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Azelaic Acid 10% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Professional Face Serum, 20ml

Azelaic Acid 10% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Professional Face Serum, 20ml

With 10% Azelaic Acid that helps Clear Pores, Reduce Blemishes & Brighten the Skin


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Azelaic Acid 10% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Professional Face Serum, 20ml

Azelaic Acid 10% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Professional Face Serum, 20ml ₹699

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The multi-functional professional face serum is formulated with 10% Azelaic Acid, 1% AlphaArbutin and 1% Hyaluronic Acid. Azelaic Acid. It helps you reveal a uniform complexion while visibly improving the texture of your skin.

  • Azelaic Acid is a naturally occurring acid known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective ingredient that helps unclog pores and refine the skins surface. It is also known to significantly diminish acne, inflammations, acne marks and discolourations.
  • Also formulated with a powerhouse of hydration, 1% Hyaluronic Acid hydrates & promotes soft, plump skin.
  • Alpha Arbutin serum helps tackle pigmentation and Hyaluronic Acid infuses the required hydration into the skin. This highly potent blend with 10% Azelaic acid will help your skin breathe free and keep it healthy and resilient.

St.Botanica Azelaic Acid 10% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + 1% Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum is a blend of skin-brightening & antioxidant-rich ingredients. Get rid of redness, dark spots & hyperpigmentation with Azelaic Acid serum. It is also effective in controlling acne. Azelaic Acid is a powerful ingredient that neutralises the effect of sun damage, maintaining youthful radiance. While Alpha Arbutin is a skin-brightening ingredient that also takes care of the tone and texture of the skin. Vitamin B5 & E are nutrient boosters that nourish skin & help it stay healthy. This serum helps clear pores and blemishes & brighten the skin.

Benefits of Using This Product

  • Brightens & Reduces Pigmentation: Arbutin suppresses melanin activity to decrease unwanted pigmentation. While Azelaic Acid is a highly efficacious ingredient that brightens the surface. It reduces redness and inflammation. Azelaic also helps control acne.
  • Fortifies Skin Barrier: Rich in antioxidants, Azelaic and Vitamin E in serum strengthens the skin barrier and shields skin against damage caused by free radicals.
  • Revives Dry Skin: Vitamin B5 locks in the moisture to revivify dry, dull skin. Well, moisturised skin stays elasticated, resulting in lesser fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrates Skin: Hyaluronic acid prompts to make more elasticity and collagen. It makes it smooth, soft & plump. It also soothes inflamed skin.
  • Paraben-free Formula: This facial serum isfree from harmful chemicals & toxins and is paraben-free, silicone-free and sulphate-free.

Who should use it?

10% Azelaic Acid solution is safe for all skin types. Patch testing is recommended for first-time users.

Why should you use it?

  • No mineral oils
  • No sulphates
  • No parabens
  • No silicones
  • Ethically sourced natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free

Size: 20 ML

Manufacturer detail:

Naturis Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd 1, EPIP, SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana, Jammu- 181 133, Jammu & Kashmir

Country of Origin:


Disclaimer: We recommend carrying out a patch test

Important: All the products shipped will have a shelf life of minimum 6 months

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