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St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash 50ml | Brightens Dull Skin & Revives Natural Glow

St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash 50ml | Brightens Dull Skin & Revives Natural Glow

Inspired by Traditional Ayurvedic Formulations Containing Saffron, Rose, Turmeric & Multani Mitti | Removes Deep-seated Impurities & Restores Moisture to the Skin | No Parabens & Sulphates

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St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash 50ml | Brightens Dull Skin & Revives Natural Glow

St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash 50ml | Brightens Dull Skin & Revives Natural Glow ₹149

  • FAQs

     St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash is inspired by a traditional ubtan recipe.

     The glow-boosting cleanser reduces tanning and dullness.

     Enriched with the goodness of saffron, rose, turmeric, multani mitti and more.

     It leaves the skin looking radiant, fresh and rejuvenated.


Reveal fresh, radiant skin with Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash. This gentle cleanser inspired by the age-old traditional Indian ubtan recipe is infused with skin-nourishing natural ingredients. The skin-brightening properties of Rivayat Ubtan will help improve your skin texture and boost natural radiance. Enriched with Turmeric, Rose, Multani Mitti, Aloe Vera, and Saffron, the Face Wash effectively clears away deep-seated oil and dirt from your pores. A unique blend of exquisite herbs helps restore your natural glow with this mild yet highly effective face wash from St.Botanica.



1)    Provides Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation: Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash is enriched with natural exfoliating agents that help remove dead skin cells and impurities, revealing brighter and smoother skin. Ingredients like turmeric and multani mitti deeply cleanse the pores, eliminating excess oil and preventing acne, leaving the skin feeling fresh.


2)    Boosts Skin's Natural Radiance: The combination of rosewater, turmeric, and saffron in the face wash helps brighten the skin and add a healthy glow. These ingredients improve the skin's texture, leaving it soft and supple.


3)    Soothes & Nurtures Skin: Aloe vera and Rose in the formula helps soothe, nurture and moisturize the skin. Rose also helps balance the skin’s pH level and control excess oil production.


4)    Minimises Dark Spots: Saffron and Turmeric are natural skin brighteners that help target spots to help improve their appearance. The formula also contains Amla, which is rich in antioxidants and protects the skin against oxidative damage such as sun spots.


5)    No-Nasties Formula: St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash is free from parabens, sulphates and other harmful ingredients. Use it with Rivayat Ubtan Face Cream for the best results.


Who Should Use?

This St.Botanica Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash is suitable for all skin types. It’s best for those with dull skin. Patch testing is recommended for people with sensitive skin. 


Why Should You Use It?

No mineral oils

No sulphates

No parabens

Ethically sourced natural ingredients


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True to the description

10th Dec, 2023

True to the description...

10th Dec, 2023

Very nice 👍

17th Nov, 2023

I loved this product very much

9th Oct, 2023

it has really nice aroma of Chandan. it is in gel form so easy to apply. I loved it. 😍

8th Oct, 2023


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