How To Use Goji Berry For Skin: Secrets of Glowing Skin

How To Use Goji Berry For Skin

People are known to employ a wide variety of ingredients when it comes to skincare. And goji berry is one of the hottest ingredients in the beauty industry right now.

It’s adored by many beauty enthusiasts for its antioxidant and anti-ageing effects.

From goji berry uses to benefits, here’s everything you need to know about this amazing ingredient. 

What Does Goji Berry Extract Do For Skin?

You can always include goji berry extract into your skincare regimen to heal and nourish your skin. Here are 5 amazing goji berry extract skin benefits

Goji Berry Extract Nourishes Skin

Powered by antioxidants, vitamin C, quercetin, and carotenoids using goji berry extract ensures that your skin receives all the nourishment it needs to remain healthy. 

Improves Skin’s Defense

Goji berries are enriched with the goodness of fatty acids like linoleic acid that help strengthen the skin barrier, eventually improving overall skin health. It shields the skin from harmful environmental stressors as well.

Soothes Skin

Goji berries are naturally endowed with anti-inflammatory properties that help hydrate your skin and calm any irritation. It can also help reduce the formation of acne, swelling, and irritation. 

Protects Skin From UV Rays

Goji berries have the power to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. It can also help reduce various types of blemishes and pigmentations to ensure you have an even-toned complexion. 

How To Use Goji Berry For Different Skin Types

One of the best glowing skin tips is to include goji berry in your skincare. Depending on the advantages you want from this ingredient, there are many methods by which you can use goji berry extract on your skin. Here’s how to use goji berry for your skin

Goji Berry For Dry Skin

Goji Berry Is A Powerful Skincare Product For Dry Skin

You can use an oil with goji berry extract if your skin is dry and you're looking for a hydrating product. This is because oils help keep your skin hydrated all day long and are typically more moisturising than other products. Using goji berry extract for skin can really help in keeping your skin moisturised for longer. 

Goji Berry For Normal & Combination Skin

You can use a goji berry extract serum if you have normal or combination skin. You can use serums in addition to other skincare products to target certain regions of your face. This will help hydrate drier areas. This skin superfood can really help balance sebum secretion in your skin. PS, it also contains vitamin C

Goji Berry For Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Use a face mask containing goji berry extract if your skin is greasy. This is due to the fact that face masks are excellent at drawing out impurities from your skin and can aid in lowering the quantity of the oil that your face produces all day. You can also add some tea tree oil for glowing skin

DIY Goji Berry Recipes/Skin Care Products

Goji berry extract has many skin benefits. You can use it in numerous ways to pamper and hydrate your skin. Here are some common and easy goji berry recipes to help you nourish your skin. 

DIY Goji Berry Face Oil

Being rich in antioxidants, goji berries help reduce visible signs of ageing. The best part: it’s suitable for all skin types. Meanwhile, jojoba oil is a great ingredient to add because it balances the sebum production and evens out your complexion. 


  • Goji berry powder

  • Rosehip oil

  • Jojoba oil

How To Make:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of goji berry powder with one tablespoon each of rosehip and jojoba oil. 

  • Leave the oil for a week or so before using it on your face. 

DIY Goji Berry Face Mask

Goji berry powder has many uses. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that helps nourish your skin. You can make the mask even more hydrating by adding aloe vera gel and sweet almond oil. 


  • Goji berry powder

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Sweet almond oil

How To Make:

  • Mix one tablespoon of goji berry powder with half a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and half teaspoon of sweet almond oil until a consistent paste is formed. 

  • Apply to your face for 30 minutes and wash it off.

DIY Goji Berry Oil Serum

Goji berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help reduce signs of ageing. And Vitamin E oil helps repair the damage done by free radicals while hydrating the skin. Also, Sunflower Oil is a lightweight oil with antioxidant properties, perfect for all skin types!


  • Goji berry oil

  • Vitamin E oil

  • Sunflower oil

How To Make:

  • Add three tablespoons of goji berry oil to two tablespoons of sunflower oil. Add half tablespoon of vitamin E oil and mix.

  • Apply to cleansed face and wake up to a glowing complexion.


Goji berry extract is a great ingredient to amp up your skincare game. It’s rich in antioxidants that help reduce and control visible signs of ageing while improving the overall appearance of your skin. Make sure you choose skincare products and ingredients that suit your skin type for optimal results with no consequences. 

FAQs About How To Use Goji Berry For Face & Skin

1 - Is goji berry good for your face?

Yes, goji berry is great for your face. 

2 - Does goji berry whiten skin?

Yes, goji berry can help with skin lightening.

3 - How do you make goji berry mask?

You can easily use goji berry extract in the form of oil or powder to make face packs at home.

4 - Does goji berry contain retinol?

No, goji berry doesn’t contain retinol.

5 - Is goji berry good for dry skin?

Yes, goji berry is great for dry skin.