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Miracle Ingredient That Nurture & Nourish ““ It’s Ravishing Shea!

If you’ve done thorough research on the labeling behind the containers of hair products, perhaps on most occasions you must have come across an ingredient by the name Shea butter. Ever thought why this additive is given so much importance? Well, simply because of the fact that there are a lot of studies and research-based literature available which are enough to confirm that this creamy ivory substance indeed succors in polishing up the health and appearance of the tresses.

That said, Shea butter is procured from the nut of the tree-Shea “Karite” mundanely also tagged as Vitellaria paradoxa. Exclusively cultivated in the savannah zone of West Africa ““ And, here it is revered as the “tree of life”, adjudged to be holy, spiritual, and sometimes also related to armor.

“Good Hair Speaks Louder Than Words”

Shea butter for long has been grown for its multifaceted benefits in food, medicine, and beauty. In the present scenario, many aficionados extol and brag about its pure, pristine, and healthy moisturizing capabilities that can certainly work wonders for both skin and hair. That’s why; this additive over the years has rightly gained a momentous name and is incorporated in almost every beauty product these days.

Shea Butter for Providing Moisture to Tresses

As the strands are generally fibrous, the fact that they possess water seems not to be obvious. However, the reality is that our hair in actual comprises of 10-13% H2O. These molecules are believed to be held within the convoluted protein structures of the hair shaft, especially in the cortex.

Now, when the hairs are moisture-deprived, of course, they tend to go dull and frizzy in looks. Plus, it augments the chances of them getting brittle, engendering to more breakages.

The presence of stearic and oleic acids along with palmitic, linoleic, and arachidic acids amplifies the acid content, making Shea butter an exceptional moisturizing agent. This makes it an optimal element to prevent water loss and even breakage in locks.

The Parallel Connection between Shea Butter and Hair Growth

Inflammation on the scalp is one of the infamous offenders that are largely responsible for damage to the hair follicles. As a result, experiencing a loss of strands is a relatively frequent situation. What’s more, the uncertainty of the growth of the newer locks is quite terrorizing.

Among a comprehensive range of a variety of different applications, Shea butter is endowed with amazing heat inflammation properties that have backed up by research.

Per an evaluation through one of the studies, scientists segregated eight individual constituents discovered in Shea butter that is four triterpene acetates and four triterpene cinnamates. They then induced inflammation in mice and examined all the compounds. The follow up was that each was able to constrain inflammation in the animal models.

Shea butter is not only rewarding for hair strands growth, but also for the scalp to keep it well-nourished, moisturized, and alleviating inflammation.

Shea Butter Protects Hair from UV rays and other Environmental Pollutants

In the contemporary era, the inimical effects of sun’s UV rays to hair and scalp have kicked off gaining widespread attention, with most of the population commencing the use of various hair care products that contain Shea butter-to shield them from these harmful radiations. This fat has a lower SPF, that’s sufficient to even cure the already done damage by the harsh weather and sun. To a greater extent, once this butter is consumed, it coats the hair shaft in a way that acts as a bulwark for any harming material being passed along the hair.

Used as a Massage Oil to Relieve Scalp from Dandruff

Probably, most of the people around encounter this condition that causes flaky skin to appear. This situation in many cases is accompanied by itching on the scalp. While this skin state can sometimes be embarrassing, there is a definite cure available with the assistance of Shea butter. When massaged into the lengths, it moisturizes the dry scalp reducing flaking due to dryness. Not only this, but Shea butter is profitable on an oily scalp as well that abets in condensing the excessive oil production by the skin glands. One of the greater aspects of this fat is: it doesn’t leave behind any leftover preventing greasy mane.

Certain FAQ’s on Shea for Hair
What are the benefits of Shea butter product for the hair?

To put simply, a well-formulated topical hair product encompassing Shea lend a hand to the hair by furnishing moisturization and conditioning it requires for effective functioning.

What should glance upon in a Shea butter mingling for the locks?

An up to the mark Shea butter mixture is minimally processed that will have other pivotal add-ons influential in restraining that factors-inflammation-for example, that triggers hair loss. Furthermore, an effective blend will have an essential hand in softening and to supple the barnet without leaving a greasy, heavy residue.

Seeing a plethora of wide benefits of Shea, scouting for the products that have this butter assimilated? Well, to enjoy its many rewards, you may utilize shampoos, conditioners, and masks from St. Botanica that are rich with the integration of Shea. Allow us to share information about them with you!

Biotin Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask

Are you having extremely dry and Straw like hair? Get friendly with St.Botanica Biotin Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask intensely hydrating hair mask- blended with super-moisturizing elixir Shea butter that deeply conditions hair and scalp for healthier locks. Moreover, the product is made with certified- natural substances such as Silk protein for soft curls, Pro-vitamin B5 for extreme volume, and stellar vitamin E to safeguard the scalp from environmental damages like pollution, dust, and UV rays. The perfect concoction of biotin and collagen restore brittle and frizzy hair by offering intense nutrients to each strand. And, Moroccan argan oil boosts hair elasticity alongside providing strength, shine, and flexibility to lackluster curls. Thus, can say this loving hair mask will not weigh down your locks and make your look greasy rather it will add much-needed bounce and protection to over-processed, color-treated tresses. Apply this mask on wet hair and allow at least 15-20 minutes for ingredients to deeply penetrate the hair follicles. It’s time to tame your frizz with this not-to-miss product into your hair grooming kit.

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Biotin Collagen Hair Conditioner

If you want to restore your hair to the healthiest state then check out St.Botanica Biotin Collagen Hair Conditioner. The formula contains a perfect mixture of Hydrolyzed Collagen and Biotin that form a protective layer on each strand while supporting immense hair growth. It is also enriched with Shea Butter- instantly hydrate the scalp and follicles and swift relief from dryness and itchiness. All thanks to botanical additives – moisturizing vitamin E, nutrient-rich Avocado oil, and antioxidant Pro-vitamin B5 which not only restores the ravaged curls with moisture but also encourage healthy hair growth. The product is crafted with plant-based substances making it ideal for all hair types. Plus, it is free of sulfate, parabens that contribute to weakening the locks. So, if you love your furry animals, and you’re planet conscious also then this cruelty-free, all organic product is a perfect pick for you. Application of this rinse-out conditioner is quite easy- after shampoo, simply blop it on your palm then walk through into your wet hair from top to tip and wait for 5 minutes for magic to happen, do rinse off properly. Revamp your shabby and messy follicles to neat and sorted look to get a salon-like feel at the luxury of home.

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