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Hot Or Cold Water – Which Is Better For Your Hair?

Should I wash my hair with cold or hot water?

Washing your hair is a crucial part of your routine. The hair care products you use to wash your hair and the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair makes all the difference. So, should you be washing your hair with cold or hot water? We are here to solve your dilemma. Read on to find more.

How Does Water Temperature Affect Your Hair?

Hot water makes the pores of your hair follicles open up naturally. The high temperature damages your strands by destroying the keratin and lipid bonds on your hair cuticles. This ruptures the cuticle layers, causing frizz. 

Cold water shrinks the pores and keeps them shut, hence reduces hair fall. It seals the ruptured cuticle layers while restoring the keratin and lipid bonds.

What Does Cold Water Do To Your Hair?

Cold water not only helps the scalp retain its moisture, it also seals the hair cuticles and helps lock moisture into the strands themselves.

Top 4 Benefits Of Cold Water On Hair

Is cold water good for hair

There are some amazing advantages of washing your hair with cold water. 

1: Maintains Natural Oils

Washing your hair with cold water retains the moisture in your hair and scalp. Your scalp’s sebum serves as a barrier to shield your strands from oxidative and environmental harm.

2: Adds Shine & Smoothness

Your hair shaft becomes less frizzy as a result of cold water, and it gains a defined, supple, and silky texture. Additionally, the sealed cuticles give your hair a glossy appearance by retaining moisture.

3: Cleanses Thoroughly

Dirt, sweat, pollutants, and sebum can clog open scalp pores. Washing your scalp with cold water closes the pores and maintains your scalp’s hygiene.

4: Increases Blood Flow To The Scalp

Your blood capillaries widen when you wash your hair in cold water, allowing easy circulation of blood to your scalp. By doing this, you are also promoting healthy hair development.

Disadvantages Of Cold Water On Hair

Washing your hair with cold water has some downsides too. 

Reduction In Hair Volume

There is a danger that your enclosed hair cuticles will lock in too much moisture when you wash it with cold water. Your hair could become flat and weighed down as a result. For those with thin hair, this can be a problem.

Creates Discomfort When Washing Hair

Low-temperature hair washing might be uncomfortable since it might make you feel chilly, especially in the winter.

What Does Hot Water Do To Your Hair?

Excessive exposure to hot water can make your hair dry because it can strip the hair of its natural oil and moisture. Extremely hot water can weaken your roots and is counted among several reasons for hair loss or breakage. 

Benefits Of Hot Water For Hair

Is hot water good for hair

Here are some benefits of washing your hair with hot water that will help you understand the impact of hot water on your hair and scalp. 

Removes Scalp Buildup

To eliminate filth, grime, product buildup, and any other type of scalp buildup hot water is more effective than cold water. Hot water hair washing helps your shampoo effectively clear your hair follicles by opening up the pores on your scalp.

Disadvantages Of Washing Hair With Hot Water

There are some disadvantages of using hot water for your hair. 

Increased Dryness & Frizz

Hot water can strip essential natural oils from the scalp and cause extreme dryness. Ultimately, this can lead to dandruff and hair loss.

Weakens Roots

Pores can get opened by hot water. This exposes hair follicles to environmental and oxidative damage. This damages hair roots and leads to hair loss and premature greying.  

Causes Hair Breakage

Washing your hair with hot water will excessively dehydrate it. This makes the hair brittle and eventually leads to breakage and split ends.

Causes Scalp Inflammation 

Hot water can damage the scalp tissue and cause irritation and inflammation to the hair roots.

Conclusion: Hot Or Cold- Which Water Is Good For Hair Washing?

It’s always better to wash your hair with either cold water or lukewarm water. You can always detox the scalp by washing it with hot water once a month. But make sure to never go overboard with hot water. 

FAQs On Hot Or Cold Water – Which Is Better For Your Hair?

Question 1: Does hot water affect hair growth?

Answer 1: Using excessively hot water on hair can damage your scalp and affect hair growth.

Question 2: Does cold water help hair growth?

Answer 2: Cold water doesn’t damage your scalp and can ensure long and healthy strands.

Question 3: Can cold water damage hair?

Answer 3: No, cold water doesn’t damage your strands. 

Question 4: Does hot water damage hair?

Answer 4: Excessively hot water can damage your hair.

Question 5: What is the right temperature of water to wash your hair?

Answer 5: It’s best to use lukewarm water to wash your hair. 

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