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Pamper your curls: Implement these tips for the utmost care!

“Good Hair Speaks Louder Than Words”

It doesn’t make much of a difference if you have thin, curly, and dry hair or any other type-the fundamental tips to keep them at their superior position somewhat remain the same. So, hankering for those gleaming tresses that could procure anyone’s attention? Below we shall be discussing some of the basic tips that are primarily for everyone-regardless of what their hair type is. Implementing them in your daily regimen will essentially mean that you get a step closer to your dream of taking better care of your tresses. Keep scrolling down to read them!

Tip 1: Make use of lukewarm water

You may find scalding showers to be relaxing-but frankly speaking they aren’t of much value. That blistering water could be so ruthless on the locks that they are enough to take off the essential oils. As a result, what crops up are toned down lustreless hair that can certainly mow down your morale. Thus, the next time when you step into the shower ensure that the temperature is maintained. Lukewarm water is a go ahead-that is not severe on your scalp-yet quite effective.

Tip 2: Condition Appropriately

While it’s imperative to utilize conditioner for their plethora of rewards, but always make sure that this is done accurately. Applying to the roots of the locks shall be avoided as they can result in weighing down your hair. Consider the application from the central position till the ends-for which a tooth comb can be implemented to evenly distribute the conditioner.

For marvelous sequel on your barnet-try St. Botanica Pro-Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner! This conditioner is united with Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein and Argan Oil to bring back the bounce in dry, damaged hair. The biotin in this formula encourages hair growth, while the other incredible safe-botanical ingredients such as Amla, green tea extract, and Bhringraj extract work to restore damaged hair fibers into a healthier state. The result is glossier, tangle-free, and smooth tresses within just 10 minutes of application. Finally, the crux of this hair-story ““ the most delicate hair type can reap the benefits of this ultimate conditioner. Time to move to the next level in your hair wash routine!

Tip 3: Focus on the scalp while shampooing

Unlike conditioning, shampooing should be done while focusing on the scalp along with the roots. The glands on the scalp produce sebum that can make hair look greasy. Thus, this area is the one that actually requires that ultimate shampooing. Washing only the lengths fundamentally signifies that the moisture is drawn out-leading to dry, dull, lackluster tresses.

Go with St.Botanica products to enhance your cleansing experience. Try St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo, it can be a great option for those suffering from damaged tresses from chemicals treatments, coloring, and use of excessive hot-tools such as dryers or straighteners. This paraben-free shampoo fused silk protein and green tea with argan oil to hydrate and strengthen lackluster hair. Homogenous to argan oil, almond oil is rich in vitamin E that further hydrates the locks and boost gleam. The brand is so much in love with this ‘Liquid Gold’ that they have launched a complete range around it. The formula is free of toxic chemicals, so it means your tresses’ natural oil will remain intact. Plus, this potion is enriched with silk protein to help seal the moisture in each strand, so you get extra smooth and soft locks!

Tip 4: The most important step. Rinse!

One of the mundane blunders that people generally do, is they skip to wash their hair thoroughly. The outcome is that you’re left with the product buildup causing dryness or an itchy scalp. Thus, the mantra is-keep rinsing vigorously until you’re confident that there aren’t any leftovers behind.

Tip 5: Tower drying is bad for hair

Perhaps, you may have heard experts resisting the use of a towel while drying your mane. It is believed that its thick absorbent when kneading with hair can do more harm than good. What’s recommended is that to squeeze out that extra water, persist with cotton cloth, that’s much softer and non-harming to your tresses.

Tip 6: Give your hair a cushion before styling

Has this happened anytime: that you wanted to transform your hair and you’re professional suggested styling? Of course, it’s a splendid idea of enhancing your tresses look, but it involves the use of several hot tools that can ruin your hair. By saying this, we don’t mean that there should be a complete shun, it’s safe to not to overuse them. You may also mull over the use of a heat protectant that acts as a cushion or a barrier between your curls and the tool.

Tip 7: Blow drying to be done accurately

Per hairstylists, it is one of the tedious steps that should be accomplished accurately. While blow-drying, make sure that you brush your hair in the direction of blow-drying, and ideally, for a positive outcome, it should be done from root to tip. One of the usual mistakes that people do-the the prices you may have to pay are those dry, lustreless, and ultra frizzy locks.

Tip 8: Never straighten your wet hair

Here’s a simple logic why you should never use straighteners on wet hair: because they deliver heat directly to the hair that might eventually lead to burning and breakdown of your tresses. Albeit, you may get off this situation in the first instance, but a persistent reputation will inevitably harm your locks. Fundamentally, blow-drying that works at lower temperatures- is recommended to get them dried.

Tip 9: Give a break from ponytails

When it comes to ponytails they are perhaps one of the simplest of hairstyles. All you need is to gather your tresses, pull it through elastic, and call it a day. It is a no-brainer that just takes your few minutes to create. However, there’s a downside of this style-especially if they’re high ponytails that are the worst offenders. When the lengths are pulled tightly, there is a great amount of stress-induced on them. Endeavor wearing down your hair more often, loose ponytails that won’t put a needless strain.

Tip 10: Accentuate your looks with Hairspray

Apart from styling to accentuate your looks, an indispensable part is that it lasts longer. A couple of sprays can make all that difference that can generate an everlasting impression. Shop this wonder product with St. Botanica to give that awesome look to your hairstyle.

Tip 11: Nap on a silk pillowcase

If you love your tresses, you need to be sleeping on a silk pillowcase-a fact that experts have been insisting on for over years. Unlike cotton-that gasps, the moisture from your hair, silk, on the other hand, succors to maintain it keeping your lengths smooth, less-tangled, and hydrated. So, what’s makes you wait? Without a further thought just swap out your current case with a silky-smooth alternative.

Tip 12: Make use of dry shampoo when hair looks greasy

We all very well know that our scalp naturally produces sebum which is oil based-that can make your mane look greasy if not washed on time. Utilizing a dry shampoo that has scratch (its components sucks the oil and gives a greasy-free appearance) incorporated-assures that sebum is absorbed and obliterated. Typically, dry shampooing is beneficial when extending the duration of your blowouts.

Tip 13: Create a bulwark for your strands from UV rays

Prolonged exposure to sun’s UV rays can break down the cuticle, leaving your strands discolored, brittle, and thin. Certain precautions such as wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella- the bulwarks to beat those harsh summers!

Tip 14: Make your hair smell amazing for hours

Who wouldn’t want their locks to smell divine leaving a fragrance-trail behind every time you walk out? Maybe, no one! Hair masks when added to the daily routine-gives your tresses the aroma and fragrance that they deserve. If you haven’t added them into your shopping list before, consider its myriad benefits and start its immediate application for impeccable results.

Check out St.Botanica Biotin Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask, the optimum formula in mask deeply penetrates the locks and provide starve strands deep nourishment. Next to perfect, a concoction of Biotin with Hydrolyzed Collagen provides extensive moisture to the scalp which results in the healthier, fuller, and thicker mane. Moreover, biotin is also called hair vitamin which is the core ingredient in this top-notch product. The mask is vegan, sulfates free, and mingled with essential ingredients like silk protein for ‘softness’ ‘shine’ and Pro-vitamin B5 to improve texture. To protect hair from environmental damages such as UV rays, cold harsh winds, and pollution. Plus, to build up the instant shine into parched locks; gold standard ‘Moroccan argan oil’ is also ingrained in the mask. And, after the first application of this magical hair lotion; brittle and weak strands will significantly look shinier, glossier, thicker, and bloomer. So, if you are a green beauty aficionado then add this organic and natural mask into your beauty sack!

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