How to Get Glowing Skin - Simple Tips

Simple Tips for How to Get Glowing Skin

The most popular question about skin is - How to get glowing skin?

We all wish to have naturally rosy and shining skin. But alas! it’s not an overnight magic. Well,  this time without bragging about the layering of skincare products, we have got you some of the recommended glowing skin tips that you can always indulge in.

Trust me, these tips for glowing skin will change your skincare game forever!  

Let’s get on with it.

9 Proven Tips for Glowing Skin

In this fast-paced life, it’s pretty difficult to religiously follow a skincare routine for summer or any other season. This is when some of the beauty tips for skin can be your sweetest escape. 

Here’s the ultimate list of glowing skin secrets that require minimum effort:

1- Maintain a Healthy Diet For Glowing Skin

Maintain a Healthy Diet

No matter how many luxurious face care products you apply, it doesn't have that many skin benefits compared to maintaining a healthy diet. Incorporating fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet supply enough skin-building nutrients to provide required nourishment and hydration to the skin internally.

2- Gut Health

Many times certain skin conditions like acne and dull skin are related to bad gut health. Avoid excessive munching on processed foods and snacks that can affect your gut health or might worsen it. If needed you can always consult your derma to understand your specific food allergies that might be stopping you from achieving glowing skin.

3- Beauty Sleep is Must for Glowing Skin

Beauty Sleep

A lot of work stress and lack of sleep can be one of the pivoting reasons for bad skin health. Your skin goes through a skin repair and cell regenerative process during the night. One of the effortless skin care tip for glowing skin is to make time for beauty sleep to achieve naturally glowing skin instantly.

4- Drink Enough Water For Glowing Skin

Drink Enough Water

Every celebrity actress vows on the fact that the secret to glowing skin is staying hydrated. Besides consuming fruits, make sure you drink 3-4 litres of water per day to keep up your good skin health naturally. It helps keep your skin satiated for moisturisation making it look soft and lively.

5- Exfoliate Once A Week For Glowing Skin

Do not underestimate the power of exfoliating your skin. Face scrub for skin has gentle exfoliating agents and nourishing ingredients to help you deeply cleanse the pores making them free from excess oil, impurities, and grime while giving your skin a natural glow. You can use a Vitamin C face scrub with naturally-sourced botanical extracts once a week to get clear-looking glowing skin.

6- Avoid Harsh Skincare Products

Cut off on glowing skin products with harsh chemicals and toxins such as sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, and silicons. This chemically-infused skincare strip-off natural oils from your skin and sometimes result in adverse skin reactions. The best way is to swap your beauty shelves with natural skin care products that contain plant-derived ingredients and pure oils to get healthy glowing skin.

7- Don't Forget Sunscreen

Don't Forget Sunscreen

Broad-spectrum sunscreen provides superior protection from UV rays and advanced skincare. It protects against sunburn, tanning, and photoaging, and keeps the skin hydrated, soft and bright. It is always good to use a non-comedogenic and oil-free sunscreen formula to prevent future acne or breakouts.

8- Face Masks are Must For Glowing Skin

Skin brightening face masks can help control excess oil production, skin inflammation and dullness making your skin feel rejuvenated and glowing. Skin experts recommend using a face mask at least twice a week. Similarly, a peel-off mask increases skin clarity and radiance while pulling off the gunk and dislodges the blackheads and whiteheads. Simply choose the best face mask for skin brightening that addresses your skin type to attain a glowing skin within minutes

St.Botanica Recommended Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Peel Off Mask, 100gm

Packed with Botanical extracts and purifying Australian Tea Tree Oil, the Peel Off Mask is formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. It will pull out gunk from your pores to impart deep cleansing action and leave your skin with the required nourishment and hydration. It also helps improve the overall complexion and prevent damage caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

9 - Layer Your Skin Correctly

Having a lack of knowledge on the order in which you should apply your glowing skin products will prevent them from being fully absorbed as a result of which they won't be as effective. The universal rule is to apply the most lightweight formulas first so they can be easily absorbed without the barrier of heavier creams. Keep a gap of 15-20 seconds between each product application so that it gets completely absorbed into your skin.

For Morning Skincare Routine:

The correct order includes: Face Wash–Toner –Serum –Day Cream–Sunscreen

For Nighttime Skincare Routine:

The most effective routine includes: Facial Cleanser –Face Wash– Toner ––Eye Cream –Night Cream –Face Oil

St.Botanica Recommended Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash, 100ml

St.Botanica’s Rivayat Ubtan Face Wash is a unique and rich combination of exquisite Turmeric, Rose, Tulsi, Multani Mitti, and other skin rejuvenating components for deep cleansing & nurturing experience. This natural face wash works intensely against germs, dirt and grime to help you get rid of dead skin cells and tanned skin leaving you with a radiant, glowing and even skin complexion.

St.Botanica Recommended Australian Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, 120ml

St.Botanica’s Australian Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash is made with the goodness of Australian Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and other naturally extracted ingredients. This Aloe Vera face wash not only helps you get rid of the daily dirt and excess oil but also helps give a clear-looking healthy glow to your face. It helps soothe irritated skin, combat acne and diminish the appearance of acne marks and dark spots.

St.Botanica Recommended Vitamin C 15%, E & Ferulic Acid Professional Face Serum, 20ml

St.Botanica’s Vitamin C 15%, E & Ferulic Acid brightening face serum works wonders to add a radiant glow to your skin. Formulated with a stable form of Vitamin C, it shields the skin against harmful UV rays and helps dwindle signs of pigmentation and dark spots on face. This ultra-light formulation of Vitamin C serum also helps stimulate collagen production, avert early signs of ageing and gives a brighter complexion with each use.

St.Botanica Recommended Nature’s Vitamin C Brightening Face Night Cream, 50g

St. Botanica’s Vitamin C Brightening Face Night Cream is formulated with the goodness of Vitamin-C-rich Kakadu Plum. This naturally made Night Cream contains a potent antioxidant that helps you achieve an even skin tone. Enriched with Vitamin C it assists in the skin lightening process making way for fresh and vibrant skin. It has everything that your skin needs to keep glowing and healthy.


This was all about the easy-going glowing skin secrets. We hope you will act like a skincare whiz when it comes to knowing the secrets of how to get glowing skin!

Do follow these tips for glowing skin in your beauty routine and you will notice a visible difference in your skin. For sustainable results, inculcate St.Botanica’s premium glowing face products that will make your life easy.

FAQs on How To Get Glowing Skin With Glowing Skin Secrets

What gives you glowing skin?

Well, there is no shortcut to healthy-looking glowing. The best way to achieve glowing skin is to follow a CTM skin care routine besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle including diet, sleep patterns and managing stress. Also, choose the right skincare products that suit your skin type.

How can a face glow naturally?

Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping yourself hydrated gives a glowing face naturally. However, one of the healthy skin tips for the face is to follow the correct order of skin care products for maximum benefits.

Which vitamin is good for skin glow?

All Vitamins C, B, K, and E are important for glowing skin. But Vitamin C is considered to be the best to attain glowing skin. St.Botanica’s Vitamin C face wash cleanses and protects the skin while giving it a brightening effect.