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Top 6 Benefits And How To Use Biotin For Hair Growth

Benefits Of Biotin for Hair

Biotin is touted for promoting healthy hair growth and lower than normal levels of this vital component can cause hair loss, premature grey hair and several other concerns. If you have recently confronted your strands getting slim and lean, maybe it’s because there is a dearth of Biotin in your scalp. Consequently, it results in thinning of locks and constant hair fall. Read along to understand what biotin is and the importance of Biotin for hair growth. 

What is Biotin for Hair

Vitamin B7, primarily known as Biotin is an essential nutrient in our body helping in metabolic activities and functioning. It takes part in the synthesis of fatty acids and stimulates keratin protein production which helps prevent hair loss, and promotes healthy skin and stronger nails. This secret nutritive vitamin for hair growth is easily built inside the body through the food and diets we gobble — eggs, yolk, fish, nuts, and vegetables.

Biotin For Hair: Symptoms and Causes of Biotin Deficiency

One of the prime symptoms of biotin deficiency is hair fall, weak hair condition, dull hair, rashes on the skin, weak immunity system, seizures, weak memory power, and sometimes depression as well.  If you take enough biotin-rich foods like eggs, fish, leafy vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, soybeans, and paneer into your diet – you won’t see such symptoms or causes of biotin deficiency.

Benefits of Biotin for Hair

Biotin is a glamorised Vitamin B complex that helps boost the growth rate of hair follicles. Now that you know what Biotin is used for, let us discover some of the incredible benefits of biotin for hair.

1: Biotin For Hair Prevents Hair Fall

Hair fall in teenagers can be due to several reasons and in some cases, it is associated with Biotin deficiency. Biotin for hair loss encourages the production of a hair-building protein called keratin that increases the rate of hair follicle growth. This eventually aids in preventing hair thinning, repairing damaged hair locks and dealing with hair loss problems..

2: Biotin For Hair Promotes Hair Growth

Wondering – how to grow hair faster? Biotin is a complex vitamin B7 in breaks down the macronutrients present in the food and increases the keratin protein cells that are used to build hair follicles. This helps in promoting hair growth making way for healthier and thicker-looking strands..

3: Biotin For Hair Restores Hair Health

One of the most pivotal benefits of Biotin for hair is that it improves hair strength, adds shine, and cures scalp inflammation-promoting overall hair and scalp health. Moreover, it provides a volume boost leaving you with a glossier, stronger, and fuller hair head. 

4: Stimulates Scalp Blood Circulation

Biotin helps improve scalp blood circulation. It helps take overall care of scalp health, preventing itchiness, irritation and dryness. 

5: Improve Hair Elasticity and Thickness Hair

Biotin is a building block of hair bonds which decides the quality of hair, improves texture and strengthens the locks. It also helps maintain hair elasticity and prevent unwanted breakage.

6: Increases Hair Density

One of the best ways to naturally increase your hair density is to improve.

How to Incorporate Biotin for Healthy Hair? 

There are few ways to inculcate Biotin in your hair care routine.  Read on to discover the following ways to incorporate biotin into your daily routine.

Biotin Enriched Hair Products

One of the easiest ways is topical use of biotin-infused hair care products. Look for biotin-infused haircare products like biotin shampoo, conditioner, and serum. 

Biotin Rich Diet

One of the other ways is to take it as an oral supplement. Well, OTC supplements might cause adverse reactions to skin and hair.

Biotin For Hair As Supplements

Since biotin supplements might not be suitable for everyone, dermatologists recommend intake it in the form of a diet including seeds, nuts, eggs, fish, and green veggies such as spinach, and broccoli, which are natural sources of Biotin.

St.Botanica Recommended Biotin Infused Hair Care Products for Hair Growth 

St.Botanica Recommended Biotin Infused Products for Hair Growth

St.Botanica’s Biotin-infused hair care range is specially made with natural and moisturising ingredients to improve hair texture and tame your frizzy brittle hairs into soft, smooth and gorgeous-looking hair. Here is the list of hair care products enriched with the benefits of Biotin you can check out:

Biotin Shampoo

Biotin and collagen shampoo help purify your hair and scalp while leaving a nourishing effect on the skin. Here are the top picks for you to add biotin for hair:

Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo


St.Botanica’s Biotin and Collagen Shampoo contains hair-volumizing natural ingredients that deeply cleanse the scalp and washes off any build-up, grease or residue. This biotin shampoo contains the benefits of (Biotin) Vitamin B7 for hair, supports hair growth and adds sheen to the tresses. Enriched with plant-derived ingredients, it works as the best shampoo for hair fall  as it restores follicle strength and prevents hair thinning in women making your mane look thicker and fuller. 

Biotin Conditioner

Packed with several nutrients, using conditioner with biotin benefits for hair helps improve hair texture, seal split ends, and add shine to your tresses, If you’re looking for a good biotin and collagen conditioner here’s the one for need to consider:

Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner, 200ml

St.Botanica’s Biotin and Collagen Conditioner has several natural hair conditioning ingredients required to seal the moisture into the hair strands leaving the hair soft, smooth and manageable. Made with pure oils and natural extracts ingredients, this smoothing hair conditioner reduces scalp and hair dryness, aids hair growth, and revives the natural moisture mantle of your locks giving a fuller-looking hair mane. You can follow this up after hair wash to transform dull, dehydrated & brittle hair into soft, manageable strands.

Biotin Hair Mask

Wondering how to use biotin for hair growth and thickness? Not only does it help boost hair growth, but also softens locks, repairs dull ends, and soothes the scalp.  Try out using this biotin-rich hair mask below:

Biotin & Collagen Hair Mask, 200ml


St.Botanica’s Biotin and Collagen Hair Mask contains a unique blend of Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Avocado Oil. It has intensely nourishing properties to reduce hair dryness, restore natural hair strength and hence reduce unwanted hair breakage. This revitalising concoction of hair mask offers superior hydration and nourishment to improve hair texture, prevent split ends, and repair damaged hair making way for stronger and smoother-looking hair.

Hair Type Considerations While Using Biotin For Hair 

Biotin for hair is a must for all hair types. It has potent qualities to improve hair growth, thickness and texture.  The best way to incorporate the benefits of biotin for hair is through healthy diet habits. Ask your salon-expert to opt for different biotin-infused haircare products in your routine. However, you can consult a trichologist before starting with biotin supplements.


We hope this blog gives you enough insights into the benefits and uses of Biotin for hair growth. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on to St.Botanica and explore our hair care range to shop for Biotin-rich shampoo and conditioner for hair loss prevention and healthy hair growth.

FAQs About Biotin for Hair Growth

Is Biotin also recommended for hair growth?

Besides the metabolizing properties- biotin is also well-known to produce keratin- a protein that develops your skin, hair, and nails. That’s why most people consume foods that are rich in this vitamin such as eggs, sunflower seeds, and salmon. This hair growth vitamin is water-soluble and plays many roles in the body like it also assist in growing nails and eyelashes at a faster pace. If you have dry, dull, thin, color-treated, and damaged hair then this is the right time to incorporate vitamin B7 aka biotin for shiner and glossier locks. We can say its sine qua non-hair product for hair fanatics!

Why is biotin good for hair?

Probably, yes! Biotin is a crucial substance for the body. Although there has been no scientific evidence that incorporating biotin in diet or applying topically would help in the growth of hair or nails. But, with that said people who are taking biotin supplements or using biotin infused products such as serums or shampoos will frequently reap the benefits of it.

Does Vitamin B7 help hair growth?

Yes, absolutely. Biotin helps stimulate keratin production that makes up hair and enhances the growth of new hair follicles. St.Botanica’s Biotin and Collagen products including shampoo and conditioner for hair growth are designed to give you a healthy and stronger-looking mane.

Is biotin the same as B7?

Yes, Biotin is the same as Vitamin B7 or H. It is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body to metabolise fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Does biotin thicken hair?

Yes, Biotin stimulates the rate of follicle growth on your head, that helps you get thicker hair and  increased hair growth making your hair look voluminous and thicker.

Does biotin shampoo work for hair growth?

Yes, a shampoo formulated with Biotin as the main ingredient containing zero harsh chemicals does wonder for hair growth. You can try St.Botanica’s Biotin and Collagen Hair Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo to promote hair growth and keep your hair nourished.

What does biotin conditioner do?

Enriched with Biotin and other botanical ingredients, St.Botanica’s Biotin hair conditioner helps reduce scalp and hair dryness, and restores and revives the natural moisture mantle of hair shafts giving you fuller and luscious-looking tresses. 

Do biotin hair products work?

Yes, biotin hair products helps improve hair growth and thickness leaving you with a stronger, healthier and fuller-looking mane.

What does biotin do to your hair?

Biotin helps boost natural hair growth, improve density and hair health giving you softer, thicker and smoother looking hair.

What food is high in biotin for hair?

Foods like eggs, fish, meat, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, strawberries, banana, and avocados are rich in biotin.

Are biotin supplements beneficial for hair growth?

It is best to opt for natural sources of biotin for hair growth. Biotin supplements can be synthetic and artificial causing health side effects.

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