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Ways To Fix That Extra Shine On Your Face

Light seems perfect when it is reflected off mirrors or other shiny surfaces, and of course! Not your face. Shiny skin can be a nuisance. You may try to alleviate this problem by thinking that your face is required to be rewashed. You can unknowingly aggravate already irritated skin.

We know that you want your hair and nails to be shiny, but definitely not your skin – Not so much. If you find that your forehead is shiny by lunchtime, you can blame your overactive sebaceous glands. They produce the sebum (oil on the surface of the skin) that makes your skin look shiny and greasy.

You have probably noticed that the shine is worse across the T-zone of your face. That is because your sebaceous glands are more concentrated in this area. The shine may also be worse in the summer months when you perspire more, and sweat and oil are more likely to pool on your skin. We all struggle with shine from time to time. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to figure out what’s giving your skin a little bit of extra shine. That makes figuring out how to fix it a little bit more complicated, too. However, the good news is that the oil that causes shine isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a perfectly healthy part of your skin’s barrier. But sometimes, the environment, the products you use, and even your hormones can throw off your skin’s natural balance.

What Causes Shiny Skin?

You must understand that there are a few different causes of shiny, greasy skin.

One of the obvious reasons is that if you have more sebaceous glands, you might simply have oilier skin than someone who has fewer of these oil-producing glands. But remember that your number of sebaceous glands is genetically determined. A high number is more common in people with fair skin, according to skin care experts.

Your T-zone that comprises of your forehead, nose, chin, and around your mouth is also packed with sebaceous glands. So it tends to be the oiliest part of your face. On top of excess sebum, other factors can contribute to oiliness and shine, such as your hormones, especially during adolescence or pregnancy, medication, anxiety or stress, environmental factors, or sweating. One surprising potential factor is dry skin.

According to dermatologists, over-exfoliating, for example, can alter your skin’s natural barrier function, leading to dehydration and tighter-feeling skin. Harsh products that strip the skin of natural oils can also contribute to the problem. Often when our skin lacks moisture, it can feel tight and itchy but also look oily. Say you wash your face too often and don’t moisturize it. Your body may trigger an overproduction of oil to try to compensate for this lack of moisture.

Ways To Combat & Minimize Extra Shine

The good news is that you can do several things to help minimize shine and keep your skin mattified and oil balanced. One really good news is that women with shiny skin tend to age more slowly. So while it may bother you now, you will be grateful for it in the future. Here is how to keep the shine in check:

1. Understand The Chemistry Of Your Skin:

That sheen you often see by noon is sebum (a combination of dead skin cells and lipids) secreted from sebaceous glands. While the lipids, or fats, do their job as buffers, protecting the skin from moisture-sucking elements in a high amount can quickly turn your skin from glistening to greasy. Often there is a misconception that more oil is spewed during warmer months. In reality, the heat melts the oil and makes it more like a liquid. The excess sweat causes the oil to be even more apparent, like an oil slick on top of the water. Unfortunately, if you are cursed with an overproduction of oil, there is not much you can do about it. According to skin care professionals, the amount of ‘oiliness’ is genetically predetermined. What you can best do is to alter your beauty regimen to keep it under control.

2. Swap Your Cleanser:

Be wary of cleansers that claim to reduce oil. You need to know that all cleansers (except those targeted for sensitive skin) will remove oil for the time being, but then it comes right back. Avoid products that might induce irritation, like those with too many chemicals or oil-based ones that are too gentle. Look for mild foaming formulas as opposed to creamy, which can cut through grease without over-drying skin. Though it may not always be the case, an oil-slicked complexion is often linked to acne-prone skin. With sebum, there is an increase in bacteria, which can lead to acne. To prevent breakouts, try pimple-targeted formulas with gentle and natural ingredients.

A good one is to try Oriental Botanics Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Wash helps eliminate all traces of grime and grease and refreshes the skin. Packed with the goodness of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, this face wash is created for everyday skin freshness. It is highly effective in removing the deep-seated dirt and product residues and enhances the clarity of the skin. The mild ingredients in the Face Wash help remove excess oil from the skin and bring out your skin’s natural radiance. This is the ideal Face Wash for troubled skin. The bioactive constituents of the Face Wash work synergistically to soothe the irritated skin.

3. Call In For An Extra Step:

You can control that extra sheen on your face by adding a de-greasing step to your routine with Toner. In the morning, dab an alcohol-free Toner to clean skin and help reduce shine throughout the day. This helps remove excess oil along with dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of essential moisture.

We recommend you to try Oriental Botanics Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Toner. It helps manage the skin’s oil production and replenish the hydration and minimize the acne-prone and oily skin problems. Its clarifying effect rids the skin of product residues and dead skin cells, clears the pores, and refreshes the skin. It has a cooling and calming effect and rejuvenates dull and tired skin. Pure essential oils and botanical extracts are infused in the Facial Toner to improve the troubled skin condition. The pH balancing effect of the facial toner helps to improve the condition of the skin vulnerable to breakouts.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Moisturizer:

It helps replace moisture lost during cleansing. Preferably, apply an oil-free, water-based moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF in the morning to keep skin hydrated and protected from the sun. If you are consistently stripping your skin of all its natural lipids, it could cause your skin to overcompensate with even more oil. The key here is balance. Choose a non-comedogenic formula to help keep pores clear and your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Or try a gel moisturizer that contains powder for hydration with a matte finish.

We recommend you to try Oriental Botanics Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Gel. This face gel hydrates the skin without making it sticky. It soothes the irritated and inflamed skin, nourishes it, and enhances the skin tone. It keeps the skin moisture, oil and pH balanced. This is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy Face Gel that is enriched with natural oils and plant extracts for moisturizing and nourishing the acne-prone and oily skin. It is a non-comedogenic Gel that quickly permeates the skin without clogging the pores and improves the stressed skin condition.

5. Commit To Masks Weekly:

You should prefer applying a mask a few times a week to draw out impurities and keep grease flares under control. Face Masks also help acne-prone skin to simultaneously clear angry pimples and unclog pores.

To get rid of that extra shine and maintain the skin’s natural moisture level, try Oriental Botanics Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Face Mask. This Face Mask is created for instantly rejuvenating the dull skin and restoring its natural radiance. It is the skin care product you need before a special event to quickly reveal your skin’s inner radiance. Pampering your skin frequently with this hydrating and nourishing Face Mask helps increase your skin’s clarity, luminosity, and suppleness. It helps detoxify the skin and restores the skin’s normal moisture balance, and your skin feels softer after removing the Mask. The bioactive constituents of the Mask easily penetrate your skin and support in the renewal and regeneration of the skin cells.

Ultimately, many different factors play a role in how oily your skin is. Some, like genetics, might be out of your control. Others, like how often you are scrubbing or moisturizing, are something you can modify. Small changes to your skin care routine can often work to help you manage the shine. Oriental Botanics provides luxurious natural skin care products that are ideal for healthy, glowing, & blemish-free skin.

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