Benefits of Biotin and Collagen For Hair

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Your hair needs adequate nutritional support, including biotin, collagen, vitamins A, C, E, minerals and Omega-3. Among these, collagen and biotin play a vital role in helping the cells to repair, regenerate and stay protected. Collagen is a protein, which gives that much-needed texture to your hair. On the other hand, biotin is a type of vitamin B that boosts keratin production. Aging or nutritional deficiencies may cause several issues related to both collagen and biotin. Both collagen and biotin have several overlapping and unique benefits for your hair. So, if you are thinking of supplementation, products that combine these hyper-potent ingredients are your best bet. Before you invest in a product, it is essential to know why certain ingredients are beneficial. This process helps you choose the right ones to address the specific issues you may face with your hair. Let us explore the benefits of these two potent ingredients for now: Biotin
  • The name biotin comes from the Greek word biotos, which translates to "˜life'. Biotin is mostly used as a supplement for hair for the following reasons:
  • Biotin helps to stimulate keratin production in your hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth.
  • Biotin consumption stimulates hair growth.
  • Biotin plays a vital role in the growth of healthier & thicker hair.
  • Biotin also assists hair regrowth if you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. It is also considered a very effective natural treatment for hair loss.
  • This protein is responsible for any repair and growth of hair. Made from chains of vital amino acids, collagen is often called the building blocks of your hair for the following reasons:
  • Collagen is known to boost the growth of hair by more than 30%.
  • Collagen also reduces the appearance of grey hair.
  • Collagen is known to be very effective in the treatment of dry & brittle hair.
  • Collagen can also repair split ends, as well as maintain a healthy level of hydration.
St. Botanica offers a wide range of hair care products that cater to your hair's nutritional needs. Biotin and Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask The Biotin and Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask nourishes your hair and reduces brittleness within a few uses. Its unique moisturizing formula hydrates the hair from within, leaving it soft, smooth, manageable, and lustrous. This hair mask is a beautiful concoction of biotin and collagen, both the essential ingredients that promote hair growth & treat frizziness & split-ends. The most rewarding feature of these hair masks is that they do not contain harmful substances such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and phthalates. With Vitamin E and silk proteins richly-infused into the formula, the Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask locks in moisture and keeps your hair shiny for a long time. Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo St. Botanica's Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo is enriched with essential nutrients such as biotin and collagen, which give your hair much-needed volume. Devoid of mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, this shampoo is packed with hair-revitalizing ingredients such as biotin, collagen, avocado oil, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, and more. The lavender oil and lemon extracts will leave your hair and scalp feeling fresh. The aloe vera and oats extracts infused into this shampoo further soften dull hair and give it the silkiest touch by retaining natural moisture. Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner Revel in the beauty of fuller and thicker hair with St. Botanica's conditioner, infused with botanical ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, biotin, vitamins E and B5, avocado oil, and shea butter. The Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner nourishes your hair and makes your tresses smooth and manageable. Both biotin and collagen stimulate healthy hair growth. Free from harmful chemicals like mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, the conditioner has all-natural ingredients. Carrot seed oil that eliminates split-ends and removes dehydration signs from the hair. The shea butter further makes the hair soft, and vitamins E & B5 improve the texture while also making the hair resilient to pollutants. St. Botanica knows the importance of biotin and collagen for hair growth. The natural extracts in these products clean all the grime and dirt away, giving you a residue-free scalp and beautiful long manageable tresses. It is a known fact that both biotin and collagen are the building blocks of keratin, which is what our hair is made up of. Regular use of hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners infused with vitamin E, vitamin B5, argan oil, virgin olive oil, Indian gooseberry, bhringraj, lavender oil, lemon oil, and other essential and natural ingredients leave the hair volumized and thicker. Most cosmetologists advise the regular use of biotin and collagen-infused products to strengthen hair and make them shinier & healthier. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to St. Botanica now and grab your hair elixirs available on great offers this festive season! To Explore More Products in the Hair Care, Click Here: Also, Don't Forget to Check Out Our Best Sellers!