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Advantages Of Antioxidant Rich Products For Your Skin

Looking for a magic potion to shield your skin from the environment stress? Well, the hardest working skin care ingredients in the game are Antioxidants!

Antioxidants are the superstars in scavenging the number one skin ageing culprits called free radicals. They are renowned as the “fountain of youth” by the skin care professionals because of their properties to promote a brighter, more even complexion. Antioxidants are also magical in nixing fine lines thus, delaying ageing and protecting it from further damage.

These are naturally occurring compounds that protect, prevent, and limit free radical damage. Additionally, they assist with hydration and inflammation. Not only will your skin be better looking, but it will also be healthier in general.

Antioxidants & Free Radicals

To understand the functioning of antioxidants, it is important to know about the role of free radicals. These are unstable molecules that are highly reactive.

Free radicals play a dual role in our bodies that can be both beneficial and harmful. Our body deliberately creates free radicals to neutralize viruses and bacteria. However, the release of extra free radicals affects the DNA, lipids, and proteins that can trigger various diseases. These have one or more unpaired electrons so, to gain stability, they attack stable molecules, triggering a chain reaction that damages healthy cells in the skin and body. Once an overload of free radicals is present in our body, it causes oxidative stress, or an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to detoxify their destructive effects.

Formation of free radicals can also be triggered by common environmental factors like radiation from the sun, pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, and other toxic chemicals. To deal with such aggressors, studies have shown that the inclusion of antioxidants in the skin care regimen can help the skin fight free radical damage and recover from oxidative stress.

We are listing some of the major benefits of antioxidants for your skin:
Aids In Correcting Signs Of Ageing:

Oxidative stress from the harsh environmental factors breaks down collagen, which hinders the skin’s natural repair process and triggers inflammation. As a result of this, you see the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, acne breakouts, and a blotchy skin tone. By scavenging these free radicals, antioxidants can help in preventing and correcting various visible signs of damage on the skin and give skin a more youthful glow.

Prevention From Sunburn:

Dermatologists suggest that all antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties. They dull the skin’s inflammatory response to the sun’s harmful rays, averting sunburn while providing enhanced protection against the sun damage and photoaging.

Enhances Skin Repairing Properties:

Inflamed skin impedes the skin’s rejuvenation process. Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation and allow the skin to repair itself and restore any visible skin damage. According to skin care experts; antioxidants such as vitamin C stimulate collagen production, which is vital for youthful skin.

Antioxidants Helps To Brighten Skin Tone:

Free radicals and everyday sun exposure can also elicit changes in our skin’s melanin production, causing dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. By reducing photo damage, antioxidants can help prevent abnormal skin pigmentations. Some antioxidants also work to inhibit the production of tyrosinase (an enzyme that stimulates melanin production).

Skin Firming:

Another most effective benefit of antioxidants to skin is its ability to enhance skin firming. Antioxidants may reverse the adverse effects of ageing by improving skin health and rejuvenating its appearance. Coenzyme Q-10, or CoQ-10, is a commonly known skin-firming antioxidant and is great for use in eye creams and skincare products with toning properties. You can use moisturizers and other skincare products with skin-firming antioxidants for awesome results.

Antioxidants That Are Paramount For Your Skin

Antioxidants are not necessarily all cast in the same mold. Many of them are designed to protect the cells from UV light, pollution, and other environmental elements that produce damaging free radicals. Whereas, some of them have been discovered to be more potent than others. Here are just some of the most popular antioxidants found in your skincare products:

Vitamin C:

It is one of the most loved and looked out ingredients in the beauty industry. Vitamin C is also one of the most studied antioxidants available on the market and favorite ingredient among dermatologists. It is famously known as the free radical scavenger. Apart from this, it has other skin benefits such as boosting collagen production and fading dark spots. As vitamin C is inherently unstable, it is probably best to store it in a cool and dry place. Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD) is a form of vitamin C that is inherently more stable, and it is lipid soluble. It has properties that can better penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin to stimulate collagen production. It has a formulation, which tends to be a bit velvety and creamy rather than serum-like. Other forms of vitamin C found in skincare products include L-ascorbic and ester-C. Overall, vitamin C is best known for brightening the skin complexion and attaining a more even-toned and flawless skin.

Oriental Botanics’ Australian Tea Tree Face Toner has a formulation that is rich in botanical vitamin c ingredients. The pH balancing effect of the facial toner helps to improve the condition of the skin vulnerable to breakouts. It helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and smoothens the facial skin. This facial toner is a vital skincare product for managing the skin’s oil production and replenishing the hydration and minimizing the problems of the acne-prone and oily skin. Its clarifying effect rids the skin of product residues and dead skin cells, clears the pores and refreshes the skin.

Green Tea:

Surprised to know that green tea is both kickass in your mug and on your face. It is important for you to know that it is filled with polyphenols that not only scavenge free radicals, but also work as an anti-inflammatory to accelerate wound healing and other skin related ailments. Its properties make it a top pick for anyone with rosacea, psoriasis, sensitive skin, and even acne prone skin. But it is important to choose the right product infused with green tea for maximum benefits to the skin. So, grab a serum or moisturizer rich in green tea. It may be often listed as camellia sinensis leaf extract on ingredients lists of the products. It is best known for its property to soothe skin.

Oriental Botanics Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Sunscreen SPF 50 is a product that is rich in green tea extracts. The sunscreen agents work synergistically with plant actives to provide the highest level of protection from solar radiation and help to retain the calmness in the skin. With SPF 50, it forms a protective umbrella on your skin against sunburn, tanning, and patchy uneven complexion. With PA+++, it is highly effectual in shielding the skin from UVA rays that penetrate deep into the skin and trigger premature ageing of the skin. Slathering this sunscreen will soothe the skin from the harshness of the sun exposure.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is actually the same thing as retinol. In other terms, retinol is just concentrated vitamin A. Everyone is obsessed with retinol because it smoothens fine lines, fills in wrinkles, softens bumps and rough patches, brightens skin, fades scars and dark marks, and significantly reduces acne. Skin care experts recommend using vitamin A regularly in your skin care regimen because good skin is a lifelong commitment. It is important to note that using vitamin C along with retinol can irritate the skin if you have sensitive and reactive skin. Vitamin A is best known for its anti-ageing properties.

Oriental Botanics’ Australian Tea Tree Face Gel is rich in antioxidants that preserve the supple texture of the skin and helps to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a non-comedogenic gel that quickly permeates the skin without clogging the pores and improves the condition of the stressed skin. It restores the skin’s lipid barrier without leaving behind greasy residues so that your skin feels soft and smooth without feeling greasy. Rich in nutrients that help in the regeneration of the skin cells, this face gel helps to repair the damaged skin.

Vitamin E:

Technically, vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is a popular product that is best for everything and everyone. It is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient providing a strong shield against free radicals and premature ageing. Vitamin E is pro at keeping skin soft and supple, which is key for preventing scar formation. Though it is gentle, it is even more powerful against free radicals when combined with vitamin C (which is why you will often see so many vitamin C + E products). Vitamin E is best known for its moisturizing properties.

Skincare products rich with antioxidants helps to reduce the risk of skin damage and promotes healthy looking skin. Our products are enriched with antioxidants to help in achieving a healthy and good-looking skin. To browse through our range click here:

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