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Wonderful Ways To Protect Textured Hair Year Round

If you have textured hair, protecting them calls for numerous hair care techniques because the hardest thing is to maintain them. Whether you have a wavy, curly, or coily texture, everything from the hairstyles you choose to the products you use can make a difference in terms of protecting them year round and aiming for overall hair health.

Describing Textured Hair

You obviously know that all hair growing out of our head is natural, right? But textured hair is where strands create shapes, like curves, spirals, zig-zags, or waves. Your hair is probably kinky, coily, curly, or wavy. It is essential to know your hair’s texture so that you can treat it correctly for its type and re-set your expectations of what can be achieved with it.

Textured hair can definitely be beautiful and bouncy provided you are aware of the correct techniques to protect them in every season.

We are listing some of the important hair care tips for textured hair below:

Try Protective Styles & Treat The Hair With Care

Apart from wrapping the hair with silk or satin materials, choosing low-maintenance hairstyles will preserve the overall health of textured hair. As suggested by many hair care experts, the less you manipulate your hair, the greater chance it will have to grow and not become broken. This means that if you put your hair into a style that doesn’t have to be manipulated daily, you will give it a better chance of maintaining and growing. People with textured hair are often recommended to try protective hairstyles such as a twist out, braids and twists (with or without extensions), crochet hairstyles, and faux locks. Please do not skimp on detangling the hair when it is not styled. Detangling the hair is an important task to perform at least once a week. Use a good quality brush for detangling hair without pulling it out.

When it comes to hair that may be over-processed from chemical treatments such as hair coloring or straightening, it is vital to try limiting styling and avoiding extensions. In a case where the hair is damaged from chemicals, hair care experts recommend using a protective style. Additionally, you should also upgrade your routine. Other than cleansers, conditioners, tea rinses, and oils with all-natural ingredients to replenish the processed hair, professionals suggest adding a strengthening treatment into the mix. This is because the chemically treated hair needs lots of protein. Using gentle and botanical ingredients infused hair care products can adequately treat them.

Use Products That Add Plenty Of Moisture To The Hair

Textured hair requires more moisture than any other hair. A good procedure is to use oils on the scalp and hair. It is preferred to do it regularly between washes and to condition the hair with each wash. Hair care experts also recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least twice a month if the hair is damaged and once a month for maintaining their overall health.

Oriental Botanics’ Red Onion Hair Oil is made up of botanical ingredients and comes with perfect formulation for textured hair. This hair oil contains 30 botanical ingredients for advanced hair care. The cold-pressed oils and multiple herbal extracts are advantageous in their own way in promoting the health of the hair. They work synergistically to take care of most of the problems related to your crowning glory. This hair oil deeply moisturizes the dull and dry hair and restores its luster and shine. It easily penetrates the hair follicles and delivers vital nutrients to help maintain the normal hair growth process. The protective oil barrier shields the hair shafts from the harsh weather elements and pollution and minimizes hair damage.

Carefully pick up hair care products that include specific nutrients and also help your hair by providing strength. You will be astonished to know that products with aloe vera, marshmallow root, and green tea, etc. work miraculously for textured hair. Aloe vera, coconut cream, and jojoba oil are particularly nourishing. Professionals also suggest matcha and quinoa as beneficial ingredients for strengthening hair and protecting it from breakage.

We recommend you to use Oriental Botanics’ 99% Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing Gel For Skin & Hair. This is a nutrient-rich natural moisturizer for the hair. With 99% pure aloe vera gel, your hair receives the maximum benefits. It supplies external hydration and nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles and encourages hair growth. It is an excellent conditioner for the hair and smoothes the frizzy hair, softens the dry locks, and makes hair lustrous. Free from toxins, additives, microbes, and other contaminants, this pure natural product suits all hair types.

Cleanse Your Hair But Do Not Stripe

Moisture may be the most critical aspect for textured hair, but you still have to cleanse your hair and scalp, a step that can be drying at best and damaging at worst. So, it is important to determine how to cleanse without losing all that important moisture?

Hair care experts stick to the formula of co-washing also known as “conditioner washing”, which quite literally means washing your hair, but with conditioner. You just need to throw this into your shower routine every two washes as if it were shampoo, massage your scalp and rinse just as you would otherwise.

Oriental Botanics’ Pomegranate Vinegar Hair Conditioner is super creamy and makes your hair feel super clean but not stripped. It will give you a soothing gentle cleanse and deeply conditions the dry hair and instantly softens it, smoothens the frizzes, tames flyaway hairs and makes hair more manageable. It coats each hair strand and forms a protective barrier against environmental pollutants. This hair conditioner packed with the goodness of pomegranate and multiple natural oils and plant extracts has the most beneficial effect on the tresses.

A thing to consider here is that co-washing may not be able to remove buildup like a true shampoo. So when it is time to lather up, opt for a sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo that provides intensive hydration. We would like to recommend Oriental Botanics’ Red Onion Hair Shampoo. This is a gentle and mild shampoo with hydrating, nourishing, balancing and volumizing properties. Enriched with natural oils and herbs, it thoroughly cleans the scalp and hair and leaves the locks soft, smooth, and lustrous. This shampoo contains 27 highest quality botanical ingredients to combine shampooing with advanced hair care. The cleansing agents in the clarifying shampoo though gentle on the scalp and hair can effectively remove dirt, grease and product residues, thereby leaving your scalp and hair perfectly clean. Natural oils infused in the shampoo restore the moisture barrier of the scalp and hydrates the hair so that your hair does not feel dry after shampooing.

Take Care Of Your Hair Throughout The Year

You are aware of the fact that weather conditions change each season, so it becomes important to use steam treatments, moisturizing conditioners, and natural oils between shampoos. To combat colder climates, hair care experts suggest increasing the protein treatments from monthly to bi-weekly, depending on how harsh the conditions are in your region.

Detangle Without Stress

As already known, curly hair is more prone to tricky knots and matting, making it harder to detangle without breakage. A common mistake here is to rely too heavily on conditioner only to do the work without detangling at the first place. The fact here is that there is less breakage when you detangle with fingers. If it’s too much with just your fingers, you can use a wide toothcomb as a last resort, then return to your fingers to finish the detangling process. An expert tip for textured hair people is to first apply conditioner to dry hair a few minutes before hopping in the shower. This adequately helps in softening the curls and detangling them.

Sleep The Right Way

Beauty sleep is not just for your skin care routine, it is also extremely important for your hair as well. According to experts, reducing the amount of friction to the hair while sleeping can prevent breakage. Always prefer gentle oiling with lightweight ingredient to nourish dry hair while adding moisture. Also, you can either sleep on satin pillowcases or wrap your hair with a satin/silk scarf to create a soft and smooth surface for hair. Girls with longer lengths, are suggested wrapping their hair around your head and secure it with large bobby pins, or twisting hair into loose buns to keep it orderly while sleeping.

There are several ways to keep your textured hair protected year round from the harsh environmental aggressors. You just need to establish and follow a great hair care routine according to your hair and scalp type.

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