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Here Are Some Hidden Benefits Of Cocoa Butter You Need To Know!

“Chocolate Is Nature’s Way Of Making Up For Mondays”

When we talk about cocoa butter, to most people desserts such as chocolate bars, fudge layer cake, and chocolate ice cream, for example, may come to their mind. Apart from being engulfed in these eatables, cocoa is widely incorporated as a pivotal ingredient in skin creams along with other oodles of health and cosmetic products. Beauty connoisseurs advocate; diligently implementing a skincare regimen, which entails this significant additive, can drastically improve your appearance. Contemplating, how? Well, we’ll talk about the myriad perks of cocoa later through this post.

More about cocoa

Typically, cocoa butter is a kind of fat that’s extracted from cocoa beans, which further are taken out from a large cacao plant. Then a diligent procedure is followed where these beans are roasted, stripped, and pressed. The end result is cocoa butter, which is then processed into cocoa powder.

It is believed, cocoa has been supplemented in medicines for over 3,000 years now. Per very new research, it’s concluded, these ingredients possess special compounds in the shape of phytochemicals, which can do wonders for the over well-being of the human body.

What are the benefits of cocoa butter?

Following are the benefits of cocoa that may get anyone flabbergasted. Read along!

1. Antioxidants powerhouse

Perhaps, you would be aware of this: Free radicals due to external aggressors can detrimentally impact the skin engendering aging spots, dark patches, and parched complexion-as an instance. Thus, it is highly imperative to dwindle the inimical effects of these foreign substances. Luckily, the copious amounts of antioxidants in cocoa combat free radicals well. Therefore, without any further thoughts, consider products that are cocoa loaded.

2. Brings down stretch marks and scars

According to some surveys, it was deduced: Many women experienced a reduction in their stretch marks both during and post pregnancy. While these claims to some may sound anecdotal, the reality is that these studies were done pretty recently. Plus, a line of creams, lotions, and masks- that are readily up for grabs in the market, which are specifically manufactured to treat scars. And believe it or not, there has been a momentous improvement in ladies who have wielded these products in their regimen.

3. Moisturizes skin greatly

Cocoa is highly porous and thus has the capability to permeate deep into the skin. This way, it abets to damp the complexion, making it a splendid component in moisturizers and lip balms. What’s more, cocoa is even rich in oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, all are famous to nourish the skin effectively.

4. Good for sensitive skin

There are products, which are assimilated with harsh elements, notorious to cause redness and other skin irritations. Thankfully, cocoa soothes the skin and can even calm irritations such as eczema and dermatitis. To cut short, whatever the skin type, you won’t ever be bothered with products that entail cocoa.

5. Heals damaged skin

With its spectacular restorative properties, cocoa can bring back life in withered and damaged skin. Superabundant with healthy fats and emollients, which substantially helps to resuscitate what appears to be a droopy complexion.

Give thought to St. Botanica Cocoa infused products

If you are someone who intends to gain the fringe benefits of cocoa, try the below-mentioned products from St. Botanica. Once you wield them, the probability of you recommending them to others is on a higher side. Here are a few of them!

Brazilian Nutty Coffee Face Mask

Do you want younger looking skin that turns one’s head around? Then, incorporate Cocoa Butter “God of Food” into your regimen to get the glass skin you always dreamt of! So, meet St.Botanica Brazilian Nutty Coffee Face Mask; the optimal mask is infused with decadent substance “˜Cocoa Butter’ which has a copious amount of antioxidants and vitamins that are exceptionally beneficial for skin’s health. It forms a protective layer on the epidermis that abet in moisture loss, as well as this wonder additive, deeply hydrates the extra dry skin. Additionally, “˜Brazilian Nutty Coffee Seed Powder’ is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant that fights against free radicals damage which is known to cause sagging, aging, pigmentation, and dull skin. The potent “˜Caffeine’ has the ability to reduce puffiness around the eyes along with proffering brighten and lighten the tone. The plush compound “˜Kaolin Clay’ gently draws out impurities, dust, grime from the epidermis while detoxifying the enlarged pores for a visibly radiant and gleamy complexion. Moreover, the botanical ingredients are also mingled in the mask i.e. magical “˜Turmeric’ instantly illuminates the skin while the power hydrator “˜Glycerin’ locks the moisture avert dryness. Plus, “˜Vitamin B3′ reduces scarring and Hyperpigmentation signs from the skin. Perks- It is formulated with 100% organic and pure substances that are directly derived from the earth. And no preservatives and cocktail of harsh chemicals are mixed in this blissful product like parabens, silicones, phthalate, and mineral oils.

Like you, we also love our furry companion ““ All our products are cruelty-free and vegan. Healthy, smooth, silky, and soft are your skin goals then inculcate this premium product into your beauty cabinet ASAP.

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Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub

Looking for a body scrub that can instantly revitalize and refresh the skin from head to toe? Then you are in the right place- incorporate polyphenols rich “˜Cocoa Butter’ in your bath time regimen an excellent emollient that impedes dryness and boost hydration. So, check out St.Botanica Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub; the luxe body scrub is infused with powerful Colombian Coffee Seed Powder which is a natural exfoliator that assists in elevating elasticity and lessens down the cellulite visibility. The anti-oxidant-laden Cocoa butter deeply moisturizes the parched tone with a soothing smell that offers a spa-like experience at home. Additionally, the scrub also contains Caffeine that amplifies circulation for a smoother, supple, and youthful complexion. To give some extra TLC to hands and feet the product is infused with Glycerin that is renowned for locking the hydration deeper into the dermis and proffer dewy and radiant skin. Moreover, the active botanicals are formulated to feed the skin with much-needed nutrients such as Orange peel extract that lightens dark spots and patches along with Aloe Vera that provides a calming and soothing effect to burning inflamed cutis. And, the amalgamation of Vitamin B3 makes this product super beneficial for all skin forms, including extra sensitive type, which can incorporate this scrub without fretting for burning sensation or any reaction. Lastly, this ultimate ravishing scrub is free of any hazardous and strident chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and mineral oils. We believe in co-existence – we are totally against cruelty! On top of that all St.Botanica’s products are made in India! Level up your shower time game with this not-to-be-miss product.

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