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Whether it is parchedness, frizz, thinning or split ends, believe it or not-we all undergo with these mundane hair issues. The change in seasons, employing hot tools, color treatments, and those fallacious products which promise potent results- are all the offenders that engender for these changes. Consequently, your tresses demand that little extra TLC. For this, if you seek suggestions from your peers, perhaps the first advice you may get is visiting a professional. Well, it’s easy to spend hundreds of bucks when you progress towards a salon, the results that you look for is something that’s not always attained. In fact, most of them ply chemicals and dyes that can actually be detrimental.

Thus, it is imperative more than ever, that you should be utilizing the precise products with the right ingredients-per your hair type. Through this blog, we aim at providing that extra tender loving care for your locks with the assistance of hair masks. Get a glass of wine, stream up your Netflix, and be prepared for blooming hair!

Hair Masks: What are they all about?

Apparently, you must have heard about nourishing face mask. The core job of a face mask is to nutrify and hydrate the skin, similarly, hair mask also works in a similar way, which augments the strength of your tresses. In other words, it treats the hair by delivering deep conditioning.

With that said, this potent hair tonic is formulated with robust nutritive ingredients such as oils, butter, honey, and egg yolk- for example. It abets in restoring the moisture, taming frizziness, extra shine, salubrious scalp, and less breakage. The single application of this rewarding mask can offer dramatic results. Your heavenly curls are just at a one-mask distance.

Perhaps, by now you may be dreaming for those healthy lengths, however, to reap the ultimate benefits of hair mask, one should be aware of the specific hair concerns such as for thin hair “˜egg mask’ would do wonders whereas for dry mane “˜ Aloe Vera’ would be fruitful. Let’s delve more into categories of hair mask and their proficiency!

Length Masks

These masks are crafted to aim the issues at the hair length likewise splits ends, where they restore and repair the hair structure. Basically, it acts as a glue to fill the broken structure. These hair savior masks can further lessen down the breakage but they are temporary so continuous reapplication regularly is a must for dream hair length.

Scalp Masks

The magical mask that actually helps your tresses to grow as well as regulate the natural hair oils is entitled as a scalp mask. The boosting compounds in the mask get in touch with hair follicles closely ““ the area where tresses grow and sebum production occur. Because of this, it is only applied at the roots, not at the length. This category of hair mask is often neglected.

How to Use a Hair Mask?

To be frank- if you search the Internet, probably you may get several ways to apply hair masks. Per our experts, you may consider the application by implementing the below mentioned tips to get flawless outcomes!

Tip 1: Go through the labeling thoroughly

Well, you may come across certain masks that have special instructions. A few of them are designed for weekly use while there are others that may have different directives. Therefore, it is paramount to thoroughly go with the labeling to understand the A to Z before putting on your hair mask.

Tip 2: An old t-shirt is handy when using messy masks

Regular clothes can easily get soiled when employing a hair mask. That’s why it’s advisable to wear an old t-shirt, or maybe your towel that you don’t mind spilling on.

Tip 3: Wash and towel dry your locks

Towel dry your locks after they are washed properly. Slight dampness in the curls is the right way to go. Never think of using a blow dryer-which some people are famous for doing.

Tip 4: Divide your hair into sections

Pondering what’s this sectioning all about? Dividing your hair into parts abets to easily apply the hair mask. You may make use of clips.

Tip 5: Put on the mask from roots to tips

Work the mask towards downside-from root to tips. Gently massage the product into the lengths so that the mask is evenly spread. Plus, ensure to give extra attention to the tips-for they’re the ones who are prone to parchedness and thus need more care.

Tip 6: Arrange your hair with a comb

Now that you have applied the product all over the mane, arrange them with the assistance of a comb. Basically, this tip is to layout the mask evenly throughout. Also, it is not for people who have curly curls. They may use their fingers to comb their tresses.

Tip 7: Leave to Soak in

Leaving the mask applied for 8-10 minutes is likely to do the expected wonders on your hair. Albeit, it is highly recommended that you follow the guidelines behind the product’s container.

Contemplating whether you can sleep with your mask on?

If you’re someone who is finding a treatment to a very dry hair, then yes, you can sleep with your mask on. Place a towel, shower cap, or any other covering material on your locks and let the product do the talking. And, of course, you will feel a noticeable change with the curls become ng softer and moisturized.

Tip 8: Rinse completely to take out the mask

When those essential ingredients have permeated into your barnet-it’s time to take off the mask. Ensure, to rinse it off thoroughly, so that there aren’t any leftovers behind.

How to choose the best hair masks?

Seeing the profitable rewards, you are finally convinced that it makes sense to introduce a hair mask in your daily regimen. But how to choose the one that best fits your hair type?

If this is a question that’s bothering, you don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered. St.Botanica is a reputable brand that specializes in developing amazing beauty products to pamper your skin and hair. Ditching chemical laden options, all our products are packed with the goodness of natural ingredients that deliver what we promise. To meet our customers’ expectations, a team comprising of a panel of experts go through the formulations carefully-so that the extraordinary is always furnished. So, for those residing in the USA, Australia, India, UK, and across the globe, you can now have the inside scoop of various hair masks that we dispense by scrolling down. Take your pick and look stunning!

Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask

Revive, repair, and restore your locks with St.Botanica Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask. The product is coined with two core hair ingredients Biotin and Collagen which deeply nourishes brittle, fine, and thick hair to healthy and shiny mane without clogging scalp. It is also packed with antioxidant vitamin E that reinstates the keratin and protein into the locks for strength alongside Moroccan Argan Oil which is derived from argan tree and it is well known for its nutritive composite works brings back the intense hydration. Like all St.Botanica products, this mask is also sulfate- and parabens free. So, this mask is made up of natural substances which means it wouldn’t fade away the color from treated tresses as well provides the extra shot of moisture; making it an optimum pick for starters.

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Moroccan Argan Hair Mask

Give your tresses the little TLC with St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask. The main additive in the formula is “˜Moroccan Argan Oil’ which is loaded with vitamin E, which works to overhaul damage scalp while adding the desired hydration and results in softer and manageable locks. Other earthy ingredients are Rose essential oil and Lavender essential oil that promotes dreamy length as well as offering deep conditioning to hair cuticles that result in a velvety soft and smooth finish. This superlative potion is for all hair textures from straight to super curly! And, without weighing down your tresses the star ingredient vitamin B5 renders the “extra gloss”. Bid adieu to dull, lack lustrous, and thin hair with this all natural, chemical-free, and non-toxic treatment.

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