Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Night Cream, 50g

With Skin Brightening Vitamin C & Natural Extracts that Moisturizes, Replenishes and Protects the Skin

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Only StBotanica uses the Most Stable and Effective Form of Vitamin C in this product i.e “3-O-Ethyl ascorbic acid” which makes it stand out amongst all other competitors.Packed with vitamins vital for preserving the skin elasticity, the night cream minimizes the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It deeply moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin firm, smooth and radiant.This is a wonderful product for nighttime skincare for tightening and brightening the skin. Rich in premium natural oils and precious plant butter, it eliminates skin dryness and boosts the skin’s elasticity so that your skin feels supple and soft when you wake up in the morning. The botanical extracts in the cream are rich in antioxidants that help in nullifying the skin-damaging activities of free radicals produced in the skin due to daylong exposure to sunlight and pollution. The advanced nighttime skincare helps in repairing the damaged skin and supports healthy cell renewal so that your skin regains its youthful texture. Natural skin-lightening ingredients are infused in the cream to lighten the dark spots and blemishes and give you a clearer and more even skin tone. This Night Cream is not compromised with any harmful chemicals. It is a vegan product and is not tested on animals. Thus, the product is safe for regular topical application.


  • Vitamin C – It helps to brighten your skin and reduces hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – It hydrates the tissues, plumps up the skin by absorbing and maintains the moisture balance.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil – It is rich in sterols, antioxidants and vitamin E that keep the skin moisturized, nourished and healthy.
  • Aloe Vera Extract – It is packed with nutrients that help to rejuvenate the skin and protect against environmental damage.
  • Green – The antioxidant-rich green extract helps in reducing the premature wrinkling of the skin.
  • Shea Butter – It moisturizes and softens the dry skin.
  • Vitamin E – It protects the skin from free radical damage, environmental stress, and pollution.

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