Really A Thing?

“˜Always wear a face mask’ is the new normal of life all because of Coronovirus pandemic and which also means many changes needed in our skincare regime. For all those working from home can skip full face makeup ““ so, our largest organ is getting its much-needed breather. However, encountering acne or pimple is still a very common issue – and the reason behind it as per skin experts is diligently wearing a face mask. Also, pandemic stress can contribute to breakouts (known as stress breakouts!). So, if you are experiencing a few extra zits on your T zone (chin, cheeks, and nose) during these difficult times, then you be enduring “˜Maskne’ a term used by dermatologists. To know more read along!

What Is Maskne and Why It’s Happening?

Maskne means acne caused by wearing a face mask ““ be it friction, irritation, rubbing, and stretching all can result in a breakout. So, when wearing mask everything such as face oil, bacteria, and sweat is confined onto the skin and the outcome is awful acne and red bumps. Plus, prolonged putting of mask also signifies clogged pores because of sweat or makeup that aggregate red bumps on the skin. Now, let’s delve deep into few offshoots for Maskne and then will discuss how to impede it.


Skin’s natural oil is absorbed by the mask be it of synthetic or cotton material which can lead to flakiness or dryness. And, sensitive skin may feel more irritation on the skin because of detergents or cloth softener residue on the mask.


As you breathe in the mask for a long time the area becomes moist and humid that clogs the pores and forms a new pimple.


After donning a mask for a longer time chafing and friction occurs that might cause skin irritation. Thus, can say the rubbing of the mask against face can engender breakouts.

This “˜mask+ acne’ the new term for a breakout may be very annoying but to flatten the curve it’s mandatory. Now, you must be pondering how to deal with it? No worries in this post, we’ll share some useful insights that can assist in mitigating new blisters from putting a face mask. Moreover, how a mask material is also adding up into flaring acne, to know more about it read along!

Why Skin Is Breaking Out After Putting The Mask?

After a few days of wearing a mask, you may encounter a new acne formation on your cheek or chin, but why? There can be many possibilities for the same for instance, wearing an unclean mask or the new mask etiquette is not easy to adapt (rubbing skin too much!) or fabric is not suitable for the skin type. Perhaps, you need to read the space to know what the reason for a breakout in your case is!

Contacting Face Often

Putting on a face mask, adjusting it, or simply taking off ““ all these activities requires touching of the face. In short, now we are more frequently touching our skin than earlier. Indeed we must be washing our hands quite often but still, we are getting in contact with other subjects also. So dirt, grime, and grease can easily get transferred from hands to skin time and again. And, any guesses for the result- clogged pores, whiteheads, and comedo.

More Microbes

One of the primary reasons for acne is bacteria. When a mask is positioned for a longer duration it can cause sweat and humidity beneath it. And, it gets trapped there and transferred through sweat on other parts which can lead to red bumps on the cutis. Moreover, the situation gets worsens if the mask is of bad quality. As low-quality mask can trap pathogens more easily than anything else. Thus, can say face mask material does matter (we will explain the same later!)

Perspiration and Heat

Wearing a mask in scorching heat means sweating under the mask and do you know where that sweating goes? Nowhere, it stays in the mask area only. Furthermore, the sweat that is resting on the skin below the mask will eventually come in contact with oil and germs escorted by clogged pores. Additionally, there is no breathing for the skin that is under the mask and it can add up in spreading germs in that part, it may lead to blisters. Alongside, heat can surge the oil production again which can trigger acne.

Can Different Types Of Mask Wreck The Skin?

Putting on the face mask and keeping social distancing are considered to be the most effective way to defeat the virus. With that said, we are also not advocating you to not wear a mask because it may lead to breakouts rather we are offering some methods where Maskne effect can lessen down for instance- Using a mask made with a fabric easily adaptable for the skin and some changes in the skincare rituals that is beneficial for the largest organ of the body. Now, let’s explore how different types of masks can also affect the skin and how you can choose which is best for you.

Mask Material

Mask made with cotton can be gentle on the skin whereas masks made with nylon, polyester, and microfiber can be a little harsh. And, surgical masks can be quite rough on the skin. Plus, the low-quality mask will surely affect the skin barrier such as inflammation and moisture loss which can lead to a pimple. Our suggestion is to choose the best mask as per functionality and fit.

Note: Always follow the guidelines provided by local health authorities on how and where to wear the mask

Mask Shape

Some face masks are made to fit tightly on the face such as surgical and the N95 with airflow cups to offer max protection against the virus. And, this also means there is less fresh air flow into the mask. However homemade masks and bandanas are loosely fit on the skin which allows fresh air circulation as they are made up of softer material and also they are less irritating on the skin. It’s suggested to select the mask as per requirement.

One Caveat ““ Face mask should not be ill-fitted as it will of no use in protecting against the virus.

How Maskne Can Be Prevented?

As per dermatologists, the best treatment for face mask breakout is employing over the counter products which assist in unclogging the pores and all you get is clear and radiant skin. So, here are some effective tips that will work magic in mitigating the “Maskne”

Washing Face

At the end of the day wash your face with a mild cleanser that will help in warding off environmental aggressors, sweat collection, or clog pores. To get the refreshing feel as well clear skin makes it a ritual of cleaning face aftermath a long day. Check out St.Botanica Berry Revitalizing Facial Cleanser to get a fresh and relaxing feel immediately. It is infused with raspberry extract and strawberry extract which are packed in antioxidants and aid in getting smooth skin instantly. The product also has a natural toner “˜Juniper berry oil’ that minimizes visibly enlarged pores along with glycerin that offer deep hydration for parched tone. If you are experiencing pigmentation then this cleanser is a next to perfect pick for you as it contains pro-vitamin B5 that seal the moisture and reduce the blemish’s appearance on the face. This deep cleansing face wash can remove all the dirt and buildup without drying face afterward ““ all thanks to super moisturizing olive oil in it. It’s time to awaken your skin and prepare for the next day mask-wearing session without any irritation. Limited stock- Get it now!

Clean Mask

Using a washed mask is your new norm for clean and clear skin in this pandemic. If wearing a disposable mask then it is fine but if utilizing cloth mask then it’s needed to wash after every use. Not only hygienic masks lend protection against the virus but also eliminate bacteria accumulation that may cause face breakouts. An easy way out is washing the mask in warm water to kill germs.

Balanced Diet

What you eat can be seen on your face- and it’s more relevant to understand when the skin is covered under the sweaty mask. The best-recommended diet is one which is “˜low in sugar’ and “˜high in nutrients’ alongside drinking lots of water. Consuming more H20 means acne prevention as skin is flushing out toxins and is completely hydrating.

Less Makeup

It’s suggested to layer less makeup on the skin if you need to wear a mask all day long as it perspiring skin below mask can flare up the red bumps. You can opt for eye-makeup instead of a full face foundation or you can try out an organic moisturizer with a tinted glow to get gleamy feel such as St.Botanica pomegranate radiant glow moisturizers SPF 30. It is formulated with pure pomegranate extract which is loaded with antioxidants and offer excellent sun defense whereas ingredient such as Aloe Vera acts as a humectant for the skin. To say goodbye to dullness and dryness compounds like Hyaluronic acid and Moringa leaf extract are also infused in the cream. Plus, nutrient-rich strawberries deliver the plumping and brightening benefits to the epidermis. The hearty dose of all-natural additives makes this product safe for everyone ““ “Must try for all skin type.” Order now!

No Face Touching

In this time of pandemic where masks and sanitizer are new “˜must-have’ safety products to be used ““ contacting face for adjusting mask is a very common activity, so a big No-No when touching face with dirty hands. And, if you are doing it then do wash your hands or sanitizes them before contacting the skin. As we know, unclean fingers can bring the house of bacteria to the dermis ““ ground for clogging pores. Prevention is always better than cure!

Moisturize Again and Again

If your skin is feeling parched like desert then the biggest cause of it is moisture loss. Providing hydration to the thirsty skin at night is as crucial as providing moisture during the day. Mask can absorb the natural oil ““ results in bad breakouts. It’s suggested to spritz rose water and apply moisturizer or seal the hydration with serums like St.Botanica Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum. The stellar ingredient Hyaluronic acid is renowned for holding 10 times of water weight ““ it works similarly in the serum and seals the moisture all day long into the skin. If a mask is consuming natural oil of the skin then this serum is a savior for you. Additionally, it has a perfect blend of antioxidant-rich compounds ““ vitamin C and vitamin E which not safeguard the skin from baneful sun UV rays but also improve the skin barrier function. Lastly, skin-loving substance green tea protects the largest organ from free radical damages and environmental aggressors. Level up your beauty game with this sulfate-parabens free product. Shop Now!

With that said, adopting to face mask is the new norm and also indicates some changes are required in the skincare and makeup ritual. Additionally, to prevent future Maskne it’s recommended to use less oil-infused products and more of a lightweight moisturizer and serums for the skin. Check the St.Botanica range for the same.

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