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Coffee For Hair Growth: Benefits And How To Use

Benefits & How To Use Coffee for Hair Growth

Coffee is said to provide your scalp with all the essential nutrients it needs to nourish your hair.


Including coffee in your haircare regimen can reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. The caffeine not only prevents hair loss but also makes your hair shiny and smooth.


From the Benefits of Coffee for Hair to how to use it, here’s everything you need to know about this amazing ingredient. 

Benefits Of Coffee For Hair

Using coffee can improve your scalp health and improve the overall appearance of your strands. Want to get glossy and healthy tresses? Coffee is your go-to solution.


If you are planning to use coffee for your hair, here are the main benefits of coffee for hair. 

1) Coffee Restores Hair Growth

Coffee can be applied topically to the scalp and hair to reduce hair loss and encourage regrowth. Coffee’s caffeine content can promote hair growth and halt hair loss. It stimulates the hair shafts, causing the roots of the hair to grow longer and wider.


As a stimulant, caffeine promotes blood flow to hair follicles. Additionally, using coffee can strengthen hair and speed up hair growth.

2) Coffee Increases Softness

Adding a moisturising ingredient to your haircare routine can help improve the appearance of dry, brittle, and lifeless hair.


Coffee rinses may also help dullness since they contain flavonoids, which are antioxidants that encourage hair regrowth. It can also make hair less frizzy, making it softer and simpler to untangle.

3) Coffee Adds Shine To Your Mane

Caffeine doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. Rather, it can help your locks retain moisture and create a natural sheen. Increased blood circulation helps move nutrients to the hair roots, resulting in healthier and shinier hair. This makes coffee rinse one of the best silky hair tips.

4) Coffee Reduces Grey Hair

Wondering how to stop great hair naturally? Coffee rinse can be helpful. Coffee is a dark beverage that stains hair. If you have brown or black hair, this is an easy way to cover grey hairs. Use robust coffee, like espresso, for best results.

How To Use Coffee For Hair Growth?

Coffee has many uses for hair and can be used to achieve luscious locks. You can incorporate it into your haircare regimen via products. Here are some simple ways to use coffee for hair growth

Coffee In Your Hair Oil For Hair Growth

A hair growth oil infused with coffee will help reduce dandruff and provide your scalp with all the nutrients it needs to promote hair growth. You can also mix it with argan oil for hair growth.



  • 1 Teaspoon Coffee Powder

  • 2 Tablespoons Of Hair Oil 


How To Make:

  • Mix the two ingredients well.

  • Massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes with a nourishing hair oil infused with coffee. Leave the oil for at least a few hours. Wait for at least a few hours before washing your hair with a mild shampoo.


St.Botanica Recommends Best Coffee-Infused Hair Oil: GO Long Onion Hair Oil, 150ml


St.Botanica GO Long Onion Hair Oil contains Onion Oil, Coffee Oil, and Brahmi Extract. It strengthens hair, reduces hair fall, improves hair growth, and repairs damaged hair when used regularly. This hair strengthening oil profoundly hydrates dull and dry hair. It also adds a healthy lustre to your strands. Gently massaging the scalp with this nutrient-rich oil will help amplify blood circulation in the scalp. This stimulates the hair follicles and facilitates hair growth. 

Coffee In Your Shampoo For Hair Growth

After oiling your scalp and strands, it’s time to wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo. You can use caffeine for hair growth by using a coffee-infused shampoo. 



  • Half Teaspoon Coffee Powder

  • Shampoo 


How To Use:

  • Mix the two ingredients well.

  • Massage wet hair with this shampoo for hair fall for about four to five minutes and rinse out with plenty of water. Using caffeine for hair is a great way to cleanse and hydrate your strands.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Coffee-Infused Hair Shampoo: GO Long Onion Hair Shampoo, 200ml

St.Botanica GO Long Onion Hair Shampoo is enriched with Red Onion Oil, Caffeine, Panax Ginseng, Pea Protein, and Brahmi. It prevents hair breakage and frizz. This shampoo will help you achieve a longer mane that is also manageable. Combining the nourishing and moisturising properties of potent ingredients, this is one of the best coffee-infused shampoos. It will make your hair healthier and prevent split ends too. 

Coffee In Your Conditioner For Hair Growth

After oiling and washing your hair, it’s time to pamper your hair with a hydrating conditioner. Including caffeine in your haircare regimen is one of the best ways to solve common hair problems. Using caffeine for hair growth will nourish your scalp and accelerate growth. 



  • Cold-brewed Coffee


How To Use:

  • After washing your hair, apply the cold-brewed coffee to your hair and massage.

  • Gently detangle your hair with the help of a hair growth conditioner. Wash your hair after a few minutes.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Coffee-Infused Hair Conditioner: GO Long Onion Hair Conditioner, 200ml

St.Botanica GO Long Onion Hair Conditioner is packed with the goodness of Red Onion Oil, Caffeine, Pea Protein, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Fenugreek Extract. All of these ingredients strengthen your hair and promote hair growth. This conditioner also prevents hair loss. In fact, regular usage also boosts healthy hair growth by reducing breakage. 

Coffee In Your Serum For Hair Growth

After washing your hair, make sure to detangle your hair with a good dry and frizzy hair serum. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your hair. This will prevent hair breakage and ensure that your hair retains its length. 



  • Jojoba Oil

  • Half Teaspoon Coffee Powder


How To Use:

  • Mix these two ingredients well and apply a small amount of the serum to your strands.

  • Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Coffee-Infused Hair Serum: Hair Revival Scalp Serum++ For Hair Growth, 60ml

St.Botanica Hair Revival Scalp Serum++ For Hair Growth is enriched with potent ingredients like Redensyl,  AnaGain, Anageline, Biotin, and Onion Extracts. This hair growth serum will ensure hair growth and reduce hair fall with regular usage. Apply this serum for three months for visible results and fuller hair. Apply it twice a day on your scalp and strands for effective results.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Coffee-Infused Hair Serum: GO Long Hair Serum, 120ml

St.Botanica Go Long Hair Serum is packed with potent ingredients like Onion Oil, Coffee Oil, Panax Ginseng Oil, and other plant-based oils that have the capacity to instantly condition your hair and seal moisture into your strands. This caffeine-based serum helps prevent breakage and thinning of hair. It also strengthens your strands, prevents split-ends, and reduces premature breakage. 

Recommended Precautions While Using Coffee For Hair Growth

Before you jump onto the coffee bandwagon, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are some precautions you need to take while using coffee for hair


  • If making a coffee mask at home, opt for unflavored coffee as other options will have added sugar this will reduce the potency of coffee. 

  • Never use hot coffee as a hair rinse. It’s better to use powdered coffee in your hair mask. 

  • Discontinue usage in case of allergic reactions.


Using coffee for hair is one of the best ways to nourish your scalp and repair your strands. Incorporate this natural ingredient into your haircare regimen to attain long and healthy locks. You can either use a coffee rinse or use caffeine-based products.

FAQs About Benefits Of Coffee For Hair Growth

Q: How often should I put coffee in my hair?

A: You can reap maximum benefits of coffee for hair by using it two to three times a week.

Q: Can I mix coffee with shampoo?

A: Yes, you can mix coffee in shampoo or use a coffee-infused shampoo. 

Q: Can coffee damage your hair?

A: No, coffee can’t damage your hair in fact it helps heal and nourish your strands.

Q: Can you put coffee on your scalp?

A: Yes, you can use coffee on your scalp.

Q: Does caffeine cause grey hair?

A: No, caffeine doesn’t cause grey hair.

Q: Can I leave coffee in my hair overnight?   

A: No, it’s advisable to wash your hair after a few hours of applying coffee. 

Q: Is applying coffee good for hair?  

A: Yes, applying coffee on hair has numerous benefits. It promotes hair growth and nourishes your scalp like none other.

Q: How long should I leave coffee in my hair?

A: Don’t leave a coffee-based product for more than a few hours on your hair.

Q: Does coffee enhance hair texture?

A: Yes, coffee can enhance hair texture too along with several other coffee benefits for hair.

Q: How fast does hair grow with caffeine?

A: Caffeine has the power to accelerate hair growth. A month of regular usage can promote hair growth and enhance the overall appearance of your strands. 

Q: Can caffeine shampoo regrow hair?

A: Yes, caffeine can help regrow your hair too. 

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