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Understanding The Benefits Of Non-Comedogenic Skin Moisturizer

Non Comedogenic Moisturizer & Its Benefits

One of the most technical skin care terms that is buzzing all around is “Non-Comedogenic”. You must have read this term on many of the skincare products available at the beauty drugstores.

What Does The Term Non-Comedogenic Mean?

These days a lot of consumers are asking more and more questions about the products they put on their faces. Considering this, there is a technical word you should master for that morning and evening skin care regimens of yours: non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic describes something pretty simple – products likely to help us avoid skin pore blockages and other unwelcome signs of acne that may result. Non-comedogenic products are specifically formulated to help reduce potential blockage of visible pores, so they are very beneficial to the skim. “Comedo” is the term that describes the condition of a blocked pore. Products that state that they are designed with a non-comedogenic formula can help clarify your skin with a reduced chance of blocking your pores. If your skin has acne, blackheads, or are prone to clogged pores, using non-comedogenic skincare products and cosmetics might help reduce the number of breakouts you get.

Importance Of Non-Comedogenic Moisturizers

While non-comedogenic moisturizers may not completely prevent acne, they can help to reduce the effects and causes of acne and pimples by cleaning out the excess sebum and bacteria that block your pores. The ingredients present in a non-comedogenic moisturizer also help to dissolve excess oil in the hair follicle and remove any dead skin cells from the surface that could clog your pores. In skin conditions where you suffer from pimples or acne, it is important to know that blocked pores might not be the only cause of breakouts. Other major causes of acne may include hormonal changes, excess dead skin cells, bacteria contamination, and the type of skin you have. Blocked pores can counteract your skin from looking healthy and glowing as well as can result in blemishes. This is because your skin may not be able to expel excess oil and sebum, as it should due to the blockage. Skincare products, particularly moisturizers should be hydrating but not so thick that your skin can no longer breathe. Keep an eye out for the word “non-comedogenic” if you want to help keep your pores from becoming clogged yet still want to hydrate and nourish your skin. It is essential to find the most suitable moisturizer for your skin type to ensure healthy-looking and glowing skin. Moisturizers with essential botanical ingredients are mostly non-comedogenic and work miraculously for acne-prone skin. One of the wonder products is the Oriental Botanics’ Australian Tea Tree Face Gel. This is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy face gel enriched with natural oils and plant extracts for moisturizing and nourishing the acne-prone and oily skin. It is a non-comedogenic gel that quickly permeates the skin without clogging the pores and improves the condition of the stressed skin. It restores the skin’s lipid barrier without leaving behind greasy residues so that your skin feels soft and smooth without feeling greasy. Rich in nutrients that help in the regeneration of the skin cells, this face gel helps to repair the damaged skin. It helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress due to exposure to pollution. It has an illuminating effect on the skin and helps in lightening the dark spots and blemishes.

How To Determine If Your Moisturizer Is Non-Comedogenic?

Let us review what are the causes of acne on your skin. The major underlying problem is that oil, hair, and dead skin cells plug a follicle in the skin, providing the environment for bacteria already on the skin to grow and spread into the follicle. Hormones, particularly active when you are a young adult are major contributors. Similarly, pregnancy or a person’s tendency toward naturally oily skin can also be responsible. There is also a belief that certain foods can spark an acne breakout. According to popular research, high glycemic diets, and those high in dairy, can worsen acne. In general, though, acne is not caused by diet. Most importantly, if you are prone to acne, your goal is to avoid blockages in the first place. It is vital to make sure that your pores don’t get plugged. This is somewhat complex due to the myriad products out there making all sorts of claims. In general, there are no federal regulations or rules from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the use of the word “non-comedogenic” for products like moisturizers and makeup. If your skin is breakout-prone, you may have the tendency to buy non-comedogenic moisturizers and cosmetic products just for the added peace of mind. Check the label of the moisturizer packing”” it will say non-comedogenic (or non-acnegenic) right there on the label. The feel of a moisturizer is not the correct indication of whether it is non-comedogenic or not. There are some very emollient, greasy-feeling products that do not contain comedogenic ingredients, and very light products that do. Also, if you are an avid label reader, you might think it is interesting to check the ingredients in your products on a comedogenicity scale. According to skin care experts, any ingredient with a score of 2 or less is considered non-comedogenic. But it is not essential to drive yourself too crazy, though. Even ingredients with a higher number can be beneficial, depending on the formulation and how much is actually in the finished product. The Aloe vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Night Gel from Oriental Botanics is a lightweight and non-comedogenic night moisturizer. This Night Gel supplies your skin the external hydration and superior nourishment essential for rebuilding and revitalizing the skin. It is packed with nutrients that are vital for sustaining the nighttime cell renewal and regeneration process so that your skin retains its youthful elasticity. It helps in repairing the microscopic damages in the skin that occur due to daylong exposure to sunlight and pollution. It restores the skin’s protective moisture barrier and strengthens the antioxidant defense against free radicals. Adding this product to your daily nighttime skincare regimen helps in lightening the blemishes and gives you a clear and radiant complexion.

Highlighting The Benefits Of Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer

  • Its formulation helps to keep the pores clear to reduce acne on the skin.
  • It is very useful in controlling excessive oiliness in people with oily skin.
  • Such moisturizers do not strip the skin of necessary moisture.
  • Your skin feels light and not loaded with heavy ingredients
  • Most importantly botanical moisturizers with non-comedogenic properties don’t contain overwhelming fragrances.
  • Often such moisturizers are loaded with nourishing ingredients to soothe skin.
  • With the type of properties that it has, non-comedogenic moisturizer can be used on normal, oily, or sensitive skin.

You can use Oriental Botanics’ Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Sunscreen SPF 50. It is a non-comedogenic moisturizer with sunscreen properties. The sunscreen agents work synergistically with plant actives to provide the highest level of protection from solar radiation. With SPF 50, it forms a protective umbrella on your skin, which is capable of blocking 98% of UVB rays that are responsible for sunburn, tanning, and patchy uneven complexion. With PA+++, it is highly effectual in shielding the skin from UVA rays that penetrate deep into the skin and trigger premature ageing of the skin. This Oriental Botanics’ Sunscreen is unique because it is enriched with premium botanical extracts that help strengthen the natural antioxidant barrier of the skin and deliver moisture to preserve the natural suppleness of the skin. The result is perfectly protected balanced, nourished, and hydrated skin.

What To Look For In A Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer For Oily Skin?

The right moisturizer for oily skin is designed with the aim to reduce redness, shine, and irritation. It should also aptly hydrate the skin without causing excessive oiliness. For a feather-light, non-comedogenic moisturizer, look for ingredients that are not heavy on the skin. The unique gel-based moisturizers from Oriental Botanics absorbs into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue like other moisturizers. They also hydrate and seal in moisture for skin that looks and feels fresh and vibrant. What makes a moisturizer so effective is its powerful blend of ingredients. It should have a formula that contains enough antioxidants helping to nourish and protect the skin, as well as plant extract that promote healing while reducing melanocyte activity in discolored areas caused by old blemishes. For acne skin care prevention, the moisturizer can also contain naturally purifying essential oils to keep your complexion clean and clear. Many people are under the misconception that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer at all. Well, this isn’t true! Just like normal and dry skin, oily skin necessitates hydration to keep it healthy. However, not any moisturizer will serve the purpose. Aim for a moisturizer that will help to control the shine on the face and use it as a part of face skin care regimen for at least sometime before deciding if it is right for you. For a range of non-comedogenic moisturizers that contain essential botanical ingredients.


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