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Foods You Should Immediately Avoid For a Better Complexion!!!

Check out these facts

  • Were you aware that the diets we consume have a direct effect on our skin?
  • Even those foods which per your consideration are healthy and low on fats can have a damaging influence on the complexion.
  • That’s why; it is imperative more than ever to choose foodstuffs that are high in nutrition.

Breakouts are an awkward condition that most of us may have come across in our lives that often stay on for days. They can be engendered from the change of seasons, mood fluctuations, and air pollutants-for example. The most exasperating part is sometimes it holds our face for longer periods than we may think, and perhaps there’s a little we could do about it.

But, as we discussed above what we eat shows on our face. This is something that we can certainly control to better our complexion. Per many aficionados, there are particular foods that aren’t deemed well for your skin. So, after speaking with them we’ve made a list of eatables that are discussed below!

Anything deep fried

Albeit, it’s needless to say, that we along with many around us fancy eating deep fried foods that augment the taste of it. But, here’s a catch: While the flavor increases, the oil production within the skin also surge. Of course, you would be wary of the repercussions that excess oil can have that can easily show on your face in the shape of blemishes and acne. But, the dangers do not just stop here.

The hydrogenated Trans fat discovered in deep fried food can act to impede the renewal of cell production in the skin. As a result, in the past several have complained of their complexion getting lackluster and toned down.


Oh please- we aren’t here to take all of your fun now. Taking alcohol occasionally is a need of the hour for some who want to stay warm this winter. However, if you don’t want your skin and other organs of the body to be affected, it’s necessary that you should go easy on your booze. When you overdo alcohol, your body loses heat more promptly from blood vessel dilation. This can manifest in blotchiness, redness, ruddiness, and can lead to dehydrated skin.


It is actually a superfood, so we think that its consumption is healthy for us. But, dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, milk chocolate) have their significant role in inflating the oil production leaving behind blocked pores. This in a way triggers and promotes conditions such as acne and breakout. So, the next time when you experience acne, perhaps you’re taking too much cheese in your diet.

Cold cuts

Maybe, your favorite lunch meats or cold cuts are causing you to age prematurely. While more research is needed on how these foods have negative effects on the skin, but it is believed when these meats are taken in excessive quantities are known to damage the collagen, making an easy path for those fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, cold cuts have a high concentration of sodium, and high sodium diets can cause water retention, swelling, and puffiness specifically near to the eyes.


These baked foods loaded with sugar and trans-fat can be detrimental to the skin largely because they can spike your insulin levels. In the shorter run, you may feel stuffed full of energy, but it doesn’t take long when it’s drained so quickly. Experts are of the view that doughnuts are high glycemic foods that can glycate collagen. They think that it can stiffen it and ages it prematurely.

Fruit juice

Fruit juices for long have been acclaimed to be a wonderful option for kids. Plus, it’s also utilized as a cleansing agent in adults that can get rid of the body toxins. However, the truth is that a large population out there aren’t conscious of the fact that the much hyped juice is generally loaded only with sugar and nothing much else. During the manufacturing, all the fibers from the fruit get extracted, and the remains are bottled which is a dense concentration of insulin-spiking sugar. Per experts, those who take this ingredient in substantial amounts-it’s pivotal for them to know that consuming high glycemic foods which fruit juice is, triggers the condition of acne.


While for some it’s perfectly ok to be eating gluten and carbs, there are individuals who have sensitivity and intolerance to the compound. Surprisingly, a few of them in actual aren’t aware of the allergic reactions that may face out of this ingredient. The unknown intolerance could make its presence felt when conditions like inflammation occur-that can appear on your face in the guise of acne and breakouts.

Low-fat yogurt

Dairy, time, and again have been demonized in skin conditions by specialists. Often these low-fat eatables are jammed with high sugar content to make up for the deficiency in the taste that crops up when the fat is pulled out. So, professionals fear that taking these foods can indeed aggravate acne. They instead suggest that you should switch your choice from dairy protein to a more nutritious plant-based alternative.


Milk as we all know is a white nutrient-rich liquid food that is a paramount source of calcium and vitamins much needed for the effective functioning of bones. But, ever thought is it worth for your skin as well? Maybe, no! Milk is thought of as having components that relate to the hormone testosterone that may invigorate oil glands in the skin. And, this paves the way for acne.

Anecdotes from people (suffered acne) show that those who renounced from the use of milk have seen the downward trend of acne. By saying this, it doesn’t guarantee that the same will be true for you. And, if you’re planning to cut milk, do so with care, as doing this essentially means that you’re thinking of ditching the benefits, this liquid provides.


Considered to be a high glycemic index food, the intake of pasta makes it arduous for the body’s immune system to fight the bacteria which engenders it. At times, taking this starchy noodle might not be concerning. But, regular gobbling of this dumpling food-pasta may provide an invitation to those unwelcomed breakouts.


Another food that’s towering with a high glycemic index. It raises blood levels of sugar that promote the situation of acne. And to make the matters worse, a pizza stacked with high cheese encourages more oil production on your face. The only way to stay protected is to limit your intake from daily to over the weekends only.


The past has shown that most American’s consumption of soda was lower than people from other countries. However, the trend has changed. What we termed as a descending curve has continuously seen an upward inclination with people from the United States finally catching on with imbibing more and more soda. In the concrete, these aren’t good indicators as soda is thought of as having crazy amounts of sugar encompassed that can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise; why an increasing number of masses complain of ever-growing wrinkles on their face.

Trans Fat

You probably must have heard a lot about Trans fat that they are notoriously unhealthy and one of the biggest offenders of the skin. Apart from increasing inflammation, these deadly nutrients can raise cholesterol levels, otherwise putting your heart more prone to various diseases. Luckily, with legal restrictions and regular awareness, its intake has rapidly decreased. However, they still pose a threat as some of the food still may have Trans fat. Thus, it’s critically vital to go thorough with the labeling to watch for these compounds hiding in the eatables.

Whey Protein

Needless to say: Many of us after those long workout sessions scoop some protein to get some expeditious fuel on the go. Consequently, protein powders that deliver instant nutrition-whey as an example, have gained big fame among health conscious consumers. But, maestros opine a different story altogether. They say that its initial benefits may be alluring; however, you may have to pay a hefty price for this in the form of acne. Whey is considered to have effects on the skin similar to when we take too much of milk triggering insulin release from the pancreas and pushing up the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I). Also, per some studies, those people having acne-when cut whey from their schedule felt their skin to get cleared up quite readily. In simpler words: While we somewhat need proteins to sustain a healthy diet, limiting its use shall be the focus.

The Bottom Line:

If you take your skincare seriously, putting a halt to the above foods is imperative. That said, once in a blue moon won’t do much of harm, though not recommended.

However, if you’ve already crossed the preventative stage and have developed full-blown acne, our experts advise that you should be implementing good skin hygiene. Toning, cleansing, and moisturizing-for example, with natural ingredients supplemented, aids in quickly treating conditions of breakouts. Try out these products from St. Botanica for an everlasting skin experience!

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