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Why You Should Buff Your Body Also Not Just the Face!!!

Well, you won’t deny the fact that our body on a daily basis is exposed to irritants that takes a toll on its appearance. Be it the dead cells, weather change, and even stress, there are many factors that contribute to hampering the natural radiance of the skin. The outcome is a dry and dull complexion that’s enough to bring down your self-esteem and confidence.

That’s why more and more aficionados press on the leading method of exfoliation that tends to restore the body’s natural glow in the quickest span possible. And, what better than shedding of the dead cells and the buildup residue with the assistance of a body scrub! Through this article, we’ll talk on how to exfoliate, how to make the best use of body scrubs, and how often you should be implying it into your regimen to get impeccable outcomes. The hope is that if you employ the right products along with a proper routine for scrubbing your body, you will most definitely be able to attain satisfying and spa-like after-effects that gets your body’s glow back in motion.

“Healthy Skin Is Not An Overnight Process”

Here are 5 body scrub benefits that are pivotal for you to know
  • It uplifts your skin to make it look more energized

How demoralizing is it when you experience a toned-down lustreless skin? Perhaps, it is due to the buildup of dead cells that demands a deep cleansing. This is when the paramount role of a body scrub comes into action that can quickly remove these inoperative cells that are accountable for dull skin. What’s more, it even speeds up the renewing process guaranteeing smooth and rejuvenated looks that almost every one of us desires.

In continuation, there are some sections of our body like elbows and knees that because of leaning, bustling, blending requires the most smoothing. Moreover, there are also the hardest parts that need a great effort to even out. Frankly speaking, applying a body scrub is the way to go that experts recommend smoothing out these annoying dry spots.

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  • They act as Amazing Moisturizing Boosters

Thanks to continuous advents in technologies, we know have body scrubs that no longer dry out the skin. They are so well-formulated in a way to dispense enough hydration to the skin when you scrub it. This in turn further amplifies the effects of lotions, moisturizers, and creams-for example, as these can be easily assimilated by the body because of an augmented skin’s receptivity at this state. Of course, when the dead skin cells exist, the products you enroll do not work at their optimum capacity as they aren’t integrated deeply into the skin. Luckily by scrubbing, skincare products can work more effectively without endeavoring a lot. In simpler words, the complexion looks healthier as it is sufficed with the hydration and nourishment it needs. Plus, dampening the skin essentially succors to strengthen the skin defenses against environmental aggressors.

  • How Wonderful! Body Scrubs can also prevent acne breakouts

Also termed keratinocytes, the dead cells are one of the largest offenders for engendering clogged pores inviting the occurrence of acne breakouts. The reason for this is that your skin is likely to induce more sebum and when this is confined in the pores, the consequence is those pesky breakouts. People with such conditions are generally low on confidence to expose their skin while swimming or heading towards beaches. Body scrubbing lends a helping hand in such a state that abets in removing acne scars and even impedes the forming of the new ones. Besides, when the skin pores are not jammed, the shaping of ingrown hairs is averted which is quite painful and is ugly to look at. Put simply, scrubbing your body is one of the best habits that play a critical function in cleansing the pores. However, it is imperative to pick the right product for your body that suits your skin.

  • You will have a more Youthful and clearer Complexion

Needless to say-Blemishes and impurities are guilty of making your demeanor look older. But worry not; it’s a mundane problem that most of the population out there comes across. Exfoliating your body assists to get rid of the lackluster appearance that can drastically impact your morale. It usually takes about a month before newer cells reach the outermost layer of the skin. Employing a body scrub twice or thrice a week can chip in speed up this procedure giving you a more youthful and clearer complexion.

  • That ever-lasting Fragrance Keeping Bad Odor at bay

Scouting to get that amazing feeling while getting the fragrance of your choice? Yes with the use of a body scrub you can keep the unwanted bad odor at a distance with its sweet aroma smell. This versatile product, beyond the skin clearing rewards, dispense a perfume like-feeling that can soothe and relax your body all day long. Additionally, it is thought that basking in fragrant heaven by the maneuver of body scrubs can help in keeping the pleasant experience for a longer time on exfoliated skin when compared to the other skin products. Now, you can very well imagine why these scrubs are part of every spa sessions and massages.

How to Exfoliate?

Availing a body scrub in your routine is perhaps considered to be one of the easiest ways. Pull the container, scoop a bit of product out of the jar, and then apply it onto the skin in a circular motion, followed by rinsing. Keep in mind of not pairing body scrubs with body wash, as concurrent use of two products can cause dryness. While the execution is pretty simple, below are some pointers that one need’s to comply with when plying a body scrub.

  • Don’t put too much of pressure

When you exfoliate, be mindful of not exerting too much pressure. Most people are mistaken that putting a force favors more rewards. Rather it can strain the skin which can lead to taking away healthy tissues.

  • Prepare your body for exfoliation

Recommended by the panel of our experts: Prior scrubbing, set the tone of your body for exfoliation! Soften the skin with warm or hot water. This gears up your body for exfoliation. Try avoiding water that’s too hot, as you may end in drying out your skin.

  • Patch testing on Sensitive Skin

Exfoliation may differ from person to person depending on their skin types. If you have sensitive skin it’s opined that you should go with a body scrub on a very small portion. See how your body reacts and then you can apply further.

Generally speaking, the chances of unexpected behavior from exfoliation are usually less likely to happen as the skin on our body is a way more flexible when equated to that of the face.

How frequently should you be using a body scrub?

Typically, there’s no thumb rule for enacting a body scrub, you may start with the application once a week, and then gradually increasing to 3-4 times per week. If you’re a novice with exfoliation, start with one part of your body to see the results. For a delicate skin that’s susceptible to allergies, a consultation with a Derm before beginning a scrub’s procedure is advisable, as distinct skin may respond all together differently. Using an exfoliating body scrub can irritate your skin, and its irregular application won’t be rewarding which won’t be able to restrain those exasperating clogged pores and hardened skin.

For your attention: The plethora of benefits a body scrub provides may not shine in all the brands. There are wide lists of body scrubs available in the market that supplements the harshest ingredients that can certainly take a toll on your skin. So, it’s paramount that you must pick a product that has organic formulations that are gentle on the skin.

In other words, give your skincare experience a boost by enforcing beauty products from St. Botanica Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub. This double-duty exfoliator not only sloughs away dead skin but also rejuvenates the dermis gratitude to Colombian coffee seed powder. It is designed with extremely moisturizing cocoa butter which is like bliss for people with parched skin as it doesn’t irritate their sensitive complexion. Extremely nourishing Glycerin and micro blood circulation-boosting caffeine are also the part of this super effective scrub. The punch of natural additives such as orange peel extract and K beauty favorite- Aloe Vera effectively ensures deeply cleaning the pores and soothing the skin at the same time. Plus, to fight pigmentation it has vitamin B3 which seals moisture to offer supple and radiant texture. If you are suffering from red bumps, eczema, rosacea, and breakouts then it’s recommended to change the beauty regime to gratify it. Harsh chemicals, soaps, and perfumed scrub can take the situation to the next level, which indicates the targeted approach is required to tackle it. So, it’s suggested to inculcate this highly effective natural botanicals product into your shower routine to feel the fantastic visible results.

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