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Major Perks of Using Face Gel – The New Trending Product!

The world of skin care is constantly evolving with trendy products having bizarre ingredients. One of the biggest skin care trends is the use of face gels – a new savior of the skin.

Gel-based moisturizers also known as face gels are a boon to the beauty world because they are a perfect combination of a gel and a cream. Face gels have soothing properties of a gel and moisturizing properties of a cream. The most major factor to count on here is that it is super light on the skin. Ahh! This is not just all they have. Face gels are like a big glass of chilled water for your skin, which means they are refreshing and totally compatible with even angsty or irritable skin.

What Are Face Gels?

Gels are not exactly a new invention in skincare. They have been around in the beauty stores for at least the last few years, becoming especially prevalent in recent times. One of the main elements that differentiate gels from other skincare products is that they are usually oil-free.

Cream moisturizers usually contain a lot of oil as they are often designed for deeper hydration, which means that they have the property to sit on the surface of the skin a bit longer while they are absorbed. In contrary to this, face gels are often water-based, and this property helps them to absorb into the skin much quicker. Other gel skincare products can have similar results, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, rather than weighed down.

Gel moisturizers are water-based treatments that are lightweight in texture and get easily absorbed into the skin. They contain fewer emollients and oils than usual moisturizers that are cream-based. Surprisingly, face gels are compatible with a variety of skin types but typically their absence of oil makes them extremely compatible with oily and combination skin. This is because they do not add any extra oil to the skin. They have the ability to hydrate and moisturize the skin without leaving a film or residue. This element is particularly important for oilier skin types that are prone to shine. Many gel moisturizers are formulated with hyaluronic acid, which can deeply hydrate skin.

Face Gel Benefits

Face gels have many beneficial properties along with long-lasting moisturizing effects. Let us have a look at some of the major perks of face gels:

1. Wonderful Non-Oily Texture

It sometimes feels awful to have oily skin or you may simply just does not like the feeling of having a thick cream on your face. In such a situation, you will be glad to know that gel moisturizers can hydrate without leaving a film. Most gel moisturizers are formulated with hyaluronic acid, a higher water content, and glycerin. Such ingredients are perfect for people with oily skin or when it is time to switch to a lighter moisturizer for warmer weather. A gel-based moisturizer amazingly absorbs in your skin instantly, so you do not have to spend time waiting until your skin dries or becomes matte.

2. Refreshing For The Skin

You must all love that refreshing feeling of washing your face. But sometimes following that with heavy emollient cream is an unpleasant experience and weighs down your skin. One of the rescue products here is the gel-based moisturizer that is largely water-based with which you can extend that fresh-faced, cooling sensation. This particularly is useful in the summer skin care routine when temperatures are higher and you want to keep things light when it comes to your skin care.

3. Powerful Hydration

It is important to know that dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water rather than oil and since gel moisturizers are water-based, they can bestow hydration. This is particularly true if they are formulated with hydrating botanical ingredients, which allows for more water retention in the skin.

A face gel that can boost up hydration levels in your skin is the Oriental Botanics’ Australian Tea Tree Day / Night Face Gel. It is a fast absorbing non-greasy face gel that hydrates the skin without making it sticky. It soothes the irritated and inflamed skin, nourishes it, and enhances the skin tone. It keeps the skin moisture, oil, and pH balanced.

4. Keeps The Skin Supple & Plump

In addition to the hydration it provides, face gels can also have a plumping effect on the appearance of skin. Using it regularly can make the skin look more energized, youthful, and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We recommend you to try Oriental Botanics’ 99% Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing Gel For Skin. This nutrient-rich gel forms a transparent film of moisture on the skin that protects against pollutants and environmental stressors. It can easily penetrate your skin and nourishes the skin tissues, thereby leaving your skin thoroughly nourished. It cools the inflamed and irritated skin and helps to heal the skin damaged by overexposure to sunlight. This natural skin-conditioning agent locks moisture in the skin and adds suppleness and firmness to the skin.

5. Soothing For The Skin

A face gel can calm and soothe the skin particularly after a day in the sun, a workout or when temperatures are hot. A useful tip is to place your gel moisturizer in the fridge to get an extra cold boost to refresh your skin on a hot summer day.

You can try Oriental Botanics’ Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber After Sun Gel after exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. It rehydrates the parched skin after sun exposure and relieves irritation, peeling and flaking of the skin. It calms the inflamed, irritated and stressed skin, minimizes skin damage and restores the natural complexion. This gel is perfect for soothing and calming the skin.

6. Compatible With Sensitive Skin

If your skin gets irritated easily or if it is prone to acne, a gel-based moisturizer is a perfect formulation for you. Use it to calm and cool sensitive skin and boost hydration.

7. Perfect For Summer

When the temperatures are soaring it is easier to wear something more light and refreshing than a face cream. Using a face gel can leave you with dewy, fresh skin without any residue and this lightweight product can also withstand hot temperatures without turning your skin into an oily mess.

Face Gel In Skin Care Routine

Are you ready to incorporate gel moisturizer into your skin care routine? Make sure to apply gel moisturizer to freshly cleansed skin and you’re good to go. Moisturize your skin twice a day so that it can maintain ideal moisture levels, have a healthy barrier function, and look healthy.

  • Cleanse To Purify Skin

Whether you are cleansing your face in the morning or evening always aim to work with a clean base when you are starting or ending your day.

During the day you will be exposed to free radicals and dirt. You might be wearing makeup and your skin will sweat, so it is vital for you to cleanse. After washing your skin with a face wash or using a waterless cleanser such as lotion cleanser or micellar water you will have a clean canvas upon which to apply your gel-based moisturizer.

Even when you go to bed at night with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin, the dead skin cells, sweat, and oil can accumulate on your skin. A face gel will be the most useful in such a condition.

  • Hydrate With A Gel Moisturizer

Now that your skin is clean you can apply your gel moisturizer. Apply the face gel in a circular motion to your forehead, cheeks, and nose until your skin has fully absorbed the product. You should also apply moisturizer to your neck and chest to make sure these delicate areas are also moisturized. A gel moisturizer can create the perfect base for any makeup products to follow as it dries quickly and leaves no residue. Your skin will look plump, moisturized, and refreshed. If you are applying the face gel at night you are all set.

Oriental Botanics’ Aloe vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Night Gel is a wonderful soothing product. The hydrating and nourishing gel for Night Skincare Routine softens and brightens the skin. It calms the irritated skin and helps in repairing everyday skin damage, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Face gels are a great way to nourish your skin if you have oilier skin, or if you want to go with a lighter product in the spring and summertime. There are a variety of formulations available at the beauty stores for all skin types (even dry skin) so you should be able to easily make gel moisturizers part of your skin care routine. The only critical step here is to choose your product wisely. Remember that skin hydration doesn’t always mean a thick cream; it can also be a super lightweight gel that will give your skin the moistness it needs for the day.


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