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Let’s Debunk the Top 5 Sun Protection Myths

“Regular use of sunscreen reduces skin cancer risk by over 40%” After long winters everyone is soaking up in the sun and adoring the hot weather! Perhaps, most of us are familiar with the perils of UV rays emitting from the sunlight; which can result in premature aging, tanning, dark spots, and the most inimical being the risk of skin cancer. Plus, we all know it’s essential to stay protected under the sun via sunscreen, wide-hats, and UV-filtering sunglasses. However, there are some common fables associated with sun safety for instance: do we need to wear SPF when indoors? Or it’s only needed in summers? Or we can skip slathering it when it’s cloudy? And, you must be pondering with the same queries. No worries, keep reading the space to contradict the foremost misconceptions correlated with sunshine!

Myth#1 Cloudy Day No Sunburn

One of the most mundane myths prevailed is when it’s grey outside there will be no sun damage. But, it’s actually false! 80% of the UV beams can still easily perforate through clouds that can be hazardous. Moreover, not wearing SPF on a cloudy day means your skin is more vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays than on a sunny day wherein the risk of sun damage gets increased. With that said, ultraviolet rays can harm your skin all year round whether it’s cloudy or not. So, it’s imperative more than ever that you necessarily wear quality SPF when stepping out. Check out this terrific combo St.Botanica Vitamin C Care Sunscreen– the innovative water-resistant SPF 30 PA+++ help in safeguarding and restoring the damaged cell whilst vitamin C posse’s lotion penetrates deep into the skin for hydration. Both the products are packed with skin adoring ingredient vitamin C; which has oodles of skin benefits- shielding the dermis from photoaging, encouraging collagen production, and fighting free radicals damage for everlasting youthful skin. They are made up of active botanicals additive with zero chemical inclusion. What’s more? The products are cruelty free and vegan! Before Your Next Outing- Pick it up!

Myth#2 Dark Skin Needs No SPF

Dermatologists are diligently working to break this common misbelieve that darker skin tone doesn’t require sun protection. While there’s no denying that melanin (skin color pigment) production is high in darker-skinned people, which absorbs the noxious sunbeam and sometimes correctly tagged as a natural sun protector. As a result, these individuals experience less sunburn when compared with the population of lighter skin tone. However, there is no sure short guarantee that enough melanin will deliver a complete defense against the detrimental UV rays. The possibility of skin cancer, wrinkles, and patches is still there irrespective of the skin color that you may have. Typically, a key to cushion your complexion is by applying broad-spectrum SPF with the golden rule of “˜reapplying’ after every 2 hours. The crux is no matter whatever your skin color is, it’s critical to guard it from the scorching heat.

Myth#3 Healthy Tan Instead Of Burning

“I tan not burn” is a proverbial saying by the natural golden glow devotee. Although, there is no such stuff called Healthy tan and it indicates that UV rays have already ruined your cells. But, if you are looking for a sabbatical glow, then don’t skimp on your sun cream. Bronze skin tone might look good but excessive basking without broad-spectrum SPF is not worthy. Thus, we can say a protective layer on the body can stagnant that tanning process as well as it also stops the skin from getting burnt. If you are looking to the best of both worlds then try out St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 30 PA Sunscreen Mineral Based Water Resistant; with no-exude formula, which denotes that lotion will not drip off when it’s blazing hot. St.Botanica is the only brand that is saturating the most stable and effective form of vitamin C in the products for an elite experience. And, it contains vitamin E and vitamin B3 which makes it competent for all skin types- even for temperamental also. This all-organic sun lotion has SPF 30, which signifies that there no comprise with protection even if you sweat all day long. Bonus: It’s vegan-cruelty free and with no-sulfates and parabens. Beat The Heat- Buy Now!

Myth#4 No Sun Safety Requires as SPF in Cosmetics

To be precise Makeup products are not the sun protector and vice-versa. So, even if all your cosmetics have SPF ingredients they will not offer the correct amount of coverage or can say they are inadequate in safeguarding the skin against baneful UV rays. The primary job of makeup (foundation, primer, powder, etc.) is concealing the uneven texture and secondary purpose is defending against red-hot waves. Additionally, most of the cosmetic products contain SPF 15 or SPF 20 only but as per Derms, the recommended SPF should be at least 30. The best way to preserve complexion is to add a coin-sized glop of sun lotion under your base makeup and follow the golden rule of reapplying every few hours.

Myth#5 Need Direct Sun for Vitamin D

According to Dermatologists, vitamin D and Sunblock should go hand in hand; as both are needed for salubrious skin tone. When the skin is directly bared to the sunlight, it produces vitamin D. And, this vital nutrient is required for bone growth, boosting immunity, and beating off many diseases. But, the problem engenders when people want to gratify this D quotient without employing any sun protector because they think it can lead to an insufficiency of vitamin D. Clinical studies have proved that everyday use of sunscreen can never usher dearth of this pivotal supplement. Thus, if you have vitamin D paucity then it’s suggested to consult a doctor regarding the same. Plus, never miss on your daily dose of sun protector for younger-looking skin. Try St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 50 Sunblock Face and Body Mist Sunscreen, this non-greasy, lightweight mist sunscreen is instilled with vitamin C which blocks 98% of UVB and UVA rays with also shielding dermis from other free-radical damages. This sweat-proof formula is easy to apply and quickly gets absorbed. All thanks to soothing compounds like vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Green tea extract- it is a great option for sensitive and oily skin. It also contains vitamin E which keeps aging at bay while you enjoy your beach trip! #becauseyouarebeautiful ““ Purchase Now!

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