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“Invest in Your Hair. You Wear It Everyday”

Your hair is a crown that you never take off and it is something that needs to be protected at all costs. Being an important part of your personality, having good looking strands is the most essential requirement as it has a great impact on your self-esteem and mood. As per the beauty experts, possessing beautiful hair is the topmost reason for compliments a woman gets beside her eyes and smile. And when people stare, why not make it worth their while?

How you feel about your looks has a significant impact on your behavior and your hair without a question has a huge influence on your appearance. From a moral point of view, judging someone by their appearance is not a good thing to do but from the scientific perspective, this is pretty much wrong. Studies have shown that how you look has a ginormous effect on your behavior. Your bad looks can mentally demote you down in the social circle and that certainly is not good for your self-credence or your professional performance. Further, let’s talk about some factors that may be responsible for the deterioration of your lengths.

Baneful UV rays: The sun rays are assumed to be healthy for the body. There isn’t much doubt in this! But overexposure to its radiation is notoriously known to parch the strands and can be the reason for poor texture and scalp, making your strands brittle and straw-like.

What You Eat Matters: Additionally, the diet you devour, weather, pollution, and other environmental factors can be inimical and contribute to the breakdown of your hair, causing its shaft to be fragile and prone to tear, paving an easy way for split ends and frizziness-for instance. When they are in a fragile state, putting any added stress can lead to more of their damages.

However, maintaining a healthy, beautiful barnet and becoming a proud possessor of superb curls is easier than you might ponder. With the assistance of a good quality shampoo and proper care, you can turn your dream of healthy hair into reality.

What makes your tresses dirty/damaged?

Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland on your scalp. It is a natural oil that keeps your curls moisturized and by acting as a shield on the skin surface, this lubricant safeguards your tresses and epidermis from pollution and extreme heat from long sun exposures- that are otherwise termed as major offenders for skin aging and other harmful effects. It also furnishes defense from several infections and other diseases caused by bacteria. Sebum is known to permeate down the hair shaft to secure each strand and keeps your hair healthy.

All of us produce sebum all through our lives but hormonal changes can lead to an increase or decrease in their levels which can be damaging as well. More than the required quantity of this oil can make your mane greasy and when it combines with dust, it gets even dirtier. The shampoo has chemicals called surfactants that act as an emulsifier that seizes and traps excess oil and debris which you rinse out later transforming it into a clean and shiny barnet.

But excessive sebum is not the only foe that your curls have, there can be various other factors that can result in hair damage, and let’s dig deeper to know how shampoo can be a savior for your tresses!

  • Cosmetic procedures: A loss of curls is not always engendered due to a complete fall of the entire strand of hair but in most conditions, the reason for the damage can be breakage of the hair strand. The ever-increasing employment of styling devices like iron rods, straighteners, curling machines, blow dryers, etc. can cause hair breakage due to which your locks lose the natural shine and texture. Moreover, the highly bragged synthetic shampoos often infused with chemicals like “Mica and Titanium dioxide” created for treating many such problems can abet in regaining the lost sheen, but at the same time can be lethal for the tresses. Thus, it is advisable to opt for greener options for impeccable outcomes.
  • Dandruff: This condition has become quite a dime a dozen situation, with every third person complaining of this issue. Because of a dearth of natural oils, the existence of dry scalp prevails resulting in flakes appearing more prominently. Believe it or not, people suffering from dandruff find it quite embarrassing especially in social gatherings.Try a shampoo for your tress that is subsumed with natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil for hair (swipe away any sorts of irritation from the scalp) and ichthyol pale (safeguards the upper layer of scalp). It’s highly likely that by a persistent utilization of such a cleanser, your dandruff problem would be sorted in the quickest span.
  • Thinning of hair: Natural scalp oil keeps your strands looking glossy, but most of the shampoos induced with harsh chemicals can strip them away. Once again we are insisting on plying a hair care product stuffed with natural elements.
  • Split ends: A good blend of natural extracts and essential hydrating oils present in some shampoos can provide a boost of moisture to damaged, dry hair, and restoring ingredients like biotin and panthenol seals up split ends.
  • Rasping integrals: The showing up of rough integrals in color/dyes can take away the smoothness and natural texture of your tresses making them rough and frizzy. Some shampoos are mild in nature and contain light ingredients that provide the necessary moisture and nourishment to your hair. Thus you can experience a healthy mane, which is stronger more than ever before.
  • Limp and weighed down hair: Without the right hair care product, beautiful hair can turn lifeless and limp. People with fine hair have more strands than usual, which essentially means that each strand has an oil excreting follicle that results in more sebum. This overproduction can make your curls look flat, limp, and weighed down. Shampoos that contain mineral oils & citric acid which are great for all hair types and have potential to bring more volume and bounce to your mane and provide moisture to turn it soft, supple, and smooth.
  • Dryness: Sun exposure, hot curling rods, smoking, or even an extremely hot water shower can rob off your natural oil/moisture and can trigger dryness of hair and scalp. A good hydrating shampoo, which does not constitute alcohol, sulfates, and silicone shall be always preferred, as such components can cause more witheredness. Additionally, scout for a product rich in jojoba, coconut oil, and aloe vera as these additives aid to effectively maintain the balance of natural oil and lock in the moisture. That said, you might be familiar with such statements: if your hairs are rigorously affected by dryness you should look for a shampoo that contains Hydantoin, PEG-45M, Gelatin, Acacia Senegal Gum, Propylene Glycol, and Xanthan Gum as these elements have water retention properties, which aids in getting rid of roughness, dullness, and frizz and keep your hair hydrated. While these are just the claims and may prove beneficial, there isn’t a guarantee. That’s why; beauty connoisseurs are taking relevant steps to sensitize more and more individuals of the advantages of maneuvering organic elements. Without any known side effects, the positive results by implying them in your schedule will be definitely seen.
  • Hair fall: Hair fall can be a nightmare for those who wish to have a long and voluminous mane. Stress, diet, pollution, hormonal changes, unnatural practices such as blow-drying, styling gel, and other chemical hair treatment can turn this nightmare into reality by striking the root of your strands, which in turn causes hair fall. In order to curb this situation, many brands offer shampoos that contain anti-hair fall elements like amino acids, plant keratin, proteins, neem Amla extract, and so on, which can reduce the loss of strands, promote growth and regenerate new follicles.
To sum up

As it has been rightly saying, “It is perfectly okay to be a little obsessed with your hair”. From defending your skin against solar radiation and pollutants to having a great impact on your personality, mood, and most importantly your looks, owning good hair can be a blessing, and maintaining a healthy, beautiful mane is indeed a necessity.

So, the next time when you go shopping for a hair care product, do not forget to buy a shampoo which is more suitable according to your type and the condition of your hair.

And if you intend to procure them in high quality that’s assimilated with only the organic ingredients, look no further as we’ve got you covered. Dealing with the business of beauty and hair care for over years now, we manufacture splendid topicals that have been able to successfully fulfill the demands of our esteemed customers. What’s more, another reason to get associated with us: St. Botanica delivers its topicals at the most affordable prices! This otherwise means more savings and the idiom stands true “a penny saved is a penny earned”.

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Further, browse through some of our largest selling shampoos. Here are just two of them!
Go Long Hair Shampoo

Do you know? Shampoos are often packed with holistic ingredients but they also contain elements that can be toxic for head hair and the planet. Howbeit, the new-age organic cleaners have come a long way; the formula doesn’t contain harmful sulfate and detergents known to badly damage the tresses in the long run. If you are a green beauty aficionado check out St.Botanica Go Long Hair Shampoo; the gentle formula is packed with potent active botanicals to take your entire beauty arsenal to the next level. The onion extract rich cleanser offers deep leather which cleans the hair without stripping natural oils, also the onion is known to avert baldness along with preventing breakage. Plus, the antimicrobial properties combat bacterium, the major cause of dandruff proffering healthier, softer, and supple tresses.

Moreover, the product is infused with the goodness of caffeine which seals the moisture into the locks along with boosting natural shine! To add, it also stimulates blood circulation which abets in growing hair faster. Furthermore, the cleanser is formulated with powerful Panax ginseng renowned for its dermal cell properties on the head skin that not only prevents hair graying and shedding but also intensely strengthens the follicles- A certified natural solution to make your curls thicker and fuller.

Additionally, the clarifying shampoo is also extremely nourishing all thanks to pea protein in it- an element packed with amino acids and nutrients that avert breakage as well as seals the moisturization ““ all you have is well-hydrated, protected, and voluminous locks.

Besides this, the shampoo is packed with robust red onion which owns high sulfur content that lessens down breakage and thinning along with restoring the nutrient and amplifying strength into the hair shaft. On top of this, the ginkgo Biloba powerhouse of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ““ it succors in lifting the gunk and grime from the hair shaft while shielding the tresses from environmental aggressors like pollution, dirt, and dust bringing back the life into the dull mane.

That said, the shampoo is made with no animal derivative, only pure and organic ingredients procured around the globe i.e. it’s cruelty-free! Vegan! And proudly made in India! Not only this, the cleanser is free of baddies which can wreak hair health, might irritate the scalp such as parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and mineral oils. The natural shampoo delivers – Longer, stronger, and beautiful hair!

Super Smooth Curls Are One Wash Away- shop now!

Pro-Tip: For Exceptional result use with St.Botanica Go Long Hair Conditioner

Go Curls Hair Shampoo

Make your hair care regimen a little greener, cleaner, and healthier with natural shampoos. They are packed with pronounceable ingredients that are safe for nature and the skin. So, a truly organic cleanser doesn’t only pull out the gunk from hair follicles but also offers deep nourishment. Here we have St.Botanica Go Curls Hair Shampoo; a dermatologist-approved certified shampoo with an innovative formula that smells divine offers squeaky clean shiny tresses after one wash. The star substance in the detoxifying shampoo is Avocado oil – loaded with vitamins and minerals to nourish the extra frizzy flyaways along with restoring softness. Plus, the plush product has Chamomile extract which is renowned for lessening down dandruff, soothe an irritated scalp, and abet in growing locks credit it has anti-inflammatory properties- get shinier, fuller, and distress locks!

Moreover, the cleanser will not strip off natural oil from the scalp instead it is packed with a hefty dose of moisturization all thanks to Vitamin E ““ a powerhouse element loaded with antioxidants that safeguard the tresses from external factors such as baneful UV rays, pollution, and grime. Also, the potent vitamin lowers down the oxidative stress on curls making them hydrated, voluminous, and super-smooth.

Furthermore, fatty acid laden flaxseed oil is also enriched in the shampoo which nurtures hair follicles offering much-needed nutrients while also encouraging healthy curls growth. Besides this, the product has queens of all oil alias Moroccan argan oil ““ chock full of omega9, vitamin E, omega 3, and fatty acids which deeply moisturize the strands, even the driest, extra wiry, and fragile locks gets soft and smooth after just one wash.

Don’t believe us? The ultimate product also has pea protein an amino acid possess compound which forms a protein-rich layer on the strands making them strong and less prone to breakage. That said the high-end shampoo is free of animal cruelty along with being vegan also. Did we mention? It is proudly made in India! Lastly, the formula is safe for every hair type even the most finicky scalp can use the shampoo as it doesn’t contain harmful solvents like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone. Up your hair care regimen and incorporate the luxurious formula in your beauty arsenal for clean, revived, vibrant, and serious shine in tresses.

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Pro-Tip: For Exceptional result use with St.Botanica Go Curls Hair Conditioner

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