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Is Parabens Infused Products Safe for your Health? – Check out these facts

When we go shopping, it’s natural that some products interest and appeal to us more than others. Attractive packagings along with canny wordings on the labels are enough to trust the product is something that it isn’t.

Whether it’s a moisturizer or an under eye-cream, just never be bamboozled by alluring descriptions that say many things. Never rat on beauty products based on their marketing claims, rather dive deep into the labels to be apprised of the ingredients inculcated. There may be certain additives that you may tender to refrain from, supplements that perhaps are sensitizing and irritating for your skin.

Thankfully, with technological advancements, today, people being more sensitized just do not blindly put money into. They thoroughly research labels to seek out information before making a purchase decision.

That said, however, there are certain ingredients for which there is meagre information out there. And, one of them is parabens- the scary one- that once dominated the headlines in the news. So, let’s understand the inside scoop why this particular ingredient is considered potentially dangerous so that as a consumer you’re well aware of what is that you want for your skin and which ones you wish to avoid.

What are Parabens?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals widely used as preservatives in diversified health and beauty products- to perpetuate their shelf life by preventing the growth of bacteria within them. You find them enlisted on shampoos, foundation, and body lotions- for example, perhaps by one of these names- methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and isobutylparaben. Each one of these versions has its own chemical and toxicological properties with significant differences amongst them. Also, these classes of parabens have been used for a long time- as a reason that these are odourless and inexpensive.

But, over the past few years, scientists, safety regulators, and skin-care manufacturers have been insisting to shun the use of products that are parabens boosted. There are of the view that these can cause potent damages to the skin including cancers. Even consumers are favoring parabens-free labels. The trend has changed drastically where people-no longer prefer to go for low priced and cheaper alternatives flooding the market. They have begun to realize the harmful effects of chemical and the pivotal nature of following parabens-exempt products.

Why are Parabens thought to be bad for us? Here are some latest news and facts on it!

Fact 1- As per a study published in the journal Nature Communications by researchers from the Helmholtz Centre for Environment Research (UFZ) in partnership with colleagues from Leipzig University, Charite University Hospital in Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Health- they found out those pregnant women using skincare products which are parabens supplemented for a prolonged duration, may consequence in the subsequent weight development for their child. They further pointed out that parabens prompt epigenetic modifications that interfere with the natural regulation of satiety in the brain. In simpler words, pregnant women may experience an increase in the consumption of food intake.

At the same time, researchers are also not sure about the stability of these epigenetic modifications or whether it can transpire to the next generation. But being on a safer side, they advise the expectant mothers to stay away from parabens- keeping in mind the future health of their child.

Fact 2- According to a 2018 study, exposure to synthetic chemicals- parabens as an example, could have negative effects on our hormones. These hormonal changes could further lead to detrimental outcomes such as breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Thus, a thorough cognizance is imperative- particularly for women who are largely vulnerable to being in close proximity to the beauty products.

To understand these repercussions, urine samples were taken of females with no-known health conditions. Post the examinations, it was discovered that the use of a mixture of chemicals may affect the reproductive hormone levels.

The takeaway from the study is, parabens may increase estrogen levels that may lead to breast cancer. Though these findings are yet not confirmed and need additional research.

Fact 3- Another 2018 study reveals that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) such as parabens can have devastating reverberations on human health. As we know, they have wide-ranging effects on the hormone system that includes estrogens, androgens, thyroid, and stress hormones. Further when these are disrupted this can have dramatic changes in the nervous, reproductive, immune system, and even metabolism.

The gist of the research is that there are a thorough investigation and experimentation needed on how these EDC’s are affecting our health and the world around us. It is paramount more than ever that the fact-findings on these EDC’s never halt.

While there are lots of other studies available, none of them completely assures that people who use parabens-containing products are at an increased risk of cancers. In the year 2004 also, a small study specified that 18 out of 20 samples had a small number of parabens. But, this couldn’t prove that these chemicals were responsible for breast cancer.

Can Parabens Affect Our Environment?

This may take you by surprise, but the reality check is yes- that the parabens aren’t just adverse for humans, they impact the environment too. Per a scientific study- it has been divulged that parabens are found for the first time in the marine animals. The researchers are of the opinion that maybe that these chemicals got into them from products that we use and are released into the sewage system.

Here’s a Good Point about Parabens to lighten your mood

After reading all of the above stuff- you must want to sidestep from these chemicals. However, did you know that parabens are found in nature? Yes, these exist in healthful foods such as blueberries, carrots, and olives. What’s more, they even prevail in the excretion of female dogs where it acts as a pheromone- to lure the male.

Of course, extracting parabens from fruits and canine secretions is not a feasible thing. That means, all the parabens used commercially may look nature-identical- are manufactured synthetically.

St.Botanica Promotes Parabens-Free Formula

We at St. Botanica focus to stay away from unsafe or dicey ingredients. Transparency in the beauty labels and ditching chemically infused products- like parabens are our foremost priority. Supplementing preservatives that can be detrimental to your health- is something that we never do.

Additionally, veganism is becoming more and more popular among consumers that attempt to exclude all shapes of animal exploitation and cruelty. At St. Botanica we strictly imply the lifestyle of veganism and our products are not tested on animals.

A few Scintillating Skin Care Products from St. Botanica

Now that you’re equipped with all that relevant information, the hope is that you will be able to make a prudent decision while shopping for products for your skin. Also, we can assist you with a few of our products from St. Botanica that can do wonders for your skin. Let’s quickly talk about them!

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