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Dry & Dehydrated Skin? Essential Tips To Consider

Is your skin feeling dry and dehydrated? Well, that feels awful, and battling such a skin condition can be really hard!

Let us first concentrate on the fact that dry skin is not just a surface problem. There is a requirement to take a close look at the situation. You basically need to understand the dire need for a proper skin care routine.

Dry and dehydrated skin shares many of the same signs and symptoms, but they are actually quite distinct. Let us have a quick look at the breakdown of how these two skin care complications differ:

  • Dry Skin:

Dry skin is classified as a skin type and majorly it is genetically inherited. Skin care experts define a dry skin type by one that is predisposed to inadequate production of the skin’s natural oils. In addition, dry skin can also be associated with medical conditions such as hormonal imbalances or an underactive thyroid. This can inhibit your skin’s sebum production, contributing to a skin that is dry and lackluster in appearance. While your dry skin type can’t be changed, you can improve its appearance by adding botanical as well as oil-infused products to your skin care routine.

As per the skin care experts, when identifying dry skin, the significant signs are anything flaky and scaly, with particular attention drawn to conditions such as scaling around the eyebrows, corners of the mouth, and nose.

  • Dehydrated Skin:

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a skin condition, which is caused by external elements (weather and seasonal changes), unhealthy diet (lack of fresh produce), and lifestyle choices (alcohol or caffeine consumption). All these factors majorly deplete your skin’s water content, resulting in a less supple appearance. A key takeaway is that dehydration is characterized by a lack of water and not oil. So remember that even oily skin types can become dehydrated. Fortunately, dehydrated skin is temporary and can be relieved with a combination of topical treatments and lifestyle changes.

However, when suffering from dehydration, your skin will feel stretched, while looking sallow and dull. There will also be an increase in the appearance of wrinkling and dark circles under the eyes. According to skin care experts, this is commonly present as sensitive, inflamed skin with areas of congestion and breakouts.

Also, if the skin does not spring back immediately or there are fine lines, this might suggest a loss of turgor or suppleness. This pinch test will immediately expose the side effects present in dehydrated skin.

Essential Tips To Deal With Dry & Dehydrated Skin Conditions

To fix dry and dehydrated skin, you need to modify your skin care routine and your overall health. This means hydrating from the inside out as well as treating these skin conditions topically.

  • Use Gentle Cleanser & Lukewarm Water:

The most appropriate way to cleanse dehydrated skin is with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. For dry and dehydrated skin, you should choose cleansers that are free of harsh chemical additives and artificial fragrances that can strip the skin of beneficial moisture and aggravate sensitivities.

To cleanse dehydrated skin, we recommend using a product like Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Hydrating Face Wash from Oriental Botanics, which gently melt away impurities, hydrate skin, and leave no residue. This is a multipurpose face wash that combines cleansing with skincare to restore your skin to its purified state. Despite its powerful cleansing action, it is gentle on the skin. Its rich creamy lather washes away all traces of impurities and clears the skin so that your skin feels fresh and is revitalized. Packed with skin-hydrating and nourishing botanical ingredients, it instantly eliminates skin dullness and brings out the natural beauty of your skin. This hydrating face wash replenishes the skin’s hydration so that your skin does not feel dry, stretched or scratchy and remains supple after cleaning.

  • Use Hydrating Serums:

One skin care step that you cannot afford to skip, especially if you have flaky and dehydrated skin, is a serum. This step is a K-beauty staple that maximizes hydration, replenishes moisture, and protects skin against the drying effects of environmental stressors. Hydrating Facial serums are packed with deeply hydrating and antioxidant-rich ingredients that work wonders for dehydrated skin.

The Australian Tea Tree Face Serum from Oriental Botanics has potent ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the skin and neutralize the drying and ageing effects of free radicals.

This is a clarifying and nourishing facial serum, which fortifies the protective moisture barrier of the skin that helps to keep the skin supple and soft. Its bioactive constituents help to calm the stressed and inflamed skin. The nutrient-rich serum helps in repairing the damaged skin and minimizes further damage. Natural antioxidants in the serum help to protect the skin from oxidative stress that is responsible for speeding up the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Carefully Choose Your Moisturizer:

Nourishing moisturizers are extremely effective in replenishing dehydrated skin. Choose moisturizers with miracle ingredients to help bind and retain moisture, keeping skin soft and plump. According to skin care professionals, moisturizers with aloe vera and tea tree oil has the ability to hold large amounts of water, which works as a magnet for moisture, helping your cells retain as much of it as possible so that your skin feels and appears hydrated, plump, and healthy.

One of the deeply hydrating moisturizers is the Australian Tea Tree Face Gel from Oriental Botanics. This is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy face gel enriched with natural oils and plant extracts for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It is a non-comedogenic gel that quickly permeates the skin without clogging the pores and improves the condition of the stressed skin. It restores the skin’s lipid barrier without leaving behind greasy residues so that your skin feels soft and smooth. Rich in nutrients that help in the regeneration of the skin cells, this face gel helps to repair the damaged skin. It helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress due to exposure to pollution. It has an illuminating effect on the skin and helps in lightening the dark spots and blemishes. It preserves the supple texture of the skin and helps to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Completely Skip Harsh Face Scrubs:

Exfoliation is definitely a no-fail way to brighten a dull, dehydrated complexion. You already know that healthy skin takes around 25 days to renew itself naturally, but dehydrated skin takes even longer. A proper exfoliation routine accelerates skin cell turnover by sloughing dead cells from the surface to reveal the new, healthy cells underneath.

For dehydrated skin, it is strongly recommended to avoid gritty scrubs that could irritate the skin. Instead, you should always opt for a gentle exfoliant to gently buff away flakes and dead skin. In addition to it, it should adequately hydrate and nourish the skin.

We recommend you to try Oriental Botanics’ Australian Tea Tree Face Scrub. This face scrub is created to restore your naturally glowing skin. Mild abrasive agents and gentle exfoliants are blended in the face scrub to expose the younger layer of skin hidden behind the dead skin cells and helps to eliminate skin dullness. It helps to fade the dark spots and its skin-lightening effect assists in reducing the appearance of the hyperpigmented spots. The skin-conditioning agents infused in the scrub leaves the skin moisturized and supple. The botanical extracts in the scrub permeate the skin and nourish the skin cells. They also provide antioxidant support to the skin and help in minimizing skin damage.

  • Regularly Use Antioxidant Masks:

Face masks that are enriched with hydrating components and essential antioxidants are very useful for treating dry and dull skin. They also act as a treatment to balance and detox the skin.

Oriental Botanics’ Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Face Mask is infused with many antioxidants and nutrient rich products to deal with dry and dehydrated skin. This Face Mask is created for instantly rejuvenating the dull skin and restoring its natural radiance. It is the skincare product that you need before a special event to quickly reveal the inner radiance of your skin. Pampering your skin frequently with this hydrating and nourishing face mask helps to increase the clarity, luminosity, and suppleness of your skin. It helps detoxify the skin and restores the skin’s normal moisture balance and your skin feels much softer after removing the mask. The bioactive constituents of the mask easily penetrate your skin and supports in renewal and regeneration of the skin cells.

The skin’s ability to retain and attract water will re-establish itself when the waterproof barrier is repaired. As with food, when you choose botanical skincare products that are chemical free and harmless, they will feed and nurture your skin topically by delivering and providing necessary nutrition.

You will be amazed to see our list of nourishing and hydrating skin care products that are all made of essential botanical elements.

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