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Curl Bliss Combo

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St.Botanica GO Curls Hair Shampoo is for the gorgeous curly hair divas out there to help manage and tame those curls. The shampoo is forged with essential ingredients to help make your hair more manageable and silky smooth after every wash. Avocado and Pea protein help nourish your curls and make them healthier and stronger with every use.

Conserve your precious curls with our GO Curls Hair Shampoo and flaunt that lustrous mane. The Shampoo is formulated with all the essential and effective ingredients to help preserve your hairs natural moisture and keep them hydrated in the long run. The concoction of Avocado Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Pea Protein and Vitamin E in the Shampoo will help nurture your scalp and prevent dryness. Pea Protein will help form a protective layer around your strands to expedite better protection. Flaxseed oil promotes optimal growth by minimizing breakage and frizziness. St.Botanica products do not contain any harmful chemicals: No Parabens, No SLS/SLES, No Mineral Oils, No Phthalates. They are absolutely safe for regular use.

Whats Inside?

  • Avocado Oil:Avocados can help moisturize, strengthen and repair your hair while assisting in preventing dandruff.
  • Chamomile Extract:Chamomile Extract boosts healthy hair growth while adding shine & softness to the strands.
  • Vitamin E:Vitamin E nourishes and protects the scalp and hair from free radicals damage and baneful UV rays.
  • FlaxSeed Oil:Flax Seed Oil helps prevent breakage and frizziness, thereby assisting in promoting optimal hair growth.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil:Moroccan Argan Oil contains nourishing fatty acids that help keep your tresses hydrated for long.
  • Pea Protein:Pea Protein is rich in amino acids that allow the proteins to bond with your hair and concoct a protective structure.

Who Should Use?

  • People with naturally curly hair can undoubtedly use the Shampoo.
  • People with other hair textures can also use the Shampoo, but it will not make your hair curly.
  • Anyone who wants to minimize breakage & frizziness can also use the Shampoo.

When To Use?

  • It is recommended to use the Shampoo at least once a week.
  • Whenever your curly hair feels greasy, you can use this Shampoo.
  • You can use the Shampoo to append lustre to your curly strands.

Easy Steps To Manage Curly Hair

Detangling curls without breaking them apart is a tiresome task. We have curated a regimen for the curly beauties to help them govern those curls and flex healthy, lustrous, frizz-free strands. Follow the regimen for at least 3 months ceaselessly to expect results.

  • Use Moroccan Argan Hair Oil once every week
  • Wash with GO Curls Hair Shampoo twice or thrice a week
  • Use GO Curls Hair Conditioner after every wash
  • Apply Biotin & Collagen Hair Mask once a week
  • Try our Hair Revival Serum once a week.

What Our Shampoo Doesnt Do!

  • Replace Oiling Sessions:The Shampoo is inculcated with ingredients that can keep the scalp hydrated, but you still need your weekly Oiling sessions to keep it healthy.
  • Replace Hair Care Regimen:You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle while following the regimen- like changing pillowcases every 3 days, eating healthy meals, etc.
  • Similar Results For All:Each hair type has different chemistry. Not every product is apt for everyone. Wait patiently for a few weeks to witness visible outcomes on your hair.

Size: 200 ML

Manufacturer detail:

Vedic Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd. B-31, Sector 85, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh - 201 305, India. Mfg. Lic. No.: UP16320000029

Country of Origin:


Disclaimer: We recommend carrying out a patch test

Important: All the products shipped will have a shelf life of minimum 6 months

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