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7 Simple Yet Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of A Sunburn

Remedies To Get Rid Of A Sunburn on Face

Summer is synonymous with picnic days, trips, tea parties, and loads of fun. But while we are caught up with our summer adventures, our skin suffers the wrath of the scorching sun.

All the fun and frolicking under the sun leads to skin damage and sunburn on face. Before you jump right into the solution, you need to understand its cause.

Here are the causes and remedies for sunburn that will help you tackle it the right way. 

What are the Causes of Sunburn?

What is sunburn, you ask? It is nothing but inflamed and painful skin caused by excessive sun exposure. Here’s where sunscreens come into the picture. A sunblock works by protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Going out without applying a sunblock can lead to various sunburn symptoms like redness and swelling. The two most common sunburn types are first-degree sunburn and second-degree sunburn. 

First-degree sunburn occurs in the outer layer of the skin and usually heals in a few days. Second-degree sunburn occurs in the inner layer of the skin and may take a few weeks to heal.  

Common Home Remedies for Sunburn on Face

If you are someone who ends up getting sunburnt quite often, you should always slather on some sunscreen before stepping out. But if you forgot to apply it, we have got you covered. The right skin care products can really help combat this skin-related concern. Here’s how to treat sunburn at home. These sunburn remedies will soothe your skin and reduce the redness. 

Reach for Ice

Apply Ice on the Sunburn Affected Areas of Face & Skin

Wrap some ice in a muslin cloth and gently dab it over the affected areas. This is the easiest way to deal with inflammation and swelling. Just make sure to not go overboard. Using this remedy twice a day will do the job. 

Aloe Vera

Apply Aloe Vera for Relief in Sunburn on Face

You can either use fresh Aloe Vera or packaged Aloe Vera Gel, depending on the availability. Applying the gel directly to the affected area will instantly soothe your skin and provide relief. 

St.Botanica Recommends Aloe Vera Gel For Sunburn on Face: 99% Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing Gel For Skin, 100 ml

St.Botanica 99% Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing Gel For Skin 99% is a nutrient-rich moisturiser for your skin. It keeps your skin soft, hydrated, and well-nourished. This gel also calms irritation, soothes itching, and heals damaged skin. Using Aloe Vera Gel adds suppleness and firmness to your skin. It also helps improve cell turnover to preserve the youthful elasticity and integrity of the skin. 

Green Tea

Enriched with antioxidants, Green Tea can help reduce the appearance of sunburn. You can either use a Green Tea-infused toner or brew this tea and directly apply it to your skin with the help of a cotton pad. 

St.Botanica Recommended Green Tea Toner For Sunburn on Face: Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Face Toner, 150ml

St.Botanica Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Face Toner is a natural toner packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. It cleanses and hydrates your skin with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Green Tea. and Cucumber. The gentle formula delivers the required nutrients to the skin to keep it soft and fresh. The nourishing ingredients help soothe your skin and keep irritations at bay. 

Protect Your Skin

It is essential to protect your skin from the sun. Always wear sunscreen, it’s non-negotiable. But make sure you’re more diligent about application and reapplication (every two hours) especially if you are suffering from sunburn. Apart from wearing protective clothing, applying sunscreen when you step out is important. Using the right sunburn sunscreen is the key to dealing with sunburns


St.Botanica Recommended Sunscreen For Sunburn on Face: Vitamin C SPF 30 Sunscreen Mineral-Based & Water-Resistant, 120ml

St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 30 Sunscreen is mineral-based and water-resistant. The PA+++ sunscreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Its non-sticky formula keeps the skin nourished and provides the highest level of protection. It also helps prevent sunburn, redness, hyperpigmentation, tanning, and photo-ageing of the skin. Infused with Vitamin C, Borage Cold-Pressed Oil, and Lemon Peel Essential Oil this Vitamin C sunscreen maintains the skin’s optimum health.

Moisturise Well

Moisturise Well for relief in Sunburn on Face

Nothing beats a nourishing day cream. Following a dedicated summer skin care routine and using moisturising face creams will really help you heal your skin. Make sure to go for ingredients that work well for your skin and nourish it. 

St.Botanica Recommended Day Cream For Sunburn on Face: Vitamin C Brightening Day Cream With SPF 25, 50g

St.Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Day Cream With SPF 25 brightens the skin along with providing broad-spectrum sun protection. Infused with Vitamin C it helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation. Its oil-free formula improves the texture of your skin while also fighting the visible signs of ageing. It also boosts the skin’s collagen production.

Coconut Oil

Apply Coconut Oil for Relief in Sunburn on Face

Gently apply some Coconut Oil to make your skin heal faster. When choosing Coconut Oil, always opt for organic and cold-pressed products. This will ensure that your skin derives maximum benefits from the oil.

St.Botanica Recommended Coconut Oil For Sunburn on Face: Organic Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil For Skin, 200ml

St.Botanica Organic Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil For Skin is a cold-pressed oil that brightens and smoothens the skin. Packed with the goodness of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, this oil helps you attain glowing and healthy skin. The deep moisturising effect of the oil helps preserve the youthful elasticity of your skin and minimises the appearance of visible signs of ageing. It also softens the skin and helps it heal better. 

Cold Baths

Cold baths can also help alleviate sunburn and rejuvenate your skin. Opt for cold baths once or twice a day to help refresh and soothe your skin. You can also infuse your baths with healing essential oils.

FAQs Regarding Sunburn on Face

How is sunburn treated?

The best way to treat a sunburn is to use soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Coconut Oil. Keep your skin hydrated and it will heal quickly. Consult a professional in case of severe sunburn

How long does sunburn on your face last?

It totally depends. A mild or first-degree sunburn will take a few days to heal, while a severe or second-degree sunburn will take at least a few weeks to heal. 

What happens if you get a sunburn on your face?

Getting a sunburn on your face might lead to swelling, redness, itching, and pigmentation. 

How can I reduce my risk of sunburn?

To reduce your risk of sunburn wear loose and protective clothing. Apart from this, never step out without applying sunscreen. Regardless of the various myths about sun protection, it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent sunburn

How common is sunburn?

Sunburn is pretty common amongst those who stay outdoors for long periods without using sunscreen. It’s also common in people who live in hotter climates. 


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