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Bakuchiol Face Oil , 30 ml
Bakuchiol Face Oil

Bakuchiol Face Oil , 30 ml

Rejuvenating Face Oil with Anti-Aging Benefits that helps Firm, Tighten & Tone Skin

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Bakuchiol Face Oil , 30 ml

Bakuchiol Face Oil , 30 ml ₹499

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Now is the time to enhance the appearance of your skin with St.Botanica Skin Repair Bakuchiol that will help target skin conditions like reducing blemishes and pigmentations. The formulation will also help strengthen the outer layer of your skin, giving out a radiant glow to shine on.

Boost the collagen production of your skin and look all radiant and glowy with St.Botanica Bakuchiol. This skin restoration oil will help even out your skin tone while improving blood circulation on your skin. Bakuchiol is derived from the babchi plant and can be used to prevent several skin conditions like blemishes and pigmentations. Bakuchiol is useful for many aspects of skincare and can help strengthen the outer layer of your skin, enhancing its ability to retain moisture. It increases your skins firmness, enabling it to maintain its elasticity in the long run. The formulation includes Marula Oil, a widely used ingredient in skincare products. It will effectively help improve the overall appearance of your skin and maintain its integrity. St.Botanica products do not contain any harmful chemicals and are safe for regular use.


  • Bakuchiol is a collagen boosting ingredient that helps in firming the outer layer of your skin.
  • Marula Seed Oil: Marula Oil helps prevent moisture in the skin and retain its elasticity in the long run.
  • Rosehip Oil: Rosehip Oil helps protect your skin from sun damage and improves the appearance of your skin.
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil: Sea Buckthorn Oil helps retain moisture into the skin and maintain its elasticity.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E feeds your skin with nourishment and gives out a radiant glow.

Who Should Use?

Bakuchiol is suitable for all skin types. Normal or Dry skin people will reap maximum benefits from the Oil. Patch Testing is recommended for sensitive skin people.

When To Use?

The Oil is safe to be used at any time of the day. Since it is a plant based safe ingredient, you can even use it twice a day. Make sure to apply Sunscreen in the morning.

How It Works?

The soothing properties of the Oil help calm and comfort the skin. It is often known as an alternative to Retinol and can help fight signs of aging. The Oil has properties that can protect the integrity of your skin while making it more firm, soft and supple.

No Known Negative Interactions!

Bakuchiol is a natural and safe alternative to Retinol. No studies, by far, have reflected any negative effects of using the Oil. Advocates of Bakuchiol suggest that it is safe for topical application even during pregnancy or breastfeeding. But we would recommend patch testing before incorporating a new product into your regimen. If still in doubt, consult your dermatologist.

Size: 30 ML

Manufacturer detail:

Vedic Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd. B-31, Sector 85, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh - 201 305, India. Mfg. Lic. No.: UP16320000029

Country of Origin:


Disclaimer: We recommend carrying out a patch test

Important: All the products shipped will have a shelf life of minimum 6 months

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Good quality products and I like product

28th May, 2023

product quality is great and quantity is also great

22nd May, 2023

Good for aging reduction,

9th Apr, 2023

this oil give my skin a young and beautiful look.

5th Apr, 2023


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