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Olive Oil For Skin: Amazing Beauty Benefits

Do you know that Cleopatra’s iconic beauty and radiant face has been attributed to her use of olive oil on hair, face, and body? Well, yes that’s true. Everyone has been harping on the beauty benefits of olive oil for skin, but the truth is this kitchen staple has been used on the body since ancient times. Naturally, olive oil is packed with anti-ageing compounds such as antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it superb for hair, nails, and specifically skin. Olive oil is an extremely magical and multi-purpose ingredient, which is used across lifestyle spectrums for benefits i.e. from nutrition and health to skin and hair. Its unique composition and properties make it ideal and essential for skin care. For centuries, olive oil has been ascribed with healing abilities and used in medicinal ointments. Additionally, the lore of olive oil as a beauty aid has also endured the test of time.

Let Us Have A Look At The Ingredients That Olive Oil Contains

Olive oil is a super amazing element for your skin. It contains:

  • Vitamin E (which is a great moisturizer)
  • Oleic Acid & Oleocanthal (have anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Vitamin K (it is a stretch mark antidote)
  • Linoleic Acid (Epidermal water barrier)
  • Chlorophyll (an anti-bacterial agent)

What Does Olive Oil Do For Your Skin?

Oils, in general, act as an occlusive for your skin. An occlusive is an agent that traps water and moisture into your skin and prevents it from escaping. Isn’t this excellent? Glowing skin is only possible if your skin barrier is super hydrated, and occlusive help you get there. However, as noted above, there is some doubt as to whether or not olive oil is actually that occlusive, in which case you are really not getting any major moisture benefits from slathering it on your skin. Still, if your skin is incredibly dry and you want some effective botanical treatment product, olive oil for skin is likely better than anything else because of its super moisturizing properties. Just make sure to massage it over your moisturizer or on top of damp skin as occlusives don’t hydrate; they just lock in the hydration below it.

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin 

1) Olive Oil Prevents Skin Ageing:

Olive oil contains plenty of antioxidants such as oleic acid and squalene that help in protecting the skin from the harmful impact of free radicals, which might be present due to environmental aggressors. These antioxidants tend to hasten the process of skin ageing. It essentially works on maintaining the skin’s elasticity and tends to keep it smooth, supple, and glowing. Additionally, olive oil also contains vitamin E, flavonoids, and polyphenols, which enhance the skin cell turnover making your skin healthy and glowing from within. The skin’s cell health and elasticity are boosted by regular application of olive oil or olive oil infused skincare products, ensuring anti-ageing benefits. The Aloe vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Night Gel from Oriental Botanics contains olive oil, which is helpful in preventing any signs of skin ageing. This Night Gel supplies your skin the external hydration and superior nourishment essential for rebuilding and revitalizing the skin. It is packed with nutrients that are vital for sustaining the nighttime cell renewal and regeneration process so that your skin retains its youthful elasticity. It helps in repairing the microscopic damages in the skin that occur due to daylong exposure to sunlight and pollution. It restores the skin’s protective moisture barrier and strengthens the antioxidant defense against free radicals. Adding this product to your daily night skin care routine helps in lightening the blemishes and gives you a clear and radiant complexion. 

2) Olive Oil Works As A Great Makeup Remover:

You need to stop investing in overpriced creams that are replete with chemicals if you want to remove makeup! Olive oil is the ideal hack for makeup removal, especially if you are using harsh makeup or applying makeup every day as that tends to dry out your skin. A small amount of pure olive oil or a makeup removal product containing olive oil goes a long way. It can gently wipe off all traces of makeup while leaving your skin nourished, and trapping in essential moisture within the epidermal barrier. You will be surprised to know that it is also a great way to remove waterproof makeup like mascaras or lipsticks! The only thing of concern is that it tends to leave a slightly greasy residue, so you will need to wash your face well post the makeup removal process. You just need to pour a generous amount of olive oil onto a cotton pad, and use it to cleanse your face of makeup naturally.

3) Olive Oil Keeps The Skin’s Bacteria At Bay:

You already know that chlorophyll is one of nature’s most bounteous pigments, which is responsible for the rich green color in many plants. When olive oil is extracted from fresh, ripe olives, some parts of this plant compound stays in the oil as well. Even though chlorophyll is an underrated skincare compound, it is essential to know that it offers a wealth of skincare benefits. As chlorophyll is also found in olive oil, it is the nature’s very own antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, which helps reduce redness, pigmentation, bacterial and fungal infections, and can even heal wounds. Applying olive oil regularly on your skin as a preventive treatment as well as a cure is ideal and highly recommended. The chlorophyll content also helps in boosting blood circulation, and improving the quality of red blood cells under the skin, making it healthy. Olive oil assists in reducing redness, pigmentation, bacterial infections, and heals wounds, due to the presence of antibacterial compound chlorophyll. We recommend you to try Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Face Mask from Oriental Botanics as it contains olive oil as one of the major ingredients. This Face Mask is created for instantly rejuvenating the dull skin by preventing it from bacteria and restoring its natural radiance. It is the skincare product that you need before a special event to quickly reveal the inner radiance of your skin. Pampering your skin frequently with this hydrating and nourishing face mask for women helps to increase the clarity, luminosity, and suppleness of your skin. It helps detoxify the skin and restores the skin’s normal moisture balance and your skin feels softer after removing the mask. The bioactive constituents of the mask easily penetrate your skin and supports in renewal and regeneration of the skin cells. Your skin receives vital nutrients that help in repairing the everyday microscopic damages due to exposure to city pollution and sunlight. It increases the elasticity of your skin and reduces the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

4) Olive Oil Is A Major Contributor To Moisturize The Skin Naturally:

Like most other essential oils that are used on the skin, olive oil can preferably be used as a natural moisturizer for face as it contains essential omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, which boost skin health when applied topically, keeping dry and flaky skin at bay, and ensuring that the skin remains soft and supple. The presence of linoleic acid in olive oil also acts as the ultimate hydrating agent, as it creates a water barrier in the epidermis, ensuring that essential moisture stays trapped below the skin’s surface. Skin care experts highly recommend applying olive oil to ensure retention of essential oils and moisture for the skin.

5) Olive Oil Soothes Skin Irritation:

If you’re experiencing dry, itchy, or inflamed skin, try using olive oil or olive oil-based products to relieve discomfort. Many people have experienced that olive oil calms irritated and inflamed skin, thanks to a compound called oleocanthal that it contains. You can also add some olive oil to a warm bath for all-over relief and calming the skin.

6) Olive Oil Naturally Highlights The Skin:

For a natural-looking glow and a glossy skin, you can simply add a few drops of olive oil to a powder highlighter or eyeshadow. You will have a wonderful makeup experience as it adds a more dewy shimmer to the skin. Just be careful not to apply too much olive oil, just a few drops is enough.

7) Olive Oil Helps In Skin Exfoliation:

During your morning shower, you can also use an olive wake-up scrub instead of soap to gently exfoliate and prep your skin for the colder days as well as to slough off dead skin cells in summers. You can totally use olive oil if you really want to, especially if you are not prone to acne or dryness. Regular use of olive oil is likely to transform your skin and restore its healthiness. Apart from this, you can definitely use it on your hair as an olive oil deep-conditioning treatment or on your ragged elbows and cuticles as a quick fix. Also, the vitamins and other antioxidants in olive oil may fade scars and blemishes by helping skin cells to regenerate. 


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