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Shower Gel Vs Body Wash: Do You Know The Difference Between Shower Gel And Body Wash

Difference Between Shower Gel And Body Wash

Shower gel and body wash, these two terms are often used interchangeably. But these two are not as same as you think. There is a difference between shower gel and body wash, both these products nourish and cleanse your body. Before you nourish your body with sudsing, you need to make your choice depending on your skin type and concerns. Here’s everything you need to know about natural body washes and shower gels along with shower gel and body wash differences.

Is Shower Gel & Body Wash The Same?

No, shower gel and body wash aren’t the same. Although both are liquid cleansers that are designed to cleanse your body, shower gels consist of emollients and have a thicker consistency, while body washes have a runny consistency. Body washes are ideal for normal to dry skin. Shower gels are ideal for those with oily skin. 

Difference Between Shower Gel And Body Wash: Not So Similar

Both shower gel and body wash have the same functionality to cleanse the body but have different properties. Read on for all the deets on shower gel vs body wash!


The first factor of difference between shower gel and body wash is texture. As the name defines, shower gel has a gel-like water-based formula. It has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells and purify clogged pores while leaving a hydrating effect. Whereas, body wash has a rich creamy texture. It helps deeply condition your skin while leaving a nourishing effect. 

Used for Different Skin Type

Shower gel is best for oily acne-prone and combination skin types. Due to its gel-based consistency, it works up in a foaming action. On the contrary,  body wash work forms a creamy lather making it apt for dry to normal and sensitive skin types.

Ingredients Use

In the race of shower gel vs body wash, ingredients play a major role. Shower gels are made using hydrating ingredients like glycerine, aloe vera, lemon and other citrus fruit extracts. Body wash is made using intensely nourishing ingredients like almond oil, coconut extracts, milk cream and other natural oils.

Shower Gel Vs Body Wash 

Now that you have decided to pamper your body with a good cleanser, its time to make the ultimate choice. But before you choose one out of the two, here are the major differences between shower gel and body wash. 

ParameterShower GelBody Wash
TextureThick and gel-like consistency.Runny consistency, similar to a liquid detergent.
Skin TypeBest for those with oily skin. Best for normal to dry skin.
FragranceKnown for its fascinating aroma. May or may not contain fragrance. 
IngredientsContains emollients. Doesn’t contain emollients. 
Weather ConsiderationsGood choice for those living in hot and humid climates. Best for those living in cold weathers. 

Shower Gel And Body Wash Difference 

Certain harmful ingredients you should watch out for in a shower gel or body wash are:


Parabens are a type of chemical preservative that is linked to hormone disruption and may also be carcinogenic. So make sure your body wash or shower gel doesn’t have Parabens.


Phthalates are really bad in body wash or shower gel. So whatever you know about shower gel and body wash difference, experts say to avoid Phthalates in both. Though they don’t cause serious health risks, they are known endocrine disruptors. This means that phthalate can mess with your hormones and result in long-term negative effects.


Silicones are proven to be bad in body wash or shower gel as they are harmful to the skin especially if it is sensitive. This ingredient is harder to wash off and gets stuck in pores causing breakouts. Silicones also dehydrate your skin and accelerate ageing.


In shower gel vs body wash, you should avoid certain ingredients such as Sulfates as they can often dry out the skin. Some people also find that it can lead to more acne. This ingredient is also known to clog pores and irritate the skin. So it isn’t only harmful to the skin but also bad for the environment.

Mineral Oil

Body wash or shower gel with mineral oils can be harsh on the skin. It also depends on the quality of mineral oil which can lead to clogging pores and damaging your skin health.

Which is Better: Shower Gel V/S Body Wash? 

The answer totally depends on your skin type and concerns. Those with oily skin should opt for shower gel, while those with dry skin should go for a body wash. A shower gel also has mild exfoliating properties and helps fight body acne too. But always make sure that your products are devoid of harmful chemicals and are enriched with natural ingredients. 

What is Shower Gel and Its Uses  

A shower gel is one of those body care products that are designed to gently cleanse your skin. Formulated with emollients, these are made of natural ingredients to create a rich and foamy lather, leading to cleansed and nourished skin. It has a gel-like consistency and a fascinating aroma too. How to use a shower gel, you ask? Just take a generous amount of shower gel on your palm or loofah sponge and massage it on wet skin. Gently massage it on your skin to create enough lather and rinse off. 

Here are some shower gel uses you need to know of.

  • Gently cleanses the body leaving it smooth and silky.
  • Can be used while shaving
  • Combats body odour like a pro
  • Can be used to do a body spa at home. 
  • Milder way to exfoliate than body scrubs.
  • Some shower gels can be used as shampoos too. 

St.Botanica Recommends Best Shower Gel

Aloe Vera, Green Tea, & Cucumber Shower Gel, 250 ml

St.Botanica Aloe Vera, Green Tea, & Cucumber Shower Gel is packed with the goodness of natural ingredients and botanical extracts to pamper your skin. The premium formulation keeps the skin glowing and improves skin texture as well. With this shower gel in your bathroom cabinet, you can enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience within the comfort of your home. Infused with skin-friendly ingredients, it will not only cleanse your skin thoroughly but will also hydrate it. Suitable for all skin types, it’s the best way to remain fresh all day.  

Peach & Avocado Shower Gel, 250 ml

St.Botanica Peach & Avocado Shower Gel not only removes deep-seated dirt but also helps you attain a healthy glow. Peaches are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that help minimise the appearance of blemishes and dark spots on your skin. It helps to nurture your skin from within. Avocados provide nourishment to your skin and help reduce redness and inflammation. The natural elements together can also help reduce acne and acne marks. Using this product can also stimulate collagen production.

What is Body Wash and Its Uses

Using a moisturising body wash can make a whole lot of difference to your skin. A body wash is enriched with hydrating ingredients that cleanse the body. It has a runny texture similar to that of liquid detergent. But how to use a body wash? It’s as simple as it gets. Quite similar to using a shower gel, take some body wash on your palm or loofah sponge and massage it on wet skin before washing it off. Use nourishing body lotions afterwards. 

Here are some body wash uses you need to know of.

  • Efficiently cleanses the body leaving it moisturised.
  • Best way to get rid of bacteria, dirt, excess oil, and sweat.
  • Good way to get rid of tan. 
  • Best replacement for bathing soaps. 

St.Botanica Recommends Best Body Wash

Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Body Wash, 250 ml

St.Botanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Body Wash is enriched with the delightful fragrance of Bulgarian Rose Otto. It deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the body. Enriched with premium natural skin conditioning agents, it leaves the skin supple and radiant. It is packed with the goodness of rose, natural oils and plant extracts. The rich luxurious lather dissolves all the dirt and grime without disrupting the natural pH level of the skin. It also helps eliminate dryness and dullness. 

Final Verdict: Shower Gel Vs Body Wash

Both ensure healthy and glowing skin. Those with dry skin should opt for a nourishing body wash that will help them get rid of dead skin cells. The hydrating formula of a body wash is best for those with sensitive skin too. Meanwhile, a shower gel will thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove all dirt, grime, and excess oil. Choose one according to your skin type and concerns. 

Shower gel vs body wash — the choice completely depends on your needs. Both cleansing products are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients and leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturised. Show your body some love and cleanse gently with a shower gel or body wash. 

FAQs On Shower Gel And Body Wash Difference

Can I use shower gel as a body wash?

You can use your shower gel as a body wash as the process is the same. But yes it might not be able to give you enough hydration. So we recommend choosing a bath product according to your skin type and weather.

When should we use shower gel?

You can use shower gel at any time of the day. Whether you’re starting your day early in the morning or before going to bed, it is okay to use shower gel.

Can shower gel be used on the face?

No, shower gel is not suitable to use on the face as the skin of the face is comparatively sensitive and fragile. Shower gels contain ingredients that are too harsh for the delicate skin of your face. Therefore, it is best to choose a gentle cleansing product specifically formulated for the face that suits your skin type to preserve your skin health.

Can shower gel and body wash be used interchangeably?

Yes, shower gel and body wash can be used interchangeably as they are used to clean your skin. However, you might want to consider each offer’s benefits and disadvantages, particularly in terms of moisturising benefits. 

What impact does the fragrance in body wash and shower gel have on my skin?

Fragrances in body washes and shower gels make your bathing experience more enhanced. However, they might irritate people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions. So you should look for body wash or shower gel with natural fragrance or even fragrance-free products if you’re concerned about experiencing irritation.

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