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If you are a beauty enthusiast, you would probably know the vitality of keratin for accomplishing slick and silky tresses. The word of late gained a lot of significance, considered to be one of the popular buzzwords in the hair care circles.

However, when the word “keratin” encompasses our minds, most of us relate it to a treatment that’s only furnished by professionals at the saloon. Whilst to an extent it is correct; however, you’re also empowered to gain its fringe benefits on your own while sitting at the convenience of your households. Flabbergasted? Yes, with the availability of myriad topicals in the beauty aisle, you no longer are required to visit the physical agencies of parlors and spend exorbitantly. The conditioners, shampoos, and masks-to name a few that you usually snap up, most of them are loaded with “keratin”. This protein is hailed to perforate deep down to the cuticle level to leave behind its substantial effects. What transpires out is a smoother and resilient barnet that is exempt from contingencies.

If you still happen to remain dubious as to how keratin succors to oversee a healthy mane, we’re clearing your queries through this post. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

What is Keratin?

When we babble about keratin, it typically falls under the genus of fibrous structural proteins which are collectively given the moniker of scleroproteins. Also acclaimed to be the building blocks for our locks, keratin is lauded for its endowed shielding abilities and safeguards the mane from environmental intruders. Without this protein, experiencing lifeless tresses would be a dime a dozen.

Does our body produce keratin?

The swift answer to the question is: yes. Keratin is a protein that makes up hair, nails, and skin, which is naturally generated by our body.

Additionally, you may prefer devouring foods rich in keratin to ensure you never have to endure its scarcity. Its higher volumes also help your hair to thrive and keep the epidermis and nails in their elite state.

If it is naturally produced, then why the need for supplements

You might now be pondering why there is a need to bracing your hair with supplements when the body naturally produces it. One of the factors that play a deterrent in the building up of keratin is aging. To apprise you; as we get older, our body encounters significant changes; some of them are experienced with our mane too. Consequently, the occurrence of greying locks, breakage, and hair thinning becomes rather mundane. In simpler words: the natural tendency of the body to produce sufficient content of keratin dwindles. Other elements like pollution, the sun’s UV rays, smoke, and a range of other irritants flourishing in our surroundings are also to be blamed.

So, it is crucial to pay special heed to this condition to prevent the occurrence of frequent hair maladies. One impeccable modality is to ensure that the levels of keratin never go down the drain. This can be readily achieved when you are embracing topicals brimming with this indispensable protein.

Hair benefits of Keratin Treatment

By now, we already know the importance of keratin in making our locks immune to environmental aggressors. Plus, the potent protein also abets to attain a smoother and dazzling barnet, ditching any flaws. Let’s explore other ways it benefits the hair:

  • To manage curly hair

People with excessively curly hair tend to habitually employ styling gadgets to straighten them. However, in the process, the locks get harmed and become quite fragile. Therefore, they are always sitting ducks to breakage or persistent shedding.

Hence, it makes sense to wield keratin subsumed topicals in the routine. The protein helps to loosen intermingled locks and the need to use electronic tools for aligning them is not required.

  • For staving off frizz

Ask those with frizz and they would apprise you how tedious it is to oversee them. They may strive for many alternatives available to correct this condition, but generally, results are “when pigs fly” fulfilled.

Throwing light; frizz is hair that does not blend with other hairs and might end up curling individually. Per aficionados, this condition can be efficaciously overcome when you begin plying keratin products. The protein perks up the mane by staving off frizzy texture and flyaways.

  • Immensely strengthens your locks

Your hair already constitutes keratin. Its very nature strengthens the locks from inside. However, there are times when they are vulnerable to breakage. This situation can worsen if left ignored, paving the way for extreme things like baldness-for instance.

Fortunately, this can be curbed when your schedule clings to the use of keratin. It makes the locks stronger from the roots, allowing you to relish a strengthened mane.

  • It safeguards your strands

As already stated above, keratin acts as a bulwark between outside pollutants and your strands. Thus, the so-called foreign intruders are unable to inimically impact your tresses, preserving them healthy.

What’s more, keratin is also hailed for maintaining the natural sheen of the curls. The brunt of jarring, windy, or dry weather is unlikely to hamper this shine.

Why say no to salon keratin treatments?

In the hunt for making more and more money, many salons wield maleficent chemicals to make hair supple. These synthetics may show their immediate results right away but can be pernicious in the longer run. Plus, these professionals practice the use of heat styling appliances during their sessions. The downside of such instruments can have a desiccating effect on your locks; meaning these tools are infamous for their moisture sucking abilities. So, the incidents where you experience hair parchedness have become quite common.

While, we are not against any particular saloon nor do we admit that everyone is the same out there; however, the sad reality is many utilize agents overflowing with chemicals during their sittings. So, our intent is to make you aware that you need to be proactive before heading towards these centers.

How to gain the myriad benefits of keratin at your home

Today beauty markets are filled with keratin products and procuring them at affordable prices is quite easy. However, if you wish to receive them at your doorsteps, St. Botanica is the brand available to assist. Bestowing quality topicals, our organic ingredients set the seal on that you have a mesmerizing experience utilizing them.

Additionally, have a glance at some of our highly-sold keratin products:

We suggest: Pro-Keratin Argan Oil Smooth Therapy

To improve the overall health of your tresses keratin plays an imperative role. That said, coloring, chemical treatment, flat iron, and blow-dry not only make the cuticles frizzy but also the curls look lifeless. So, keratin will make your hair shinier, manageable, and stronger.

And shampoo can be a great way to introduce pro-keratin into your hair care regimen. Look no further! Check out St.Botanica Pro-Keratin Argan Oil Smooth Therapy; the formula is blended with restorative, plant-based, and moisturizing ingredients. The heart of the product is Hydrolyzed keratin- a large protein molecule with prowess in penetrating deeper in hair shafts to add strength, reduce breakage, and tame frizz. Plus, it lessens down the damaging effect of the unexposed UV rays as well as rebuilds the protective layer, and lastly instantly makes the hair feel and look ultra-soft, nourished, and fuller.

Additionally, the formula is amalgamated with liquid gold aka argan oil ““ a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that has a plethora of hair benefits. It safeguards the hair shaft from harsh environmental stressors including sun rays, pollution, and impurities as well as reduces the oxidative stress from the scalp.

To add, argan oil possesses vitamin E which not only deeply moisturizes the parched curls but also extensively amplifies elasticity promoting shinier, healthier, and bouncier tresses.

Besides this, the optimal product is infused with the goodness of Pro-vitamin B5 or panthenol ““ a workhorse of moisturizing properties with umpteen hair benefits. It drastically improves the elasticity of the strands along with forming a thin layer on the surface, which helps in making the ends look radiant, strong, and smooth.

Also, it acts as a natural humectant that abets in sealing and locking the hydration for long which in return prevents breakage, hence pro-vitamin B5 is a must-have ingredient to enhance the overall well-being of your scalp.

In addition to this, the formula is blended with the powerful ayurvedic herb Shikakai, also termed as “˜hair fruit’ ““ to strengthen the weak roots, to reduce inflammation caused by Dandruff, and to clean the scalp without stripping the natural oils. To add, shikakai is filled with vitamins and minerals which helps in making the curls lustrous, strong, and softer. Not to mention, it also prevents premature graying of hair which is quite often nowadays among the younger generation.

Lastly, the ultimate shampoo is mingled with varied active botanicals such as Ashwagandha “˜improve circulation’, Shikakai Nut Powder “˜soothe scalp’, Amla “˜add volume’, Kigelia “˜boost strength’, Nutsedges “˜reduce dandruff’, Fenugreek “˜restore luster’, Brahmi “˜reduce hair fall’, Nardostachys jatamansi “˜ thicker hair’, Manjistha “˜prevent graying’, and Chinese Hibiscus “˜ nourish tresses’. In addition to this, the pro-keratin formula is free of harsh solvents namely parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and phthalates- a safe product for every hair type.

Another astounding benefit, all the ingredients in the formula are hand-picked and tested by leading dermatologists. With that being said, all elements are procured with best practices without harming any other species of the planet- it is a vegan and cruelty-free product for sustainable beauty aficionados. Make this professional shampoo stable in your hair care regimen to have stronger, longer, and thicker happier hair.

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We advocate: Pro-Keratin Argan Oil Conditioner

Fun fact: do you know what the building block for our hair is and nails? Its protein keratin, a savior for extra damaged, dull, color-treated, and frizzy hair. Apart from repairing the mane, it also safeguards the stringy strands from baneful sun rays which can further wreak havoc on the tresses.

With that being said, the market is flooded with keratin treatment but it’s advisable to look for treatment free of sulfates as it can further aggravate the dryness. Looking for an organic alternative? Here we have St.Botanica Pro-Keratin Argan Oil Conditioner; the formula is blended with powerful active botanicals, vitamins, and restoring ingredients to make tresses better after every use.

The star element in the conditioner is Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein- a multifunctional protein that protects strands against environmental damage including unexposed sun rays, pollution, and impurities as well as hot styling tools like curling iron and straighteners. Plus, it creates a natural protective layer on the hair shaft proffering a silky, smooth, and bouncier feel.

Moreover, the formula also contains miraculous Argan Oil ““ it owns antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, carotenes, vitamin A, E, and C, feeding the scalp with much-needed nutrients. It deeply moisturizes the curls without making them greasy, giving long-lasting shine. To add, argan oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants that protect the strands from stressors along with adding strength into brittle cuticles giving hair back its life, luster, and shine.

Besides this, the ultimate conditioner is spiked with Biotin- a vitamin B7 touted as a miracle ingredient to fight hair shedding. To add, it helps in growing the ends longer, stronger, and thicker. Additionally, the formula is packed with Vitamin B5- also known as Panthenol is an astounding vitamin with umpteen hair benefits. It acts as a natural humectant that attracts and holds the moisture into the strands, improving elasticity ““ making the curls frizz-free, soft, and glossy. In addition to this, panthenol inflates the hair shaft adding volume and bounce to straw-like tresses.

Apart from this, the plush conditioner is infused with active botanicals to naturally heal damaged hair. Amla Extract- also known as Indian Gooseberry is a marvel fruit for the hair. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and essential fatty acids that penetrate deep into the roots to make the tresses voluminous and shinier. Amla effectively cures dandruff thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties whilst reduce the itchiness keeping the skin of the head calm, soothe, and nourished.

In addition to this, the green extract is enriched in the formula as it is high in antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. It encourages healthy hair growth, reduces hair loss, and combat dandruff-causing microbes thus prevents split-ends and keep the curls silky soft, long, and lustrous.

Lastly, the formula is encapsulated with the wonder herb Bhringraj- chock-full of Vitamin E, calcium; vitamin D, iron, and magnesium all work in solving every hair concern. It increases the blood circulation on the scalp, abets in preventing premature graying of the hair, and treats dandruff- the outcome facilitates dreamy tresses growth, relief from inflammation, and drastically prevents hair shedding.

What’s more- the formula is made without harsh solvents, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone- a super-safe product for every hair type. Also worth noting, the product is made with premium natural and organic substances only procured from Mother’s Nature with best practices without adding any animal derivatives- it is a vegan and cruelty-free pick for sustainable beauty followers.

Take your hair care regimen to the whole new next level with this ultimate pro-keratin conditioner for a sleek finish, endless glow, and tamed flyaways.

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