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Healthy Hair Care Practices

From swapping shampoos every once in a while to scheduling a regular haircut, there is a lot you need to do for maintaining those shiny and healthy locks. Establishing healthy habits in your hair care routine is important if you are dreaming of that glamorous healthy hair.

There are some golden hair care rules that everyone must traditionally follow regardless of the texture, color, or style. From shampoos to brushing, hair care experts tell us various tips that make everyday hair care manageable. Thorough hair care practices give hair that looks like it’s been through the hands of a salon professional every week.

Simply saying there may not be time in your ever-increasing list of things to do, to take out those extra 20 minutes in bed over waiting for the keratin-rich hair mask to work its magic. But it is important to follow some key hair rules to stick to for the happiest, healthiest hair of your life.

After all, it’s time to say bye to the bad hair days!

We are listing some of the ideal hair care practices to get strong and nourished hair:

Rethink The Way You Wash Your Hair:

According to experts, many women have changed their washing habits due to their worry about hair damage as the top reason. So the question here is how often should you be shampooing?

Well, most of the beauty industry experts argue that less is more. They have stated that over-washing can be damaging for your hair, especially if it is bleached, colored, has been chemically treated, or is naturally very dry or porous. Washing your hair every day strips away the natural oils and proteins that are needed to keep your hair and scalp healthy, so you should try to limit hair washing to three times a week if possible. Pouring water on the hair comes with the ability to swell it from the inside, which forces the cuticle up. This can happen over and over again by frequent washing and eventually results in frizz and breakage. That is why it is often asked not to wash your hair more than you have to. Whenever you can, skip a day so that your hair can thank you later. But it also does depend on your hair type.

Get Smarter About The Shampoo

There is not much to worry about sulfates or no sulfates. According to some hair care experts, testing of sulfates against other cleansers did not see any difference in terms of damage or fading color. Almost all shampoos have detergents that strip oil and color from hair. Many of the shampoos with a clarifying formula are known to strip your hair of anything and everything. Your hair actually wants a shampoo that says “damage repairing” on the label and has proteins to strengthen hair and has the lowest concentration of detergents.

Staring down the hair care aisle can be overwhelming with endless shampoo options. The question here is to choose the right one. As you choose your products, narrow down your options by looking for strengthening ingredients, which will nourish your strands. Botanical products are the most suitable for hair, so include shampoos that are infused with jojoba oil, green tea, red onion, coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera, or spirulina into your regimen.

Try out Oriental Botanics’ Red Onion Hair Shampoo. This shampoo is enriched with 27 highest quality botanicals ingredients to combine shampooing with advanced hair care. The cleansing agents in the clarifying shampoo though gentle on the scalp and hair can effectively remove dirt, grease and product residues, thereby leaving your scalp and hair perfectly clean. Natural oils infused in the shampoo restore the moisture barrier of the scalp and hydrate the hair so that your hair does not feel dry after shampooing. It soothes the irritated scalp and minimizes scalp flaking. Rich in bioactive constituents, it is beneficial for the hair follicles. The hair boosters help to strengthen the hair roots and reduces excessive hair fall. Natural plant proteins help to add bounce and luster to your hair.

Condition Your Hair The Right Way

Adding a good conditioner to your hair care regime is also crucial when it comes to any hair type but particularly thick, curly tresses. Let us take the case of curly, highly textured hair. Experts always recommend to deep condition them and not to follow the two-minute conditioners here. Deep conditioning involves using a conditioner that will add moisture and strength (such as protein) back to hair. In case you want to use heat on your hair, you can do it by either applying conditioner to the hair while taking a shower and let it sit while showering or by covering the hair with a plastic cap and applying heat from outside like a hairdryer. It is also beneficial to use leave-in conditioners and also not to shampoo so often. Rinse it if you want to but don’t necessarily shampoo it.

In order to ensure that your hair really absorbs the conditioner, towel-dry your hair after shampooing. The excess water will not allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver the necessary moisture to keep hair looking healthy and shiny. If you are short on time at least try to squeeze out the excess water.

One of the most preferred moisture-locking conditioner is the Oriental Botanics’ Pomegranate Vinegar Hair Conditioner. It is packed with the goodness of pomegranate and multiple natural oils and plant extracts that have the most beneficial effect on the tresses. It deeply moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. It restores the normal oil balance of the hair, locks moisture in the hair shafts, and adds luster to the dull and lifeless hair. The hydration boosting effect of the conditioner minimizes tangles and helps to strengthen the brittle hair and also has a volumizing effect on the locks. The bioactive constituents of the conditioner are known for their antioxidant properties that help in protecting the hair from the harmful effect of overexposure to pollution and sunlight.

Boost Your Hair Care Arsenal & Shine Factor

To keep strands hydrated and smooth, you can use a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioning hair serum at least once a week, and more frequently if you use hot tools regularly. The use of such hair care products will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny without weighing the hair down.

Oriental Botanics’ Red Onion Hair Mask is a wonderful hair care product. It is an advanced hair care product made with 26 organic natural oils and plant extracts that are legendary for their beneficial effect on hair health. Packed with bioactive constituents, it provides superior external nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles and creates a favorable environment for sustaining the normal hair growth process. The high penetrability rate of the natural oils instantly restores the moisture mantle of the hair shafts and eases the delivery of the bioactive constituents that help in repairing the damaged hair. The restorative property of the hair mask helps the hair damaged by chemical treatment, heat, pollution, or exposure to harsh environmental aggressors to regain its healthy state.

Also, using aloe vera for hair care is known to provide numerous benefits. We recommend you to use Oriental Botanics’ 99% Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing Gel For Skin & Hair. With 99% pure aloe vera gel, your hair will receive the maximum benefits of natural hair care. It supplies external hydration and nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles and encourages hair growth. It is an excellent conditioner for the hair and smoothens the frizz in the hair, softens the dry locks, and makes hair lustrous. Free from toxins, additives, microbes, and other contaminants, this pure natural product suits all hair types.

Style Your Hair Smartly

To minimize damage from heat styling, experts recommend investing in professional hair tools that have ionic technology, which will infuse moisture into your hair as you style. Also, choose a curling iron or straightener that is solid ceramic, rather than only having a ceramic coating. It will help in distributing heat onto your hair evenly and lock in your style quickly so you don’t need to re-apply the iron continuously on your hair to get your desired look.

You can also use a heat protectant spray before you apply heat to your hair to defend against future damage. Also, it is important to let your hair air dry as much as possible before you blow dry. If you have curly or wavy hair, pull it back into a tight bun on day one and follow the next day by using an iron to shape it. Switch up your hot tool usage by following the right routine. After you shampoo, blow dry your hair. On the next day, use a curling iron or straightener. Then on the third day, slick strands back to avoid heat styling. Lastly, wash and repeat.

Trim! Trim! Trim!

You require regular haircuts to ensure that your strands stay healthy and don’t break off at the ends. If you don’t want to lose a lot of length, ask your stylist for a “dusting,” so only the tips are snipped. This will help to get rid of the damaged ends but maintains the length. Hair care experts recommend trimming your hair every two months and if you have a short or defined cut, you will likely need to go in sooner.

In the age of blowout bars, extreme dye jobs, and perms, it’s not a question of if your hair is damaged but of how bad the situation really is. Before you start feeling hopeless, you should consider using hair care products that are gentle yet effective. Try our exclusive hair care range for lustrous, healthy, and strong hair. Check out our products here: https://stbotanica.in/shop/oriental-botanics/haircare/

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