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Here Are Some Horrendous Reasons You Should Never Sleep With Your Makeup On!

“Good things come to those who remove their makeup before bed”

So, it was a party time the last night. Drinking and dancing with friends got you late to the home. As you reach back there’s a comfy bed upfront that’s waiting all the while to crash into it. You don’t take a single minute as you’re completely tired and as the sleep starts to sink in you suddenly realize that you have your makeup on. Also, you’ve been hearing from professionals that sleeping along makeup is one of the horrendous ideas. But, at the same time, you recognize that it’s just that first time. Well, it’s pivotal to mention here that this can be more detrimental than you might think.

We know that when you’re on the bed, perhaps the last thing you want to do is wash your face. That said, occasionally you might miss out on this cleansing activity-as one night of sleeping in your makeup may not lead to long time harm on your skin(though this is not recommended). However, the truth here is that there are people out there for them it’s a daily routine. Even on regular nights, they fail to step-in to the bathroom to wash the day’s look off. Let’s go-ahead to discuss what happens when you start to ditch this paramount activity before bedtime!

Clogged Pores

Our much bragged makeup has ingredients such as silicone that can block pores. And, the result is the development of microcomedone, which draw acne-triggering bacteria to the dermis. Additionally, if you observe blackheads, whiteheads, and dullness in your skin also indicate your pores are badly clogged. Moreover, toxic chemicals in makeup can also ramp up cell damage. It can also cause eye irritation that can form puffiness near the delicate area.

Accelerate Aging

According to the renowned dermatologist, sleeping with makeup on can badly ruin your dermis that you can’t even imagine. Our face garners lots of oxidative stress during the day and makeup also catches the free radicals from the environment. So, when makeup is on the skin, it’s not getting a chance to de-stress itself from this toxic oxidative damage. Free radicals lead to collagen breakdown and skin aging is faster. So wrinkles, fine lines, and crow feet are some common visible aging factors that can be seen on the face at much at a younger age! Wash off the aging effects with all natural-organic face wash. Check out amazing glowing skin food “pomegranate” treasury from the house St.Botanica for exceptional results. This remarkable St. Botanica Pomegranate Radiant Glow Skin Balancing Face Wash is infused with antioxidants loaded pomegranate oil which energizes dull skin into a radiant glow as well as protects skin against UV damages. This powerful fruit is rich in polyphenols that repair the skin that may have been damaged by environmental aggressors. This face wash is mild as it is instilled with earth-driven ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Lemon essential oil; they provide intense hydration along with boosting collagen production which means healthier looking and radiant skin. Unleash anti-aging benefits- Buy Now!

Worse for Zit-Prone Skin

Perhaps, skin cleansing is a crucial parameter for all skin types but it’s especially more important for those with sensitive skin. The prolonged habit of not removing makeup can clog pores which lead to breakouts and you may be woken up with new acnes on makeup face. Clean your face for fresher looking skin with a natural milk cleanser or mild face wash.

Rashes on Skin

Some of your favorite makeup may contain dyes and perfumes. And then, during the day our face traps many unknown bacteria and grime deep into the skin, so if you’re lazy in removing makeup every second day then ready to develop harsh rashes on the skin and it can also cause inflamed and flaky patches. Moreover, people with rosacea and temperamental skin are more susceptible to this kind of damage. Sensitive skin should inculcate all organic and pure products into their beauty ritual as they carry safety profiles. Try out St.Botanica Rose Otto Glow Face Wash, infused with rare Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil which restores and repairs the skin without annoying the skin. The secret weapon is rosehip cold-pressed oil that is full of vitamin C that gently cleans the skin without damaging elasticity. Nourishing ingredients such as rose extracts and pro-vitamin B5; draws out all the grime and offers all day long hydration that leaves cutis feeling silky and soft. Bonus: The scented-sweet smell that is irresistible! Make some space in your beauty arsenal ““ Shop Now.

Dull Complexion

If you have noticed distinct changes into your skin because you frequently fail to wash your face then it’s better to change for good. As we know skin rejuvenates itself when you take your beauty sleep. However, if you’re not hitting the bathroom sink often at night for washing face then your skin will appear unhealthy and dull; dead skin is accumulated on the outermost layer of the dermis and with religious cleansing and exfoliation the natural repairing process starts which would have been hindered by makeup. Perhaps, it’s highly suggested to wash off all the impurities before hitting the bed. To ramp up the cell generation process and to enhance youthfulness check out St.Botanica Vitamin C Foaming Brightening Face Wash, is packed with antioxidant “˜vitamin C’ which gently pull out the makeup from clogged pores while zesty “˜Aloe Vera’ juice hydrate the dermis; dewy, plump, and glowing complexion is the ultimate results of this face wash. Blended with Glycerin, Turmeric extract, and licorice extract also known as skin-loving ingredients making it a perfect cleanser for A.M. and P.M. routine. The luxurious formula is ideal for brighter, shiner complexion. Still skeptical? Try it once!

Dry Skin

Some makeup products tend to make skin dry which weakens the skin barrier and harmful pollutant gets easily absorbs into the dermis leading to the parched complexion. Plus, not removing makeup means you’re not letting your skin to breathe and not letting your favorite moisturizer to penetrate deep into the cutis. And, if this habit continues all you have is dry, patchy, flaky, blotch, and uneven skin tone. To improve the overall health it’s better to avoid this too-tired-to remove makeup routine. Add the instant gleam with some mild botanicals face wash such as St.Botanica Face wash, don’t dry off the skin completely rather apply St.Botanica moisturizer to damp skin, to maximize the hydration effect. To boost the hydration and give new life to your complexion, reach out to natural compound moisturizer.

Rough Lips

Unfortunately, your phenomenal lipstick could also whoosh the moisture if you wear it for long. Sleeping with lipstick on results in dry and chap pout. Just like for skin; breathing is important; for lips also it’s needed. When you hit the snooze button the process of skin renewal starts; old cells will make up the space for the new one so that you can have dreamy pink lips. However, chemicals in your lipstick wouldn’t allow your skin lip to breathe which means lots of congestion on your pout and result is chapped-dry lips. With that said, not every makeup remover is safe for lips. As per experts, reach out to mild micellar water to acquit leftover lipstick. Check out, St.Botanica Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water– this oil-free cleansing water can remove heavy-duty makeup with ease. Next to perfect for irritated and sensitive skin, it’s formulated with vitamin C and vitamin B3 which gently removes the layers of makeup in one step alongside providing the needed nourishment. Chock full of Mother Nature gifts such as Green tea, Licorice, and Lemon extract which are too-good-to-be-called-good ingredients for the skin. Additionally, there are no added perfumes and dyes in this, making it an ideal pick for sensitive skin. This micellar water can be employed for face, lips, and eyes to remove makeup and grime. After using this magical water on your skin, you can expect healthy, glowing, and radiant texture. Bonus: It’s free from chemicals- No parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils.

Eye Infection

Maybe your eye makeup is not causing fine lines or wrinkles but it can surely cause redness or irritation. Removing eye makeup can seem like a chore but sleeping in mascara or eyeliner is a punishable crime. With that said, it means if you are not removing thick eyeliner or mascara, you’re makeup may trap harmful bacteria and particles deep into the eyes, which can lead to eye infection, redness, discomfort.


When you sleep with your makeup on, especially eye makeup than one of the most common problems encountered by women is styes or even referred to as eye pimple. Oil, dirt, or dead skin clogged the hair follicles near the eyelid and this can cause a small red bump on the eye. So, removing layers of makeup from the ogle is highly crucial. However, choosing the right product is also important, too toxic products can further worsen the situation. It’s recommended to go for green and organic products for your beautiful eyeball!

Finally, the take is even if you’re super exhausted or tired, washing your face is a not-to-be miss-step in your P.M. routine- Be ready to get the appreciation from the skin.To Explore More Products, Click Here:

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